I was just wondering if you ever found out why you can’t download anything. I have a computer running windows 7. I click to download something, then click run and nothing, like nothing happens after that, so I can never install applications like chrome, antivirus. Anti virus can’t be installed. Installation won’t push thru just after clicking the first NEXT button. Can’t update Windows defender. I also tried installing flash player, but it also won’t push thru. Even Google Chrome or any other Browsers saved from other units, once I open it on this unit, It won’t install. I also cannot open up attachments in my email. This is so annoying! Please help!

Why do I can’t download anything on computer?

Computers are often unable to download files because the Internet isn’t functioning, a firewall is blocking the downloads or a virus is preventing the transfer. Other possible reasons include faulty download manager plugins or download folder problems. Sometimes, users may actually be downloading the files but just misplace them.

Computer can’t download anything issues commonly occur when the Windows Operating System becomes overloaded with invalid system reference, as well as deleted or corrupted registry files. Consequently, important computer files may be lost, erased or damaged. As your computer becomes older, inadequate maintenance may lead to various Windows system errors. Therefore, computer crashes and freezes may also start to become more frequent and problematic.

Windows Operating System errors can arise for a number of reasons, including an improper installation or uninstallation of programs, malware, system conflicts, Active X errors, and most commonly, registry errors. These errors happen because computers are constantly changing and deleting information from your PC’s registry as you install and remove programs over the course of time. The computer’s registry can leave conflicted versions or small parts of files when they are deleted, which can slow down your system’s performance and increase Windows system freezes, crashes and errors. Malware and viruses, including spyware, are also well known to cause unwanted changes to the PC’s registry, which affects the computer’s speed and performance.

How to fix computer can’t download anything?

1. Make sure if the target disk is full or not. Open “My computer”, click the target disk and check the details. It is can’t download things if the target disk is full.
2. Close your anti-virus software or optimization software when you download. If still doesn’t work, you can try to uninstall them and then restart your computer.
3. Open “Control Panel”, click “Internet Options”, and then delete Cookie, Temporary files and History.
4. On “Internet Options”, go on “Security” option. click “Custom”and enable all download options. After that, go on “Advanced” options, find Security bar, then check the allowed to run and install the software.
5. Go to organize disk fragmentation.

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