RememBear is a new password manager, which allows you to manage online passwords and get faster access on all your favorite websites. Brought to you by renowned VPN provider TunnelBear, this password manager lets you type your passwords and log into websites with one click.

Remembear works on all major platforms, so you’ll likely be covered as you switch between computers, laptops and smartphones. However, syncing all your passwords or sensitive notes between devices is only available in its Premium version which is priced at just $3.00/mo ($36 billed annually). Despite that, its free version comes with enough essential features like password generator, bear hug-powerful protection with super strong AES256 encryption, two-factor authentication and more. With Remembear password manager, you can generate nearly-unbreakable passwords for each and every one of your accounts, and store them in a secure vault. Using Remembear password manager and moving away from using the same login information for all your accounts can help keep your information more secure. Stop struggling to remember all your passwords and let RememBear do the work for you.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on September 6, 2019 3:08 am

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