Carbonite is a company providing online backup and recovery service. Customers and organizations are protected by Carbonite. They offer Cloud backup for personal, home and small business. Users can back up their data like files, documents, photos, images, and other things into their Carbonite cloud backup. Carbonite has an all-in-one data protection platform for business. It is easy to use Carbonite to back up data as they give fast backup server which can help back up data as frequent as every 15 minutes. Carbonite can do backup on different devices like Windows PC, Mac, mobile gadget. Besides, in order to give your stored data a secure and safe environment, Carbonite gives advanced technologies for complete protection. No malware, identity theft, or ransomware can access your stored data. Carbonite uses the powerful AES 256-bit encryption to protect customer’s data and information. Flexible backup options are offered to let customers to choose from according to their requirements. Customers can select Carbonite cloud, the public cloud or onsite. They even give a global location tracking which can give a complete tracking real time for backing up your data quickly. Customers even can remotely access their data from any device. Even though your device is lost or stolen, your data is still protected by Carbonite by remotely wiping your data.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on January 28, 2019 3:28 am

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