Backblaze offers secure online backup service to customers all around the world. Backblaze mainly provides cloud backup for clients. It can automatically back up your documents, files, photos, images, songs, videos, movies, and others. Backblaze gives unlimited online backup, unlimited file size and unlimited speed. Backblaze allows users to use a personal encryption key because some people need an extra security for their backups. However, if you forget your personal encryption key, Backblaze will not be able to help as the personal key is only known to you actually. Backblaze uses the strongest encryption to protect all your files, so your files are stored in a completely safe place.

What’s more, Backblaze will not slow down your device like Mac or Windows PC, as it can optimize the software like just reading data one time, scanning the drive slowly, backing up in a suspended time if your device is booting up. As a result, Backblaze takes up little space of the CPU and memory. No driver is installed by this Backblaze. Compared with other competitors, Backblaze is an easy-to-use backup tool. You are not required to choose where you want to back up your things and which filetypes you choose. Backblaze saves time a lot. Unlike other backup service, Backblaze will not ask users to go back and edit their backup list when they create a new folder. All backup work will be completed in a few minutes by this Backblaze online backup.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on January 15, 2019 6:55 am

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