Our team is very excited to be announced by VyprVPN that upcoming changes to VyprVPN’s overall plan structure are coming! This has been another one of their most highly requested changes, and another testament to their dedication to improving customer engagement. They strongly believe moving to one plan greatly benefits all parties as users look for simplicity when purchasing a VPN, while also providing the upmost value in their service to all consumers. Below is a sneak preview into their updated pricing model:

  • A Single Plan – Plan will mirror the features, connection options in our VyprVPN Premium Plan (5 Connections, Chameleon, and VyprCloud Access)
  • Pricing will be modified, with the inclusion of a 2 Year Plan!
  • Pricing Model:
  • Monthly: $11.95 Per/Month
    1 Year: $69.95 Per/Year
    2 Years: $89.95 Per/2 Years ($3.75 Per/Month!)

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on January 23, 2020 7:39 am

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