VPN has been developing rapidly in the world. According to incomplete statistics, the VPN market has reached hundreds of billions of dollars every year, if you still don’t know what is a VPN and how VPN works? Do you still have doubts about the VPN’s security and service quality? Don’t worry, this blog will tell you more about the VPN, you can also publish your views or questions to us, we are very happy to discuss with you.

For the global of users, what is the biggest attraction of VPN (Virtual Private Network)? It is the price. According to industry survey, the companies with the VPN compared the companies with the traditional remote access private wire network, Modem pool and dial-up line companies can save 30% to 70% of the cost.

What is a VPN?

Now there are a lot of connection is referred to as VPN, but some users often points not clear what is a VPN. Actually, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not a really special network, but it can realize functions for the private network. Virtual Private Network refers to establish a private data communication network in public network technology depend on ISP and other NSP. On the VPN, the connection between any two nodes is not needed for the traditional private network end-to-end physical link, but it is needed the resources of a public sites of dynamic. The draft of IETF for the VPN what is based on IP understood as: “Using an IP mechanism simulation of a private wan”. It is a private technology what simulates of a point-to-point line through private tunnel on the public data network. Virtual means users no longer need to use the actual long distance data lines, but using the long distance data lines of Internet public data network. Private Network means users can set one of the most suitable network requirements for themselves.

How VPN works?

Some of Internet users just take on lease for the Frame Relay and ATM data network to provide PVC-Permanent Virtual Circuit to connect with other place, this way can make all the permissions in someone else’s hands. If users need some other service, they have to fill out a lot of documents and wait for quite time to enjoy the new service. The most important is the price of two terminal equipments is very expensive, and need to spend much money for professional management and technical personnel. Besides, Frame Relay and ATM data network is doesn’t like the Internet to connect with other place immediately, but VPN users can control the connection with other one on the internet, and VPN also supports Dial-up users. Hence, here’s VPN means what can self management on the Internet, rather than Frame Relay and ATM network what is provide PVC service. Here I may tell you the VPN which is according to IP as the main communication protocol can also named IP-VPN.

VPN is the temporary set up special virtual network security on the Internet, so as user to save the cost of the leased line. On the operating capital expenditure, except to buy VPN devices, enterprise just need to pay for the local ISP, and also save the cost of long distance call. That is why VPN can save the cost.

More and more users realize that, with the vigorous development of the Internet and e-commerce, the best way to develop economic globalization is based on the Internet business applications. As we know the business activities have become increasingly frequent, many companies allow their business partners, suppliers access to their local area network (LAN), It simplifies the information exchange way and increase the speed of information exchange. The cooperation and connection is dynamic, and rely on the network to maintain and strengthen. So companies found that such communication not only brought the complexity of the network, also brought the problem of management and security, because the Internet is a global and open, based on the TCP/IP technology, management and international Internet network. Therefore, the based on Internet business activities was facing the spite information threats and dangerous security hidden. And a class of users, with the development of its own and transnational, enterprises not only more and more of the branch, and mutual incompatible network infrastructure is also more common. As a result, the user’s information technology department in terms of connecting branches are feeling increasingly tricky.

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What kind of VPN is required by the user?

The user’s demand is the direct cause of the birth of the VPN.

1. Security
There are a lot of VPN technology and way in the market, but all of VPN should guarantee the specificity and safety of data transmission through the public network platform. Then in order to build a tunnel in a connection-oriented public IP network to establish a logical and point-to-point connections. It can take advantage of the transmission of data encryption technology to pass tunnel encryption, to ensure that the data is specified only the sender and receiver of understanding, so as to ensure the privacy and security of data. In terms of security, the VPN is build directly on the public Internet to make simple, convenient and flexible, but the security problem is more important. Businesses must ensure that their data are not peep and tampered with attacker on VPN, and they need to prevent illegal users access to network resources or private information. Hence, ExtranetVPN have better request for security for the enterprise network extended to partners and clients.

2. Service (QOS)
VPN network should provide different levels of service for the enterprise data quality assurance. Different users and business needs different demand for service quality. As mobile office users, the major factor of VPN services is to provide a wide range of connecting and coverage; As the private VPN network what has many branches needs network provide a good stability for interactive internal corporate network; As the other application (such as video) need more service about the Internet of time-lag and bit error rate. That above Internet application require network provide different levels of service quality according to the need. In the building of a VPN network optimization, another important requirement is effective to use limited wan resources to provide important data reliable bandwidth. QOS can forecast and control to browse and manage the bandwidth according to the priority assigned bandwidth resources, making all kinds of data can be successively sent reasonably, and prevent the happening of the data block.

3. Scalability and flexibility
VPN have to support all kind of Intranet and Extranet data flow to add new nodes and support for multiple types of transmission medium. VPN should meet the demand for high quality transmission and bandwidth increase for new applications such as voice, images and data transmission.

4. Managbility
The VPN should be easy to manage and maintain from the perspective of users and operators. In VPN management, VPN requires companies to extend its network management functions seamlessly from LAN to the public network, and even customers and partners. Although some minor network management tasks can be done to service providers, enterprise oneself still need to complete many network management tasks. So, a perfect VPN management system is necessary. The goals of VPN management are: reduce the risk of the network, high scalability, efficiency, high reliability, etc. Infect, VPN management including safety management, equipment management, configuration management, access control lists, QoS management, etc.


From the above explain, do you know what is a VPN and How VPN works now? Anyway, a VPN service can be helpful for your life and work. We all rent access to the Internet under, often rather ominous, terms and conditions from an Internet service provider. Or, when you’re away from home, you gain access through a network under terms you aren’t even privy to. Even if none of the above really sound right to you, you can still benefit from using a VPN – that’s online security. You can always fire up your VPN when using airport or cafe WI-Fi to ensure no one’s snooping on your connection. Much like a firewall protects your data on your computer, VPNs protect it online.

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