There are many apps and programs that are preinstalled when MacOS is installed on a computer. Other apps can be installed from Mac Apple store as and when needed. There are many types of apps available in the store and people can install any of them according to their need and requirement.Uninstalling these apps is also very easy. People just need to follow a few steps in order to uninstall and delete those apps. Here are some of the popular apps, which can be installed on Mac OS.

Airmail 3

MacOS consists of an app called macOS mail app, which people can use to send and receive emails. If any user does not like this app, he can install Airmail 3 app. The interface of the app is similar to the interface of Gmail. The app is not available for free and people have to pay $26.99 in order to purchase the app. The interface of the app can be customized and the app also comes with Touch Bar support.

Alfred 4

This is a search application,a new theme editor is available. People can use this editor in order to give nice look to the menu of the Alfred app. Other features of the app include workflow debugger. The app can also be used to customize different types of keyboard shortcuts, which can be used to operate the computer with the help of keyboard and reduce the usage of mouse. The app is available for free but if any user wants to have more features then he has to purchase a license, whichisavailable at $25.


There are situations when the Mac computer needs to be cleaned and this is done in order to maintain the desktop. In order to do this, people can install an app called Appcleaner. The app can be used to remove unwanted app from the computer. Appcleaner is available for free and people can use the app to uninstall such apps, which are of no use. People can also use the app to remove all the files that are related to the uninstalled apps.

Bartender 3

People can use the menu bar of Mac as a productivity tool. This can be done only if the menu bar is managed correctly. In order to manage the menu bar, people can use the Bartender 3 app. People can use the app to arrange the menu bar and do the configuration of keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts can be used to access different types of apps with various options. The app also has macOS Catalina support. The app is simple to use but it is not available for free. People have to pay $15 in order to purchase ad use the app.


There are manyapps, which people can install on their macOS in order to take somenotes. Bear is also such an app, which can be used for taking notes. The Apple Notes app is also available for taking notes but people prefer Bear because its design is simple and the app is easy to use. Bear can be installed only on mac. The app comes with a lot of features. Some of these features include markdown support, note pinning, three-column layout, and many others. The app is available for free but if people want the premium version, they have to pay $20 every year to use the app without any problems. There is one disadvantage of this app and the is the non-availability of the web app version so people are unable to switch between macOS and Windows.


This is a password manager, which people can use to manage their passwords of different counts create on various websites. There are many password managers available on the web that run in the form of background app. People need to install browser extensions for these apps. The app is very simple to use and its speed is very fast. People can access their passwords easily and there is no need to type the passwords manually.The app also consists of a keyboardshortcut, which helps the users to get their passwords.


In Windows operating system, managing windows is very easy as the feature is available in the operating system. But such a feature is not available in the macOS. In order to manage the windows in macOS, people need to install a third-party software. Magnet is one such software, whichpeople can install on macOSto manage the windows. When the app is installed, the layout of the windows become preconfigured. Keyboard shortcuts are also available to manage the windows.


Mac Ps consists of a task tracking software, which people can use to manage their tasks and also plan the future ones. The software that comes with macOS is not considered good because the look of the software is not good. That is the reason [people look for third party app and Todoist is one such app which people can use to manage theirdaily, weekly, and monthly tasks. The app is installed in note and calendar apps. There are many features in the Todoist app. People can add items and tasks in the to-do list. The app also has the option to get the list made in Alexa or Slack. The design of the app is very simple. The tasks added in the app are broken up into a series of queues. People can categorize the items on the basis of due date. The app is available for free but if people want to have premium version, then they have to make payment. In order to get team-oriented premium, people will have to pay $3 and for business version, $5 has to be paid. These payments can be done for monthly subscriptions only.


Twitter has revoked the access to the developer tools so people could access Twitter only through the web and not outside. The company also removed the mac app, whichpeople used to accessTwitter. If people want to access Twitter outside the web, they can install Tweetdeck app. This is a third-party app, which comes with a vertical column layout. People can curate their lists and can follow the other users they like.


Everybody wants to watch videos on their laptop and the5 are many apps, whichcanbe used for the purpose. In orderto watch videos on macOS, people can install VLC which s a free app and comes with a lot of features. The app was launched in 2012 and now many features have been added to the app. One of the most important features is that the app supports many types of video and audio formats so people can download and listen songs and watch videos without any worries for the format.The app also has the feature of video compression, which reduces the size of the file and people can share the files with other users easily. People can convert one format intoanother one though there can be slight loss of the video quality.


This is a multipurpose app, which consists of 1200 tabs for different apps. People can accessGmail, Office 365, Slack, and many other useful apps. The app helps the users to have uncluttered browser. They also have the option to divide the workflow on the basis of different apps. The app is available for free and has a lot of features. The menu bar control of the app is good and it also has notification control. The app also has the feature of running it in the background, which helps in thereduction of memory usage and less usage of battery.


Nowadays people love shopping online and they can do shopping from Amazon or any other website. They need to track the order so they can know the position of the delivery. In spite of the fact that these websites have package tracker but it takes a long time to track the package. In order to get rid of such situations, people can installDeliveriesapp which is available at theprice of $4.9. Many types of shipping services are available in this app. And the dashboard will show all the data of the incoming packages. Mobile app is also available so people can use the app easily and tracktheir packages.

GIF Brewery 3

GIF Brewery 3 is a software that people can use to create GIFs. These GIFs can easily run on the websites anduploading them does not take any time. The software is available for free and there are no advertisements so people can use it without any interruption. The other GIF tools have many advertisements, which disturb and irritate the users when they work on such apps. Theappalso has the feature of downloading videos from YouTube. Besides this, people can also add images to view them in the form of videos. The users can also create videos of the actions that theyare performingin an app or on the desktop and all thesethings can be recorded and saved.


Window management tool is not available in the macOS and so people cannot play with the windows freely. Minimizing, maximizing, and resizing windows and doing other things with them is very difficult. Inorder to get rid of all these problems, people can install the Moom app, which is very easy to use. After installing the app, it works in the background. A green maximize button is available and if a user clicks on it the app is displayed. Thereare many ways in which orientation of the windows can be done. People can also split the screen vertically and horizontally. Keyboard hotkeys can also be created with this app. People can also create custom window sizes according to their requirement.

Paprika 3

This is a great app and can be used by those people who are fond of cooking and want to storedifferent kinds of recipes. The app is little expensive and is available at a price of $3. Users have the option of importing recipes from various sources. Besides this, the app can also be used to store the ingredients for a particular recipe so that when they open the app for the recipe, the list of ingredients is also displayed.

How to uninstall programs or apps on MacOS? You can try the following guides or contact livechat support for help.

How to Uninstall Apps from macOS?

People can install many apps on macOS but there are situations when they have to clean their system and uninstall such apps that are not being used to that are consuming a lot of memory and making the system slow. There are many ways in which people can uninstall such apps and these methods are discussed here.

Uninstalling Apps Available in the Apple Store

Here are theses that people need to follow in order to uninstall the apps from the app store.

1. Go to the Launchpad icon and click it.
2. When the apps are displayed, go to any app and click and hold it till the time shaking of the icons start.
3. Now click the app that is to be deleted.
4. Click the Delete button, which appears in the form of X.
5. If there is no delete button then this method cannot be used to delete the app.

Uninstalling Apps from the Internet

Here are the steps that people can use in order to uninstall the apps that they have downloaded from the internet.

1. Go to the Finder option in the dock and click it.
2. Go to Applications and click it. This option is available on the left side.
3. Go to the app and click it in order to uninstall it from the computer.
4. The trash is available in the dock and the app should be dragged to the trash.

These are the apps, which people can install in their macOS. All these apps are very powerful. Some of them are available for free but people have to pay a small fee if they want their premium versions. Some apps do not have free versions and people have to purchase the apps and use them. Uninstalling the apps is also very easy and people have to follow simple steps in order to remove the use app from the computer.

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