Failed to uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition completely from your Windows 10? How do you remove MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition step by step without losing any files and folders?

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition Review

MiniTool partition wizard is free partition management software for windows, which could do a plenty of tasks on partitions and hard drives. This software can format, copy, wipe, delete, resize and also extend partitions. Now, you can download this MiniTool partition wizard for free. It is one of the excellent disk cloning programs available for the windows. If you want to upgrade or backup the hard drives, you will not even have to spend many hours for reinstalling the applications or operating systems. This software provides a wide range of various pricing package for partition wizard.

At present, the MiniTool partition wizard is available for both commercial and residential purpose. For the home users, there are both pro and free editions available. The free edition will allow you to do a vast array of partitioning functions such as convert FAT to NTFS and check a file system and so on. For more enhanced features such as making bootable media, copying disks and changing dynamic disks to fundamental, you will require one of the best pro editions. For the business users, there are both enterprise and server plans available.

Among, the server plans are used for single PC licenses that cost around $159 for standard plan and also $259 for lifetime upgrade option for free. When it comes to the enterprise plans, there are three forms available such as standard plan for $399, free lifetime upgradation plan for $499 and technician plan for $699. Here, the technician plan is licensed to be utilized on 299 servers or PCs anywhere, while the others are only licensed for 99 machines in one company.

Advantages of MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition

The prime advantages of MiniTool partition wizard software is very simple to use. It highly supports the common partitioning functions. It can able to transmit the complete alterations to a queue to be applied, when it is ready. It can also expand a system partition without even rebooting. It also supports the operating systems such as windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10. It can make the basic and logical disks with any of the following file systems that include FAT/ FAT32, NTFS, Linux Swap, Ext2/3/4 or left unformatted.

Even the windows can be copied from its existing drive to a unique one by using a migrate OS to HD/SSD wizard feature. The specialty of MiniTool partition wizard can also make it easy to resize the separation, because you can reduce a size either right or left to change it or you can change the value manually in order to create it perfect the correct size. When you are formatting a partition, the size of cluster is able to alter. You can also alter a drive letter of any partition. In order to verify for bad sectors, the surface test can be running. Even the disks and partitions can be copied over to other disks or partitions based on your need. If you want, you can apply a custom volume label.

This software greatly supports to recreate the MBR and also copy the MBR to a GPT disk. It could be able to convert the system disk from MBR to GPT. Even the partitions can be rapidly setting as inactive or active. The partitions can be hidden that will stop them from displaying alongside the other partitions and drives in windows. However, this partition can be simply splitting into dual forms that are importantly resizing the partition and also make a new partition from resulting up the free space. This system partition can only be copied or a full disk. You are also able to convert between the logical and primary partitions. The serial number and type ID of partition can also be altered. By using this MiniTool partition wizard, the lost partitions can be restored along with a partition recovery wizard. You can get the entire data on partitions and disks, which could be wiped clean with the common data sanitization procedures such as DoD 5220.22-M, random data and write zero and so on. You can also able to see the properties of partition such as initial physical sector, file system, type ID and serial number and other details. It also includes data recovery tool to undelete the files. You can even run a benchmark against any disk.


Apart from advantages, there are some limitations in such software. It actually shows its features that only operate in an upgraded version. It does not even support managing the dynamic disks. It also attempts to install an irrelevant program during a setup procedure. It has only high prices window. The one and only main drawback that you have found with this MiniTool partition wizard is common to the entire tools.

So, it can destroy the data, while using carelessly. Also, you should take your own time, pay more attention and even back up your information while partitioning or formatting your disk drives. This tool has its subscription plans and its pro ultimate version appears very costly. If you prefer a slightly cheaper subscription, it is not a choice of tool for you to be used daily. In spite of its tool functions, it must be implemented that the user can select diverse forms of data visualization.

If you want to trash it from your PC, you can uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition completely by following the removal guides below.

How to Uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition from Windows Operating System

Manually Uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition from Windows 10 Step by Step (For Advanced Users Only)

Step 1: Uninstall the software from startup.

a) Uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free from Start menu by clicking on start icon, right click on it on the pop-up window, and then click “Uninstall”.

b) Uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free via the Apps & Features. Just input Apps into search box, then choose “Settings”, and then click on “Apps”, select the software then click on “Uninstall”.

c) Uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free via Control Panel. Input “Control Panel” into search box then click on it, click on “Uninstall a Program”, click on it then click on “Uninstall”.

Step 2: Manually clean all leftovers from regedit. (IMPORTANT STEP)

*For added protection, please back up the registry before you modify it.*

Check the following folders and delete associated files first.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\xxx
  • C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\
  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Next, you have to remove all its entries from Windows registry.

Press Windows + R, and type in regedit in RUN box, then press Enter. It’ll open Registry Editor.

Navigate to the Registry key: (You do this by clicking on the plus sign next to each key in the path to expand the path below it. )

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (For 32-bit system users)
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (For 64-bit system users)

Kindly Reminder: You are welcome to contact online support if you need any assistance, just click the below button for help.

Automatically Uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition with a Third-Party Uninstaller – Uninstallor (RECOMMENDED)

Step 1. Download and install Uninstallor onto your desktop, launch the uninstaller and then select “MiniTool Partition Wizard Free” from list, click on “Analyze Now”.

Step 2. Uninstall Now. Click on this button and choose “Yes”.

Step 3. Remove Now. Click this button to remove all leftover files from your PC.

Uninstall Completed! MiniTool Partition Wizard Free has been removed completely.


Overall, the MiniTool partition wizard is completely packed with exciting features. This application itself is very simple to use and even for beginners. Also, it gives a specific level of peace of mind by allowing you preview any alterations, which you are about to create. The cost of plans is not as less as some of its competitors, but also it does come with a fully free version rather than simply a demo version. With this software, you are able to alter the label partitions, edit properties, volumes, drive letters and check file systems.

It also performs a lot for free as well as premium upgrades available for the business servers, environments and special requirements are also applicable. It is a free tool and stays a basic disk utility. It comes in a portable mode as well. There is also a disk space analyser built-in. It highly supports various languages such as Italy, French, Japanese, Korean, German and English.

Kindly Reminder: If you don’t know how to uninstall MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition completely from your Windows computer or Macbook, you are suggested to use Uninstallor, which will help you do all things.

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