Can not uninstall Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 completely? Do you know how to remove it safely? Let us go ahead to learn what it is. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is an outstanding video editor and designed to assist all beginners to the video editing process. This software has the best-in-class features, documentation, and online video tutorials required for keeping its users learning the best tricks for a long time. Every user of this feature-packed and intuitive consumer video editing tool gets an array of favourable things beyond their wishes. The latest updates of this tool add automatic Highlight Reel creator, more timeline editing modes, and color wheels.

An Unbiased Review of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is the first-class consumer video editing program and deigned to work with 360-degree VR footage. This application have advanced time remapping, video making, multifunction motion tracking, multicam editing, music ducking, and 4K support. It is an advanced tool for Reel creator, slide, stretch and other extraordinary facilities. Every user of this impressive product with the simple interface gets the maximum comfort. They are satisfied with the loads of features of this tool and confident to recommend this tool to others.

You may have decided to invest in and use the user-friendly and powerful tool for the purpose of the consumer-level video editing in recent times. You can read an honest review of this tool and get an overview about the best facilities in this tool for the purpose of video editing as efficient as possible. This package includes all the standard tools like the picture-in-picture, storyboard, timeline, and sound editing.

What is new for the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020?

It is the appropriate time to concentrate on what is new for the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 version. The following details explain you these attractive things. Highlight Reel is the marquee feature of the latest version of this product namely an auto movie creator. This facility uses the artificial intelligence to turn loads of photos as well as video clips into a compelling show almost immediately.

New Edit Modes in this package support users to use Stretch, Slip, Roll, and Slide Modes while working on the timeline. If you are a video editing enthusiast, then you can get different benefits from a proper use of this facility. Upgraded Color Grading is a new color panel replete with the best color wheels and it is appearing in different consumer video editing applications. Now, this facility is available in the Corel product.

Painting Creator includes the hand drawn text to the project which can animate like the user is writing. More Included LUTs supports users of the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate to take advantage of more than 30 pro-style color looks. You can drop any of these options into your project as per your wishes. You will be happy to adjust the intensity of such effects. This update throws in video backgrounds, new titles, animated graphics, and textures.

Photoshop-like Blending Modes in this package let users to choose the Overlay, Screen, and multiply options for overlays. The 4K Monitor Support in this package supports its users to reap benefits from the interface which has been retooled to look good in the high-DPI displays. Improvised Masking Tools play the main role behind 100% satisfaction to users of this modern version of the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate. There are more than basic mask shapes, improved user interface, and rendering of masks enhanced with smooth lines on export.

You may think about what type of operating system the tool Corel VideoStudio Ultimate runs on. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate runs on the Windows 7, Windows8, Windows 10, and the 64-bit OS versions. Video editors are aware of the overall importance of successfully adding the media to their projects. They can make use of this tool and get the desired result. They can bring up an import window for the purpose of adding clips, audio files, photos and other things to the Media Panel of their project.
An easy way to drag the desired file to use from any storage location straight onto the Timeline of the project enhances the comfort of users of this tool. Users of this tool can capture the video from their webcam or any compatible camera directly into the project. They can also use this tool and record their computer screen by using the Capture section. This facility records the screen at 30 frames per second. Everything is sent to the Media Panel of the project once users are done and available to edit in different aspects.

The main parts of the Editing section in the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate are the Viewer Window, Library Panel, and the Options Panel. Timeline is designed to add media to the project and build the video. Users of this application can switch the Timeline between the Storyboard and the traditional mode view which must be the go-to choice of interface for many users.


• 30-day free trial
• Clear and simple interface
• Easy to use
• Fast rendering
• Great value
• HTML5 video page making
• Multicam editing
• Multipoint motion tracking
• Nice new features for 2020
• Stop action tool
• The complete support for 3D media, 360-degree VT, and 4K Ultra HD
• The complete support to upload directly to social media
• Wide selection of fun video creation tools


• Limited flexibility of the tracks of the Timeline
• No audio waveforms hamper editing
• No keyword labelling for media
• Occasional break down in testing
• The interface of this tool feels old
• Windows-only

How to Uninstall Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 from Windows Operating System

Manually remove Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 from Windows 10 (For Advanced Users Only)

Step 1: Uninstall the software from startup.

a) Uninstall it from Start menu by clicking on start icon, right click on it on the pop-up window, last click “Uninstall”.

b) Uninstall Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 via the Apps & Features. Just input Apps into search box, then choose “Settings”, and then click on “Apps”, select the app then click on “Uninstall”.

c) Uninstall it via Control Panel. Input “Control Panel” into search box then click on it, click on “Uninstall a Program”, click on it then click on “Uninstall”.

Step 2: Manually clean all leftovers of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 from regedit. (IMPORTANT STEP)

*For added protection, please back up the registry before you modify it.*

Check the following folders and delete associated files first.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020
  • C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\
  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Next, you have to remove all its entries from Windows registry.

Press Windows + R, and type in regedit in RUN box, then press Enter. It’ll open Registry Editor.

Navigate to the Registry key: (You do this by clicking on the plus sign next to each key in the path to expand the path below it. )

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (For 32-bit system users)
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (For 64-bit system users)

Kindly Reminder: You are welcome to contact online support if you need any assistance, just click the below button for help.

Automatically Uninstall Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 with a Third-Party Uninstaller – Uninstallor (RECOMMENDED) Same Steps as Uninstalling the Adobe Illustrator 2020

Step 1. Download and install Uninstallor on your desktop, run it and select Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020, click on “Analyze Now” to start analyzing.

Step 2. Uninstall Now. Click on this button to go ahead.

Step 3. Remove Now. Remove all leftovers created by Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 from your computer.


Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 is one of the most popular and recommended video editing tools in our time. Extraordinary features of this tool encourage every user to immediately fulfil their video editing requirements on the whole. You can explore different aspects of this tool and make an informed decision about how to properly use it as per your requirements. You will be comfortable and happy to use this tool and edit 360-degree video. You will use this tool for the advanced color grading, 4K video editing, video and text masking, multipoint motion tracking, and seamless transitions.

Kindly Reminder: If you don’t want this software and failed to or don’t know how to uninstall Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 from your Windows computer or Macbook, you are suggested to use Uninstallor, which will help you do all things.

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