Computer blocked by The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus? It demands a payment of €100 via Ukash Vouchers or Paysafecard to unlock the PC with 48 hours. Is this real or just a scam? Unfortunately, you have been fallen into the victim of The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland, what to do?

The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus Locked Computer – How to Remove?

The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus is a computer ransomware attack that targets computer users in the Ireland and pretends to be the IE Metropolitan Police, claiming that the computer has been linked to the distribution of copyright materials, SPAM emailing, and pornography content distribution. This one is a new version of An Garda Síochána Ireland’s National Police Service Virus. The user is locked out of their computer once this virus is installed and a warning message is displayed on the screen instructing them how the problem can be resolved. Whey they are trying to remove this virus how it tells at the bottom of the screen but as soon as they get into task manager the computers shut down before they get the chance to delete the corrupt files. Is there a way to get rid of it to bypass the warning message?

The message explains to the computer user that in order to unblock the computer a fine of 100 euro must be paid right away by either a Ukash or Paysafecard, and once this payment is confirmed the block will be removed and there will be no further action taken. The message then goes on to explain that failure to make the payment within 48 hours there will no longer be the option of paying the fine and criminal charges will be filed. The message is very threatening, and stating that the option to pay the fine will expire after 48 hours leads many to believe that this is indeed coming directly from the Ireland police. The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus message also displays the users IP address and location, and operating system as a way to make it appear like they have detailed information about the user, so this is just additional pieces of this virus that work to help convince the computer user that they are in serious legal trouble if they avoid to pay the 100 euro within 48 hours. If the following message is displayed, then the computer is infected with The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus: The National Crime Prevention Unit, your computer has been blocked for safety reasons.

Once it is discovered that The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus is installed on the computer it must deleted immediately, the lists of laws are pre programmed and it will return the same results every time it runs and it will give the user the option to input the voucher code. Naturally, the user is going to select this option because they don’t want to go to jail in the next 48 hours. When this option is selected you though your computer will be fine soon, but the fake warning message pops up again from the screen stating that the user must to pay in order to get the computer back to normal. That is bad! The computer user needs to contact their credit card company if they did make the payment for the claimed upgrade. The charge should be disputed as fraudulent and it would be a good idea to have the credit card company cancel that card and issue a new account number just in case that data is going to be used again in the future. This will help eliminate any future problems.

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Screenshot of The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus (Ukash Scam)

The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus

Warning The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland, Am I Infected?

The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus is spread through spam emails, and the hackers include the virus install within attachments that are included in these emails. When the recipients open the attachment they automatically install the virus without knowing it. The virus then unpacks itself and begins to alter the system settings and blocks all operations and triggers the warning message screen to be displayed right at launch. It is programmed to even perform when the computer is restarted in safe mode, so there is no escaping this attack.

The message states that the block will be released when the payment is confirmed but this is not the case, as the only way to remove the block is to remove the virus in its entirety. Those computer users that fall victim to this virus will soon realize that they have been taken advantage of once they see that the block has not been removed. In order to properly delete all of the virus files we have provided a quick guide blow that has step by step instructions that will completely delete The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus from the computer.

Manual Removal Step by Step Instructions

Step A: Restart computer in safe mode with networking. To do this, keep hitting F8 key during system startup till Windows Advanced boot option screen and safe mode options show up; use arrow keys to highlight wanted option and hit Enter key afterwards( click here for more details in Windows 8):

safe mode with networking

Step B: Stop all processes of the virus from Windows Task manager.

Step C: Delete all the files related to The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus Ukash Scam Ransomware on the infected computer:

Step D: Delete registry entries of this infection created in registry editor.

Video Guide to Remove The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Scam From Regedit


The Ireland Garda Virus is a scam designed to trick the computer user into paying money via Ukash or Paysafecard to get the computer unlocked within 48 hours. It is designed to look exactly like real police that comes with the police logo and seal on the based computers, and once this virus is installed on the computer it automatically launches when the computer is started up and it locks the computer fully. Well, it is not a real government, but it looks just like an actual police with a list of laws content. This is a very slick virus put together by hackers that will continue to post warning messages of corrupt files and dangers until the user either deletes the virus (that is if they discover that it has been installed) or pay the money to unlock the computer. If they do pay to unlock the hackers get the money and then the computer user goes on their normal activity thinking that their computer is now safe with no malicious threats and this provides a false sense of security to the computer users, as they will think that The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus is gone, when in fact it is not.

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