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What’s Sticky Password?

Sticky Password is a software application that is used to store and manager the passwords that a uses has for different online accounts and security features. Sticky Password stores the passwords in an encrypted format and provide secure access to all the password information with the help of a master password. Sticky Password uses the world’s leading standard encryption AES-256 encryption to store all your passwords and data. AES-256 encryption is the most advanced encryption method which is also used by the military. Sticky Password applies optional synchronization via local WiFi – your encrypted data never leaves your device. You can completely trust Sticky Password as your master password for the manager is not known to anyone – not even to Stick Password. It applies State-of-the-art biometric authentication: fingerprint scanning, which increase one more layer of security for you. You’re in control at any time with Sticky Password. You can decide to delete the database manually from the cloud. There’s an encrypted password database backup available for you in the cloud in case you lose your device or data stored on it – only if you want. Cloud backup preserves several previous versions of your password database for you.

Sticky Password License: Get 50% OFF

  • 1 user/lifetime $74.98 $149.99 Save $75
  • 1 user/1 year $14.99 $29.99 Save $15

Sticky Password Premium is available as 1-year as well as lifetime license. During the active license period you will have access to free upgrades to all the available features and functionality for all of your devices associated with your personal Sticky Account.

Sticky Password Premium Discount up to 50% OFF

Sticky Password Premium now offers discount up to $15 OFF for one-year plan, and $75 OFF (50% discount) on Premium Lifetime Subscription. Sticky Password Premium is their flagship product. In addition to all of the functionality available with Sticky Password Free – including unlimited password accounts and support for all your devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) – the Premium version supports multiple data synchronization options. You decide how you’d like to synchronize your data: via secure cloud servers, over your own Wi‑Fi or local network, or no synchronization.

Sticky Password Lifetime Subscription: $75 OFF Limited-time Offer

Sticky Password Premium Lifetime License: Get 50% Off
Sticky Password now offers the biggest discount up to $75 OFF on Sticky Password Lifetime of Premium license. It is a limited-time offer! Use Sticky Password to help keep all your passwords and generate strong password. You don’t have to spend time remembering the passwords. Also Sticky Password can completely secure all your passwords and data. Enhance your life security with this Sticky Password Lifetime subscription only for $74.98, not $149.99. It totally saves up to $75 on Sticky Password Lifetime Subscription.

Sticky Password Free

Sticky Password Free allows you to use the majority of the advanced security and usability features of Sticky Password. A key difference between the Premium and Free versions is that data synchronization and backup for multiple devices is supported only in Sticky Password Premium.

What Can You Benefit from Sticky Password?

Sticky password is a reliable and excellent password manager chosen and trusted by millions of user from all over the world. it brings such features as password manager, autofill, form filling and password generator to give people more convenience and save their time on the internet. password manager provides by Sticky Password can safely store, manage and organize all your passwords whenever and wherever you are. It can always keep track of your passwords and store them into this secure vault without your knowledge. anyway, it works the best way for you. Sticky Password provides unlimited storage for all your passwords and other personal information. and all your passwords and other staff things in Sticky Password are protected and encrypted by strongest and unbreakable AES-256 bit encryption. When you go to fill some information into the form on the internet, you don’t have to type too many word, which really save time. Sticky Password can automatically fill your logins and password into the appropriate fields to log into websites or apps. And if you are entering your information into those long and tedious forms like payment details, shipping details, resume submission, online shopping info and more, this Sticky Password’s form filling feature will do a great help. It automatically helps fill the info into appropriate fields and you just need to click on a button. But first you need to store your information in the password manager, then you can recall it immediately on any devices whenever you need it. Sticky Password also saves your time on creating passwords. Password Generator of Sticky Password can help generate strong and unique passwords according to your unique requirement. It mixes characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, digits, symbols and more other new elements to create strong passwords to resist hackers and snoopers. Sticky Password works well with all major popular platforms including computer, Mac, smartphone and tablet based on Windows, Mac, iOS and android.

Sticky Password employs military-grade encryption method AES-256 as well as Two-factor authentication to protect all passwords and sensitive information securely. 256-bit encryption is an unbreakable encryption mode and used by military and government to keep top secret files and documents. Two-Factor authentication standard adds an additional layer of security to protect all your passwords and sensitive information. after you unlock your Sticky Password with your Master password, you have to enter a unique time-based code sent from Sticky Password on your smartphone. Sticky Password can protect all your payment types like credit and debit card, paypal, bank account and other financial information securely. And Sticky Password’s automatic Form filler can soon recall these payment types details and help you automatically fill in information for Express Checkout and save your time online shopping. You are allowed to sync your Sticky Password across devices over cloud server or local network or WiFi.

Why should You Use a Password Manager?

Passwords are the most popular form of authentication and they are often the only barrier between your personal information and a malicious person trying to steal it. The safest password technique is to create a new, strong password for each account.
Of course, it would be inefficient to try to remember so many different passwords. We are proud to offer you Sticky Password Manager – a program designed to protect your passwords and provide effortless, authorized, access to them.

1. Sticky Password holds all your passwords

It seems that a day doesn’t go by that we don’t have to create a login and password for a new website or application. Remembering them all is impossible, and writing them down on a piece of paper or in a text file saved on your computer desktop is a security risk. Sticky Password stores all of your passwords in an encrypted file on your computer to which only you have the Master Password – the only password that you’ll have to remember from now on.

2. More secure passwords

Names of pets, birthdays and the nicknames of your children are examples of words that should never be used as passwords! As a general rule, if you can remember your passwords, then someone can probably guess them. With Sticky Password, you’ll be able to take advantage of the built-in password generator that not only creates strong passwords (combinations of various lengths of letters and special characters that are nearly impossible to guess), but also stores them safely where no one but you can get to them. Your passwords will be much stronger, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they are securely stored

3. Protection against phishing

Sticky Password is able to identify exactly the website address (url) that your bank or other secure website should be directed to. You no longer have to worry about being fooled by fake sites that try to trick you by a similar appearance or other phishing gimmicks. Sticky Password will stop any stealthy re-direction and warn you! You’ll enjoy safer access to all your password protected sites knowing that Sticky Password is protecting you.

4. Automatic login and form filling

A big reason to have a password manager is to save yourself the hassle of having to enter your login and password information on all those sites you visit. Sticky Password recognizes your sites and logs you in automatically! In addition, with Sticky Password, you’ll also be able to complete online forms with the click of a button.

Sticky Password is A Bulletproof  Vest for Your Passwords

Many new customers may ask if Sticky Password is secure to store their password and personal data and if their staff can have customer’s master password or view customer’s personal sensitive data. is Sticky Password secure enough to protect customer’s password and other personal data from hackers or cyber criminals online. Sticky Password uses the advanced security technology to protect all your passwords and other important data and information completely. Sticky Password utilizes the latest in security and encryption technology like Two-Factor Authentication, AES-256 encryption and fingerprint scanning to provide users with secure cloud (Amazon server) and local (device only) options for storing their password and other sensitive personal data. The 5 key reasons why Sticky Password is absolutely secure:

1. Only you know Your master password.

Master password is usually set by customers themselves. It is a unique encrypted key to keep your Sticky Password’s account. Sticky Password doesn’t keep your created Master password into their servers or sends it via the internet. Besides, the master password is even not saved on your devices. in fact, the master password just leaves in your brain. No one else knows your master password. Sticky Password’s staff, administrators or any others don’t know your master password, so, no one has the ability to access your Sticky Password.

2. Military-Grade AES-256 Encryption Standard

Sticky Password applies military grade encryption called AES-256 which is the same level encryption used by US military and government organization. AES 256-bit encryption is usually used to encrypt and decrypt data or files, and it is a the most advanced and highest level encryption method in the world now. AES-256 bit is mostly used in such high technology fields including encryption algorithms, protocols and AES & SSL. AES-256 encryption uses the longest encryption key to encrypt a data stream and files. It takes endless time to decrypt this strongest encryption method, but actually no one can decrypt this 256-bit encryption method. even though you group up all the super-fast computers in the world and task themselves well, they still can’t decrypt this AES-256 key to access your data. so, all your passwords and data will be completely protected by Sticky Password.

3. Offline Data Sync – via Local Wi‑Fi or Manually

Sticky Password provides both cloud synchronization and Local Wi-Fi synchronization. However, this strong feature is only included in Sticky Password Premium. if you want to back up your encrypted data and other information securely, you can choose to save them in cloud or local device. Sticky Password Premium not only provide backup service but also cloud sync service. you can back up your database into cloud. Sticky Password Premium provides cloud synchronization to make users enjoy the secure Sticky Password cloud solution to backup and sync your passwords and data. it is an easy-to-use solution to increase more convenience for your online experience. However, local WiFi synchronization is a new design by Sticky Password and mainly makes users sync their devices with each other only under local network or WiFi. The encrypted data sync through local network or WiFi will never run out into the cloud storage. Once your database is synced through Local Network or WiFi, your encrypted data never leaves your devices. Local WiFi synchronization is a complete secure method to keep all your passwords, files, documents and other personal information. Local Syncing happening over the local WiFi will give you a complete protection. You don’t worry the security of Sticky Password’s synchronization.

4. Key biometrics: fingerprint scanning

Sticky Password uses fingerprint scanning as a way of identity verification of the account holder. Fingerprint scanning is one of the important key biometrics. Your Fingerprint is a special identity verification and is only belong to you, as different people have different fingerprints. No two fingerprints are identical in the world. Sticky Password protected by fingerprint is completely secure. No one can access your Sticky Password unless your fingerprint is known by someone else. For example, if you set your fingerprint verification to unlock your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other android devices, your device will get more protection as there is no possibility to get your fingerprint unless the hacker knows your fingerprint. Fingerprint authentication of Stick Password is applied on smartphone and tablet based on iOS and Android system that is equipped with fingerprint scanning technology. Therefore, even though your device is lost, your passwords and other personal information stored in Sticky Password will not be accessed by the person who pick up your device. fingerprint scanning technology is a completely secure way to protect all your data kept in Sticky Password.

5. Two-Factor Authentication Standard

Sticky Password also uses Two-Factor authentication technology which will increase the security of your data once it is enabled on your device. Two-Factor Authentication technology actually uses two pieces of information to verify your identity, and each of which is from an independent source. Two-Factor authentication standard will send you a prompt like time-based security code to your smartphone, and you are required to enter this time-based security code into Sticky Password account after you have entered your Master Password to unlock the database. Two-Factor authentication standard adds an additional layer of security for your Sticky Password. It can reduce the number of cases of identity theft or phishing via email on the internet, as it is hard for cyber hackers to access your Sticky Password only with the user’s name and password details. Actually, even though your master password is known by someone else accidentally, it will be impossible for that person to get access your Sticky Password. Password manager with Two-Factor authentication standard is safer. Sticky Password with Two-Factor authentication is the best vault to store all passwords, files, documents and other personal information.

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Two-Factor Authentication, Fill Web Forms, Multiple Form-Filling Identities, Actionable Password Strength Report, Browser Menu Of Logins, Application Passwords, Secure Sharing, Digital Legacy Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Kindle, BlackBerry Offers trial version $2.50/Month View Deals


If you are now still looking for password manager, you are suggested to use Sticky Password. It is reported that 99% of cracked passwords were alphanumeric and didn’t contain any special characters or symbols. $1,409 per victim is the average financial damage incurred from Internet fraud. A 69% chance of falling victim to cybercrime in your lifetime. Therefore, it is essential to use a password manager online to store your passwords, generate strong and unique password and encrypt all your personal data. and you shouldn’t leave your password management to browsers for such reasons as: Anyone who sits down at your computer has access to your passwords through your browser. Second, Passwords saved in a browser are stored less securely than in Sticky Password’s encrypted database. Third, Passwords in a browser only work for that given browser – with Sticky Password they work everywhere. Last, Browsers don’t automatically generate strong, difficult‑to‑crack passwords like Sticky Password does. Over 2 million users worldwide are using Sticky password. Antivirus vendors like Kaspersky Lab and VIPRE. selected Sticky Password to be integrated into their own security solutions.

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