Yesterday I found my start up page was changed to and I cannot set it back to Google anymore. Now whenever I open Internet Explorer,  this Iminent Search tab always appears. I have removed the suspicious extensions and uninstalled the unwanted programs. I’ve tried scanning and repairing and cleaning my PC using many software like a thousand times, but it just keeps reappearing. That is really annoying. How do I get rid of this hijacker virus and get homepage back?

Is Virus Taking Over Your Homepage? – What Can It Do On Your Computer? is categorized as a sophisticated browser hijacker that can be added on any browsers you have installed such as IE,  Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Generally speaking, this redirect virus is designed specifically to make money. After your computer is infected, you will be forced to go to a certain search page without your approval. At first glance, appears to be a regular search engine as similar as Google, Bing or Yahoo. It provides a search box in the middle of the web page which makes convenience for computer users to search information they want. On the top of the page, it can link you to your Yahoo Email or Yahoo News quickly. However, this is just a spam search engine and it cannot provide you any reliable search results. Using Iminent Search just can only take you to advertised websites. Besides, it adds unwanted Iminent toolbar at the top of your browser and won’t allow you to uninstall it. As a consequence, you will find computer runs extremely slow. This hijacker virus is not helpful for your browsing, instead it displays advertisements and sponsored links within your web browser to interrupt your browsing activities.
This hijacker can find its way onto your computer through scareware applications, phishing e-mails and peer-to-peer software downloads. It keeps forcing users to visit again and again because every click on them or every new visit can bring money for the creators of this hijacker. If you use this page as your default homepage or set it to be your default search engine, it could make your personal information exposed because browser hijacker like could collect information about your browsing routine and it follows what websites you are visiting and what search queries you are making. This infection is a severe security risk that can do the following actions on your computer to ruin your computer:

Your default home page as well as the default search engine will be replaced to be without your permission.
Anti-virus program cannot detect or remove this infection.
You will keep receiving various pop-up ads on your browser whenever you go online.
Computer performance is decreased and you may get high CPU usage.
Potentially unwanted malware or adware can be installed on the system with the help of the hijacker.
Online activities and browsing histories of users can be collected and sent off to remote hackers for criminal usage later on.

How to remove popup from browser completely?
Usually, antivirus removal doesn’t help much when dealing with this browser hijacker problem. Compared to this auto removal by programs, manual removal is much more effective. A manual removal process will be given in the following to help you get rid of this popup. Advanced computer skills are needed to follow the manual process. Deleting any important files with mistake could result in serious system problems such as BSOD or system crash down.

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The Hijacker Popup Screenshot
* From the above screenshot we can see that the hijacker shows up as a regular search webpage which only contains a simple search engine on its home page. Usually, random pop-up ads will be displayed on the page as well to prompt certain scam ware.

Need help to get rid of popups from home page?
A browser hijacker can also be viewed as a potentially unwanted search engine that combines with lots of misleading information online. This information can be showed directly on the home page of the hijacker or displayed in forms of popups. Net users are warned to stay away from these annoying popups which can direct you to online scam ware or other highly risky threats. Once the hijacker problem is fixed, these popups will be blocked.

Browser Hijacker Manual Removal Instructions

A guide to remove hijacker popup manually from Firefox:

1. Windows Task Manager.

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC; or pull up Run box from Start menu to type in taskmgr
Click on Processes tab
End process of all Firefox items

2. Delete virus files and registries from system.

Click on Start button
Control Panel
Search for “folder options” on top right corner
Click on View tab
Show hidden files, folders, and drives

C:\Users\profile name here\AppData\-

* Files and registries of the hijacker can be changed or renamed time from time in order to keep the infection functioning longer. If you are not able to identify the related items, contact online experts for help instantly.

3. Reset Firefox.

Click on Tools – Options
Under General tab – reset home page on Firefox
Under Privacy tab – clear browsing histories

4. Close out all the windows and restart the system to take effects.

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Browser hijaker like is not something new. It performs the same evil things like by generating traffic to their sites, gathering search terms and redirecting users to websites from where they’ll receive a commission or some sort of revenue. Normally it is installed together with random video players, recorders, PDF creators and other freeware available from the Internet. As soon as it is installed, it makes itself as the first page as soon as you open the browser. Also it could start continuously rerouting Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines to its domain where undesirable ads are displayed. With the ability to escape from many advanced antivirus protection programs, the hijacker will not only modify the default structures of the affected browsers, but also disable most of their functions once installed successfully. In a word, this hijacker can only complicate your browsing and make troubles to you. hijacker has to be removed manually with expertise now.

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