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What’s SmartVPN?

SmartVPN is the subsidiary of Anonymous S.A.R.L. based in Morocco and specializing in network and privacy protection. SmartVPN aims at delivering the highest performing network and most innovative security platform. SmartVPN spans many servers located in these countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, United States. It uses AES-256 encryption and multiple protocols to ensure your privacy and security on the internet, you also can enjoy complete internet freedom while browsing the websites or streaming popular shows and movies. With Premium plan or dedicated plan of SmartVPN, you can experience share IP and dedicated IP address. You also can get dynamic IP address. Whenever you connect to one of SmartVPN servers, you will have a new IP address. If you are interested in a dedicated static IP, it is offered by subscribing the dedicated package. SmartVPN can be used on most operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX, Linux / Unix . It is also supported on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. SmartVPN masks your IP address, lets you access geo-restricted websites, bypass any sorts of internet censorship. With SmartVPN, you can gain complete privacy and anonymity online. SmartVPN also provides 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with SmartVPN service, you can ask for a refund within 7 days.

SmartVPN Plans and Pricing Overview

SmartVPN offers 3 plans diversifying in price and features. Here we first come to the best seller – Premium plan. The Premium plan costs $6.00/month. With Premium plan, you can connect all SmartVPN servers located in all countries around the world including Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, United States. It features unlimited bandwidth and shared IP. Protocols include PPTP, L2TP, IKE and OpenVPN.

Dedicated plan offered by SmartVPN is $13.00/month and includes all features that Premium has. Dedicated plan provides users dedicated IP.

Basic Plan of SmartVPN cost the least price at $3.00/month. But you can connect servers located in only two countries: Germany and Netherlands. Basic plan also includes unlimited bandwidth, shared IP and protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IKE and OpenVPN.

How to Apply SmartVPN Coupon Code & Promo Code

1. Get Exclusive SmartVPN coupon code here, then Open SmartVPN page

2. Open Offer page, select your favorite plan, press on ORDER button under the select plan

3. Choose the best payment cycle for your budget. It can be modified at any time during the order process, or from billing tab of your account.

4. Enter customer account with email address

5. Next enter the SmartVPN coupon code, promo code into the promotion code box, click Add button

6. Choose your preferred payment method to finish payment, and click on Order button to complete

Please note that SmartVPN accepts Paypal, AmanPay, BitPay. SmartVPN offer Recurring Paypal Payment which you have no need to renew your subscription manually, but if you don’t like recurring Paypal payment, you can choose other payment sorts. AmanPay is also a fast and secure payment solution. If you want to be anonymous while making payment, you can choose BitPay which allows you to pay using Bitcoins for total anonymity.

Which Countries are the SmartVPN Server Located in?

SmartVPN servers are located in many cities and countries around the world. you can access to these servers as long as you have internet connection on the device. SmartVPN servers are scattered in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, United States. Although SmartVPN provides not so many servers as other brand VPN suppliers, it does offers ultra-fast speed and you can explore any servers you want. SmartVPN unblocks geo-blocking websites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and goes around censorship by government, school, university and other organizations. It is worth using SmartVPN. It is wise to use our exclusive SmartVPN coupon code, promo code to get the biggest savings and enjoy fast streaming Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu anywhere worldwide.

Does SmartVPN Keep Logs?

NO, SmartVPN practices strict Zero-logging policy. It never tracks what websites you visit. It Does Not collect your traffic data or any browsing activities. SmartVPN only store the connection times and total data usage for a limited time for purpose of troubleshooting. Here below is the detail Privacy policy of SmartVPN:

We are totally committed towards your policy and therefore we do not collect any type of traffic data or any browsing activity from the connection of the individual users to the VPN. The information provided by you is stored with us and we do not share it with any third person except as important to furnish the features of our service. You also get the opportunity to change your password or personal information just by logging in to our site. We also connect a number of information such as the times as to your connection with our service, the choice of the location of your server as well as the total amount of the data that has been transferred per day. We store all the activities and information provided by you in the best possible manner and secures it completely. However, our software may during some circumstances, send a diagnostic data to a analytics provider of third party for the sole purpose if the identification of connection errors and bugs in the application. All the information collected in this case is very generic in nature and does not contain any information as to personal identification.

Which VPN Protocols does SmartVPN Provide?

SmartVPN offers various protocols to ensure that you can access the SmartVPN Tunneling system wherever you are with whatever system you’re using. Protocols including PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2 and OpenVPN are provided by SmartVPN to support all popular systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Linux and iOS. OpenVPN does not support iOS currently. What’s more, SmartVPN applies the advanced encryption AES-256 encryption to encrypt and secure all your internet traffic.

  • PPTP & L2TP/IPsec: The Point to Point Tunneling Protocol Daemon (PPTPD) is the standard protocol for use in most VPN servers. It easy to set up and the connection rate is fast. However, its security measures aren’t quite as powerful as the Layer 2
  • Tunnel Protocol (L2TP). This protocol system is compatible with all modern platform and offers additional security in our VPN. The L2TP encapsulates data twice, which is why it is more secure. However, it should be noted that it is slightly slower than the PPTPD, but it will work efficiently enough to be manageable.
  • IKEv2: This protocol is a very similar but updated version of IKev1. This protocol is significantly faster than Ikev1 because it uses less bandwidth. This protocol also works on mobile platforms such as BlackBerry and is able to travel across different Network Address Translations. It”s more stable as it checks the tunnel that it is using. Unlike IKEv1, it will check the tunnel it is using, and if it establishes that the tunnel it is using is no longer functioning, it will reestablish the connection.
  • OpenVPN: The OpenVPN protocol offers the most security, and its traffic is discreet, making it difficult to tell apart from the standard HTTPS connection. This means that it is difficult to block as a connection method. Setting this protocol up can be a little bit trickier than using the previous two methods, but it is much more secure and can bypass firewalls that would normally restrict you as a user.

You are suggested to sign up with Premium plan with the 25% OFF SmartVPN coupon code, promo code to experience all Protocols provided by SmartVPN.

Go Around Internet Censorship and Access Internet-censored Websites Anywhere with SmartVPN

In some countries and regions, it practices strict internet censorship to regulate and control its domestic internet security. Internet censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication or other information online that may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions. Countries like China, UAE, Pakistan, India, North Korea, Israel, Syria and more are carry out the strict internet censorship for different reasons. The most typical example should be internet censorship in China called the Great Firewall. the GFW system is the strictest and strongest internet censorship in the world. the Great Firewall limits access to foreign sources and slow down cross-border internet traffic. The foreign companies are required to domestic regulations. The Great Firewall especially blocks foreign social media, sharing, News, streaming, communication platform and apps including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Flickr, Google, Gmail, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Spotify, Pandora music, New York Times, Bloomberg, Popcorn Time, Netflix, Hulu and other popular apps. The Great Firewall blocks foreign websites, apps, social media, VPNs, emails, instant messages and other online resources deemed inappropriate or offensive by authorities.

Therefore, when you come to China, you will be upsetting that tons of websites can’t be accessed. To access internet-censored websites in China or other countries, the best solution is to use a strong and reliable VPN service. VPN is a tool mainly used to bypass the internet censorship and access internet-censored websites anywhere around the world. that means, you can access any websites blocked by censorship online wherever you are. The SmartVPN is one of the best VPN suitable for people who come to China. In China, a combination of technologies are used in combination by government-run internet service providers and domestic internet companies to censor content, including keyword filtering, IP address blacklists, DNS poisoning, packet inspection, and manual enforcement. Therefore, the VPN you choose should have a strong and powerful performance that can defeat the Great Firewall and bypass the detection of any sorts of anti-VPN tools. SmartVPN is the best fit to survive in China. It can both bypass the Great Firewall and filter by any kinds of anti-VPN tools. SmartVPN hides you IP address and make you access any blocked websites from China. With SmartVPN, you can access and watch YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, BBC iPlayer. You also can make international calling via WhatsApp, Snapchat, Slack, Viber, and LINE. You also can torrent or P2P file share with SmartVPN under a peace of mind.

Bypass Geo-Blocking Restriction and Watch Popular Netflix, BBC iPlayer with SmartVPN

Except for the internet censorship, some websites are also blocked by the geographical restrictions. The most classic example is Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Due to geo-blocking, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO NOW and more can’t be accessed and watched outside of the required locations. Geoblocking is the system used to limit your access to the internet, based on your geographic location. Geo-blocking technology is usually used by companies and websites to allow people only in a specific geographic location to access certain site or service. When the website detects that you’re not in the specific geographic location, you will be blocked to access any contents or servers from the websites. The websites detect by checking your device’s IP address and tell where is your location. Geo-restricted websites Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now can tell your location by checking your IP address. Therefore, if your computer’s IP address falls outside that geographic region, you will be soon first blocked by the websites

Geo-blocking websites mainly detect and check device’s IP address and recognize your location. So, in order to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and other similar geo-restricted streaming websites, the best solution is to hide or mask your real IP address to geo-spoof the websites. The VPN is the tool used to hide real IP address and assign new IP address by the servers, which successfully makes the websites believe that you are from the location it demands. SmartVPN is empowered with strong AES-256 encryption and multiple protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 to protect your internet traffic. And then it hides your real IP address and provides you a new IP address. By using SmartVPN, you can break even the geographical constraints and enjoy your favorite streaming contents from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video and more. you can watch movies, serials and shows beyond the geographical restrictions. Even though you are in China, you still can popular channels like US Netflix as SmartVPN gives you a US IP address. To hide your IP address helps you watch the popular channels online even when you are not in the required countries.

In a word, by utilizing SmartVPN, you’ll be able to bypass geographic restrictions. This means that you’ll have access to VPN’s across the world, granting you access to content in any country from wherever you may be. Even if you aren’t at home and are in another country, you’ll still be able to patch into a VPN in your country so you can still use Youtube or any sort of website that may be restricted. This also means that your location will be secure. With SmartVPN advanced encryption technology, your physical location will be protected.

Enjoy Privacy and Internet Freedom with SmartVPN

ISP (Internet service providers), the government, and large business organizations all have access to monitor and even restrict your actions on the internet if you don’t use a VPN tool on your device, as all your internet traffic just travel directly through the servers of ISP. And ISP has to comply with some local laws and regulations and logs your internet traffic, metadata and other browsing history, and all your those important data will be transferred to third parties like Government or business trade company for various purposes. In other words, anything you browse, stream, download, and upload are can be seen by any with access to the server you are on. Besides, if you are connecting with lower-security network like free WiFi hotspot in café, airport, hotel and library, your network will be penetrated by hackers, snoopers and cyber criminals to steal your sensitive information. Your internet traffic and activity canbe monitored and logged by government, ISP, hackers if you don’t use a VPN.

Using a VPN service like SmartVPN, you will become invisible to anyone who would monitor you or access your information. First, SmartVPN uses strong and advanced encryption method called AES-256 encryption to encrypt and secure all your internet traffic. The 256-AES encryption is the newest and advanced encryption which can be decrypted even by the professional computer savvy. So, all your internet traffic going through SmartVPN tunnel will not be read and access by anyone. Second, SmartVPN offers a variety of protocols PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec in both IKEv1 and IKEv2to suit your needs and guarantee your right to privacy on any system and in any region. With our range of protocols, you’ll be able to have access to security through all of your devices simultaneously. Banks and businesses use these protocols to protect themselves from potential hackers on the internet, and it is with these same methods and technologies used by SmartVPN to protect you. SmartVPN uses a method called Deep Packet Inspection to act as a secret passage protecting you and your identity. No one will know what you are doing, and you will be completely safe and invisible. By using SmartVPN, you can enjoy complete privacy and internet freedom online.

How to Set Up SmartVPN L2TP on Windows 10

1. Open Network Connections in Control Panel

  • Click Start then Control Panel
  • Click Network and Internet Connections (skip if not there)
  • Click Network Connections

2. Click Create a new connection under Network Tasks in the left column then Next

3. Select Connect to the network at my workplace then Next

4. Select Virtual Private Network connection then Next

5. Type SmartVPN in the Company Name box then Next

6. Enter one of the SmartVPN servers adresses in the Host Name field then Next

7. Click Add a shortcut to have a SmartVPN shortcut added to your desktop

8. Click Finish

9. Double Click the SmartVPN icon on your desktop and type your Username and Password in their respective fields

10. click properties

11. On the Network tab, change the Automatic dropdown to L2TP IPSec VPN

12. On the ‘Security’ tab, click ‘Properties’, select ‘Use a shared secret key’ and enter the secret key from your client panel in the ‘Key field’ and press ’OK’ twice , then connect.

How to Set Up SmartVPN L2TP on Mac OS X

1. Open Network settings in System Preferences.

  • Click the Apple then System Preferences
  • Click Network under Internet & Wireless

2. Click + (the plus icon)

3. Select VPN for the interface, L2TP Over IPSEC for the VPN Type, and enter SmartVPN for Service Name.

4. Click Create.

5. Select the newly created SmartVPN connection.

6. Enter one of the SmartVPN servers adresses in the Server Address field.

7. Type your Login in the Account Name field.

8. Click Authentication Settings and enter your Password in the Password field, then click OK.

9. Under Machine Authentication, click the radio button for Shared Secret. Enter the shared secret password you get from the Control panel and the blank field, then OK.

10. Click Advanced, check Send all traffic over VPN connection, then click OK.

11. Click Apply.

Video Guides SmartVPN Coupon Code: 25% off Promo Code

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SmartVPN is the trusted and strong VPN service based in Morocco. It protects your internet traffic, hides your real IP address, bypasses the internet censorship and breaks geo-restrictions. You can access any internet-censored websites and geo-blocking streaming service like Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer anywhere around the world. with SmartVPN, you can gain complete privacy and internet freedom online.

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