How can you get SiteGround Renewal Coupon and Discount? Where does it offer SiteGround Renewal Coupon and Discount? Are you now looking for or waiting for SiteGround Renewal Coupon and Discount? But you don’t find SiteGround Renewal coupon or discount? SiteGround has not released the newest renewal coupons and discounts for customers. Customers may choose to use their Web Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Enterprise Hosting or Dedicated Hosting, but now there is no SiteGround Renewal Coupon and Discount. Some customers think about how can they get some money-saving plans. Some discounts offered by SiteGround is only available for new customer for the first purchase. But now SiteGround Renewal Coupon and Discount is available for regular customers. It will cost more if there is renewal coupon and discount for renewing plans. However, don’t worry, you can change to use a strong and reliable alternative hosting – Namecheap. Why we recommend this Namecheap hosting as your alternative to SiteGround hosting? Namecheap is a cutting-edge and reputable hosting provider in the world. This hosting service is trusted and used by millions of users worldwide. And it has over decades of experience in website hosting and building for customers. Namecheap is actually a more popular hosting plan among multiple competitors.

About SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround Web Hosting mainly provides hosting service plans to help customers host websites from different countries. They give such hosting plans as Web Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Enterprise Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Web Shared Hosting makes customers have a fast and secure hosting with costless plan. It is suitable for people who want a small and medium website. Managed WordPress Hosting allows customers to host website with more freedom, and customer can simply design their websites with WordPress platform. WooCommerce Hosting is suitable for people who want a robust and powerful eCommerce website to boost their business. WooCommerce Hosting gives high performance for customers to build their complex business website. Cloud Hosting is also one of the most popular plans in SiteGroud hosting. Cloud hosting is based on Cloud technology. Cloud Hosting platform mainly helps clients design ultra-fast and auto-scalable websites. Cloud Hosting of SiteGround is the best option to host a high-traffic enterprise site. Besides, other hosting plans also give clients convenience to host website and start their business.

SiteGround provides hosted applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and PrestaShop to help customers easily design and build websites. SiteGround gives easy and fast tools for site building. You can use their website building to easily build website. Website transfer can do a professional website transfer for your data and files of website. Besides, SSH and WP-CLI access, WordPress staging, Git integration, and PHP version control are offered by SiteGround in order to let customers have an easier workflow. Security solutions including encrypt SSL integration and proprietary AI software are offered to increase website’s security. Besides, SiteGround has their security technical experts who can check the software if there are vulnerabilities or bugs on a server or website. SiteGround increase 300 custom rules into their web application firewall which can block potentially suspicious third-party software vulnerabilities. Therefore, SiteGround gives constant security monitoring and prevention to protect customers’ websites.

Why Namecheap is Recommended to Be Alternative to SiteGround?

SiteGround web hosting is popular and chosen by many customers worldwide. However, right now there is no SiteGround Renewal Coupon and Discount to help regular customers renew their plans and packages. Some customers are also confused about how to solve this problem. Without renewal coupons and discounts, they would pay more money for renewing their plans. Therefore, some customers also want to change to use other alternative hosting provider to host their websites. It is not easy to find out the reliable and strong hosting providers. Namecheap is the top recommended alternate to SiteGround. Namecheap web hosting is an unparalleled provider offering excellent and powerful hosting services. Namecheap is the top-rated hosting service providers and have more advantages over other competitors in the industry. It is wise to use Namecheap web hosting as your alternative to SiteGround. And Namecheap regularly gives different coupons, promo codes and discounts for their hosting plans and packages. Every month Namecheap will update the newest coupons with discount to make customers get lower price.

50% OFF Shared Hosting – Namecheap gives 50% off discount on their shared hosting. 50% off coupons and discounts on Shared Hosting are preferred by most customers. Shared Hosting is costless but effective hosting method for many customers to host their websites and begins their online business.

94% Discount Five Holiday Deal Days – Now Namecheap provides Five Holiday Deal Days which saves up to 94%. Now Namecheap have 4 new holiday deals every day for five days until December 21. There is no limit on purchases. You can get huge savings on services and products such as domains, SSL, hosting, EasyWP Managed WordPress, and Private Email every day! New special deals, discounts and coupons will go live at 12:00 AM EST every morning from December 17 to December 21, 2018. Now it has 19% off on .com domain registration, 83% off on .holiday domain registration, 52% off on Essential SSL security, and 41% off on Premium DNS.

Different Discounts on SSL Certificates – In addition, Namecheap offers different discounts and promo codes on different plans of web hosting packages. For example, they give up to 50% off on Shared Hosting, 36% off on VPS hosting, and 50% off on WordPress Hosting. TLDs available for just $0.88 with free WhoisGuard forever, and free PrivateEmail for 2 months. Namecheap also provides discounts on their SSL certificates plans: 52% off EssentialSSL, 46% off InstantSSL, 34% off InstantSSL Pro, 46% off EV SSL, 25% off EssentialSSL Wildcard, 18% off PositiveSSL Wildcard and more. More money-saving plans are provided by Namecheap service, which is one of the reasons why customers prefer using Namecheap service.

Namecheap Outstanding Security Technologies

Namecheap not only frequently gives discounts and promo codes on different plans and services to help customer to get more savings whenever they purchase the new service or renew their plans, but also utilizes different security methods or solutions like SSL Certificates, WhoisGuard, PremiumDNS and VPN. Customers can choose one or more security plan among these four solutions to keep their websites secure. Security solutions add more safety for customers’ websites and attract more new visitors. Almost internet users prefer visiting secure websites with security solutions.

SSL Certificate is a website security encryption mainly used to protect customers’ sensitive information and data. SSL Certificate is one of the important security measures to prevent identity theft. Internet users visit the website and may send information and personal data through the internet. And the information you sent is passes on form one computer to others to get the destination server. However, if there is no protection solution, your information like credit card numbers, logins, passwords, other account numbers and other sensitive data will be seen and shown on any computers between you and the server. However, if the website utilizes the SSL Certificate, all your information you sent will be protected by the encryption key and not be seen by anyone. SSL Certificate creates an encrypted and protected link between s server and a client or a website and a browser. It is a standard security technology to protect visitors’ sensitive information and personal data completely. If your website is protected by SSL Certificate, your visitors and customers will be rest assured that their information, message, and other data they enter and send will become private and protected by this SSL Certificate. SSL Certificate standard increases website’s reliability and credibility actually. Website with SSL Certificate will show a green lock in the address bar and has ‘HTTPS’ in the URL link. SSL Certificate helps your website earn a better Google ranking as Google search engine favors the website with HTTPS encrypted. That means your website will get a higher place in a Google search results. More new visitor will visit your website. SSL Certificate not only protects sensitive information like credit card details, but also has a great impact on Google search ranking. And also websites with SSL Certificate will be preferred by visitors as everyone likes to visit secure websites.

WhoisGuard is a proprietary privacy protection technology and service which mainly protects your domain and personal sensitive data. Namecheap’s WhoisGuard has a strong ability to shield your domain and sensitive information from spammers, cyber hackers, marketing firms, and online fraudsters. Generally, if you register a domain, ICANN will ask you to enter your contact information like name, email, address and phone number. All information will then be stored into Whois database. And WhoisGuard technology mainly hides your domain and personal information by replacing personal information with generic WhoisGuard contact information. WhoisGuard technology has a spam killer freature which can replace your email address stored in Whois database. It can filter every email sent to the address first. Therefore, WhoisGuard helps avoid any kinds of hacking activities like fake telemarketers, scam phone calls, junk email and identity theft. With privacy protection of WhoisGuard technology, your domain will be shield from any hackers and your sensitive information will not easily be exposed.

PremiumDNS – One of the most important factor to website security is the DNS utilization. If the website is used the high level of DNS, the website will have a great performance. That means higher performance of DNS will increase website performance and visitor conversion. And it will add more layers of security and privacy for the website. Customers usually would prefer visiting websites with higher security and privacy level. Namecheap’s PremiumDNS is one of the most cost-effective, high-performance DNS services. DNS mainly works as a connection between your domain and people who are trying to reach you. PremiumDNS gives safer, stronger performance, maximum site availability and higher level of security. Namecheap’s PremiumDNS provides outstanding service with global security and availability. With this PremiumDNS, it will greatly decrease the website vulnerabilities which usually would be used by malicious hackers, virus intrusions, snooper, and other aggressive malware. PremiumDNS can give website the maximum uptime and highly secure data protection.

Namcheap VPN is the newest security solution developed by Namecheap themselves. Namecheap creates a world-class VPN with over 1000 fast servers in 40 countries worldwide. Since Namecheap has their own server and network, they provide the high speed and powerful servers. Namecheap VPN now is mostly used by customers to stream online contents, transfer data and play games. There is no lag. You even can watch live broadcast events win HD. Namecheap VPN is equipped with military-grade encryption 256-bit encryption. With the strongest encryption, your communication, messages, personal data and sensitive information will just go through an encrypted and secured tunnel encrypted by this 256-bit encryption. Your ISP, government agencies, hackers, snoopers and other prying eyes will not be able to access your data. Even though you connect to unsecured WiFi hotspot, all your online activities are still protected by this encryption method totally. Namecheap VPN has a DNS leak protection feature which can prevent your information and DNS details from leaking out. Namecheap VPN can be used on Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. Namecheap VPN hides your real IP address and replaces with a new one to mask your real identity information. So, you can browse anonymously online. Other internet users and website you visited will just see the IP address given by Namcheap VPN. Your real IP address will not be exposed. Namecheap VPN also helps internet users to access blocked websites and defeat different internet censorship, so that users can browse any websites, stream any contents and watch any programmes from anywhere without any restrictions.

Namcheap Shared Hosting

Namcheap not only has different security technologies which attract customers, but also has powerful hosting service plans. Namecheap offers Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Private Email Hosting. Now Shared Hosting gives the highest discounts or promo codes up to 50% off. Besides, you even can enjoy many free services in Shared Hosting like a free website domain name, free WhoisGuard, and up to 50 PositiveSSL certificates. Shared hosting gives unmetered bandwidth, unlimited domain websites, website builder and you can freely choose US or UK datacenter. Shared hosting also provides cPanel or WordPress application to help customers to easily make website building and design. You can get free SSL Certificate to protect your website securely. You are able to build your website with easy-to-use website builder. It spends less time in uploading files, managing data, creating email accounts and checking status of your site. Shared Hosting is favorite by most people how just start their online store and business. It is a great hosting solution for beginner to begin their small website.

Namecheap WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is usually a must-have in almost hosting providers. WordPress Hosting is based on WordPress platform. You can benefit a lot from Namecheap WordPress Hosting: Namecheap Cloud, easy backups and restores, SFTP files access, temporary EasyWP free domain, 30-day money-back guarantee and more. WordPress platform is an easy tool to help build website, because it has thousands of built-in themes and plugins which can help you design perfect website. You even don’t have to possess any knowledge of website hosting and building, but still can build a website with WordPress platform. SFTP files access helps you get access to files. SSL certificates are also provided in this WordPress Hosting plan to add more layers of security to your website and ensure your visitor’s browser talk securely with your website. Besides, your website is supported by cloud technology to make website run faster.

Namecheap VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting of Namecheap is a full-featured VPS. Namecheap VPS is built in a high-performance network in order to provide customers with blazing-fast download and site loading speed around the globe. VPS Hosting utilizes the SSD storage which is up to 20x faster than standard hard disk storage. Namecheap VPS Hosting gives more powerful performance in disk space, CPU, RAM, uptime, backups and dedicated IP and more. Namecheap VPS has each own operating system and every one can be rebooted separately without interrupting other neighbors’. And your website will be hosted in a single physical server with a specific share of the resource. Each one is isolated from each other. VPS Hosting is a perfect option for people who want a more powerful and complex website to increase their big business online. Actually most people choose this VPS hosting because their website outgrow Shared hosting project. Namecheap VPS hosting is a great option for developers, webmasters, resellers and people who want to operate a resource-intensive website. Namecheap VPS Hosting give excellent security and flexibility for website hosting. You are even allowed to change your VPS plan in order to match to your resource, disk space and bandwidth requirements change.


Namecheap provides solid and high-performance hosting service plans. Besides, they even give many different security solutions to make customer’s website secure. You can freely choose your favorite hosting plans like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS hosting or Dedicated Hosting. customers can use their solid technology like SSL Certificates, WhoisGuard, PremiumDNS and VPN. Some even are free added in hosting plans. For example, you can get free SSL certificates and WhoisGuard in Shared Hosting plan. Namcheap VPN is now also popular with many new customers due to its high security, privacy and strong performance. VPN not only protects your internet traffic but also helps you access any websites and stream any contents from anywhere by defeating any kinds of censorship on the internet. Therefore, even though now you have no SiteGround Renewal Coupon and Discount to renew your SitegGround plans and services, you are advised changing to this powerful Namcheap hosting. Namecheap is a great alternative to your SiteGround hosting service if you have no available SiteGround Renewal Coupon and Discount at hand now.

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