Hi! Something weird happened on my computer. I can’t use my browser. It always takes me to Search.jimbrie.com. And this web has become my homepage. When I try to change my homepage back, I always failed. My computer starts to get slow. I really need your help. Do you have any insights as to what have happened?

Brief introduction of Search.jimbrie.com browser hijacker

Search.jimbrie.com is usually distributed on the Internet and infects online user’s computer. Once computer is infected by this browser hijacker, the browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer will be blocked. When the victims open browser, they will always get Search.jimbrie.com. And if they search something on this web, they will get unwanted results which have many pop-up ads. This browser hijacker is able to change browser settings and browser homepage. The hijacker can make the appointed web as the browser homepage and won’t allow victims to change their homepage back. This browser hijacker not only can change the browser homepage, but also can change the search engine and add some strange tool bars. When you search something on this web, you will get the sponsored websites. Then the hijacker maker aims to bring traffic to the sponsored website and get more profit. In addition, the tool bars which are added to the browser will link to the ads websites. And these tool bars will eat up your computer resources and make the browser speed get slower and slower. The browser might crash down, if the Search.jimbrie.com hijacker can’t be removed as soon as possible.

This Search.jimbrie.com browser hijacker is annoying and dangerous. When the computer has been infected by this hijacker, the computer’s user will be monitored by the hijacker maker. The hijacker maker is capable to record victim’s browse habit and get the confidential information like credit card account, home address, phone call number and email. We don’t know what the hijacker maker will do to the confidential information. But it is clear that the hijacker maker’s purpose is getting money. They may sell the confidential information to others to get money. It is unsafe for the information. So once the computer gets infected by Search.jimbrie.com hijacker, the victim should remove the virus immediately.

The Screenshot of This Hijacker


The characteristics of Browser Hijacker

– Can change the browser settings and it is so hard to change back.
– Could make your browser slower and slower then crash down
– Change the search engine, when you search on this hijacker, the results are not you wanted.
– Can get your sensitive information like credit card accounts, phone call number and your home address
– May add some weird tool bars to your browser, and these tool bars may link to many ads websites.

If you find any symptoms listed above showing on your computer, then your computer must be suffered with a browser hijacker that causes you keep being redirecting to this Search.jimbrie.com. Welcome to contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts for manual removal guide. Also, we will provide a short removal guide below for computer literate.

NOTE: Being afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing this browser hijacker? Please contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts, we are here to help you:

The way to remove Browser Hijacker (For Computer Literate)

There is a removal guide of Browser Hijacker provided here; however, expertise is required during the process of removal, please make sure you are capable to do it by yourself.

1st Press Ctrl, Shift and Esc keys at the same time to open the Windows task Manager. Then click the “Processes” tab at the top to find the suspicious processes to stop them.


2nd Go back to desktop and then click “start” at the left hand angle then type “regedit” in Search programs and files box, then press Enter key and you will open the “Registry Editor”


3rd In Registry Editor, please find the suspicious registry files related to this browser hijacker. They are usually in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE. If you can’t find the suspicious registry, you are welcome to contact our expert for help.


4th After you find the suspicious registry files, you need to find the location of the .exe files of the browser hijacker. In general, they will be located in operating system drive. Click start >> Computer or My computer. Usually, the operating system drive is Local Disk (C:)


5th All the files related to the browser hijacker will be in Windows >> System 32. Find all the related files of browser hijacker and then delete them. Just make sure that what you delete is not the operating system or your computer system will crash. If you are not good at it, we are welcome you to ask for an expert for help.

Similar video on browser hijacker removal:


Search.jimbrie.com is one kind of browser hijacker which is annoying and dangerous. It can alert the browser settings, browser homepage and search engine. Once the computer gets started, the browser hijacker will start itself. Every time the victims run browser, they will always get the hijacker’s page as homepage. And it is hard to change back. When the victims search something on the hijacker page, they will get the unwanted results. When they access the unwanted results, they will get many ads. In this case, there is a chance for the victims to get more infections. This Search.jimbrie.com hijacker also can add some weird tool bars to the browser. These tool bars will link to ads websites and can eat up computer resources and slow down the browser. Furthermore, when the computer gets infected, the hijacker maker is able to monitor the victim’s browse habit and get their sensitive information. They might sell the sensitive information to others to get money. So the hijacker should be removed immediately.

Suggestion: To follow removal guide that mentioned above, a level of computer knowledge is needed. Still can’t get out of Search.jimbrie.com? Contact online experts for help now!

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