Trojan horse viruses have obvious features: tiny and covert, tremendous and powerful damage, difficult to clean up, etc. Cyber cribbers resort to extreme measures to programme and improve various Trojan to create more and more invasion to personal computers. Bloodhound.Olexe.2 is such Trojan which has been spreading widely around the world.

What is Bloodhound.Olexe.2?

Bloodhound.Olexe.2 is a crafty trojan horse that detected by Symantec Security (Norton anti-virus software). It is the same stubborn as Win32/sirefef.eb. Bloodhound.Olexe.2 is a Trojan infection that brings computer users much threat that reduces your computer security, enables remote hackers controlling users’ computer and installs many rogue antivirus programs. Once installed, Bloodhound.Olexe.2 will start automatically when you start Windows. Then, the nasty virus will display many pop-ups and fake system notification, which shows to victim that his computer has been infected and the virus could not be removed unless he buy Trojan.Sirefef.BV program. This fake infection can be recognized by the files be marked such files as explorer.exe and alg.exe as serious threat. The virus may redirect computer users’ search results to unknown websites which are made by hackers to steal users’ personal financial information. Bloodhound.Olexe.2 may occupy large place of computer system, install other malwares and prevent other legal antivirus software from working, which may compromise computer system and slow down performance of computer. The most common way to get infected with this virus is that many Facebook users click on Facebook-distributed links that contain Sirefef-based Trojan such as Bloodhound.Olexe.2 Trojan virus. Bloodhound.Olexe.2 usually has a strong offensive to destroy information and files in a computer, resulting in the abnormal working of the computer, or more seriously, making the system unavailable. The Trojans will destroy your system files, and it only can be detected by anti-virus, but couldn’t be killed by any anti-virus software, there is a warning on your computer and at the same time you were told your computer is at risk and  should be immediately cleared, but after a reboot the Bloodhound.Olexe.2 is coming back. So you will need to take an effective method to kill the tricky virus, to ensure your computer is free of infection.

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The easy way to deal with Bloodhound.Olexe.2 from Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Many computer victims get headache about this terrible Bloodhound.Olexe.2 virus. To remove this virus completely, it is critical to remove all its components. The effectively way to get rid of this virus is manual removal. As an offensive Trojan, it always tries to grasp any chance to invade the target system. Bloodhound.Olexe.2 is not in the range of common viruses. It is a Trojan virus sometimes is bundled with system message – write fault error a write command during the test has failed to complete. this may be due to a media or read/write error. the system generates an exception error when using a reference to an invalid system memory address. It can be unapprehended even you have an antivirus to protect your PC. So the really useful way to kill it is to remove it manually. Of course removal of such virus needs professional skills. And if you can’t remove it by yourself, I strongly recommend you to get YooCare/YooScurity for further help.

Basic steps to manually remove Bloodhound.Olexe.2

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop all processes of Bloodhound.Olexe.2 in the Windows Task Manager.

Let’s open the Registry Editor, search and remove  registry entries generated by Bloodhound.Olexe.2.

All associated files of Bloodhound.Olexe.2 should be removed.

Video Tutorial On How to Modify or Change Windows Registry:

Registry Entries That Generated By The Bloodhound.Olexe.2 Virus

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce\random thing


Note: Please feel free to get YooCare/YooSecurity 24/7 online support anytime you get trouble or when you feel it’s tough to kill the such terrible virus.

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