Have you heard of Your Computer is Locked Survey Scam? On my screen it shows Your Computer is Locked! You have to survey to verify unlock code. What can you do to get pass this notice?

Computer Blocked by Your Computer is Locked Survey Scam – How to Remove?

The Your Computer is Locked Survey Scam is also a ransomware attack that locks the users computer and tells the user of being involved in illegal computer activities. These activities involve the distribution of pornographic content, spreading SPAM messages, and also the illegal use of copyright material online. Why was your screen be locked by that virus? Is it real police or just fraud? Many people hit by this survey virus when they were browsing on the internet, sometimes, they didn’t realize there is a virus on the computer until all things have been blocked. So this is not a real thing, although it acts as it is police government, it has nothing to do with any governments. Now, it is important to understand that no legit law enforcement agency is going to lock a users computer and they are not going to make accusations online. They will contact the user directly if they found some problems. The warning message demands that the user needs survey code to regain access to their computer and it makes additional threats of additional monetary fines as well as legal troubles if the fine is not paid immediately.

Like we mentioned before, the Your Computer is Locked Survey Scam can get into a computer system by opening an email attachment that contains the attack or clicking on a link that has the virus included in a popular download found of freeware and shareware websites. These sites have huge traffic numbers every day and the hackers are bound to get thousands of people to download free software, video, or music files that they use to bait the ransomware attack with. So the virus is everywhere, you can be attacked if you don’t take care when surfing on the internet. What is worse, you can’t do anything but paying to get your computer unlocked from the Your Computer is Locked Survey Scam screen. No luck many people did pay what the virus demands, at last, you both get locked computer and lost money to hackers. And no antispyware software can pick up the virus and clean it out, you have to manually unlock the computer and get it fixed.
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Screenshot of Your Computer is Locked Survey Ransomware


Best Way to Remove Your Computer is Locked Survey Ransomware Efficiently

We suggest this be done manually to make sure that the virus is gone completely then recover all your files safely, and you can review the detailed steps below to initiate the manual removal of the Your Computer is Locked Survey Scam virus.

Before all you people who are going to get in safe mode with networking or safe mode with command prompt, you need to keep hitting F8 key, where is the key?(This is just for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, if the OS is Windows 8, click here for more details)


Step A: Restart computer in safe mode with networking. To do this, just need to press F8 key constantly before the system is started like this:

safe mode with networking

Step B: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Task manager to stop the progress of the malware. Because the name will be changed fast, it will be show with different name.

Step C: Delete all the files related to Your Computer is Locked Survey Scam.

Step D: Delete registry entries of this scam created in computer system.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = “”.exe.dll

Video Guide to Remove Your Computer is Locked Survey Virus


Have you paid for the virus already? If no, that is good, otherwise, you were no luck to became one of the victims. The only way to get the computer unlocked is to fully remove the Your Computer is Locked Survey Scam virus from the computer. Even those that buy the survey unlock code soon find out that the lock will not be released. When you contracted with this problem what to do? We have provided full manual removal instructions above, and the reason we suggest a manual removal is due to the fact that the virus spreads deep into the system and this procedure checks all of the databases and files to make sure all of the Virus files are removed completely. But that is for advanced users, if you don’t know what processes to deal with, the best way to save your computer is contact an expert for tech support.

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