Can the FBI lock your browser (Safari, Firefox, IE or Google Chrome) on Mac OS X? Recently, many users have a FBI lock page on their safari browsers and they are demanded to pay the FBI cyber department 300 dollars, the FBI fake web pop up are,,,,, and There is no doubt that it can lock your browser showing FBI your browser has been locked all PC data will be detained and criminal procedures. All activities of this mac computer have been recorded when FBI locked browser? What is FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked virus On Mac or what is the FBI virus on Tumblr? When FBI blocked/ locked browser on safari on Mac book, your browser will be locked unless you pay an FBI fine $300 on mac? No, it is just a web browser scam. The victim Join and his wife state: We got the web page all activities of this computer have been recorded on mac in chrome that said our computer was locked unless we pay. We know it’s fake. But, we closed the window and still can do things on the computer, but our mac computer runs weird and it is really slow. Other victim said:”I have the Moneypack scene lock virus for Google chrome on macbook. I’ve tried everything to remove it, multiple ant virus programs with no luck. There is a confirm navigation screen that also says your computer has been locked and it prevents from even typing in the money pack code. Safari is stuck with an FBI thing that’s a virus. How do I get rid of this?”. When your mac book has the FBI browser lock virus on it. How to remove FBI malware from Firefox or Google chrome on macbook? If I contracted the FBI “all activities have been monitored” one, how to unlock my virus frozen browser safely? And how to unlock your Mac computer from spam and what is the best way to delete the fake police internet message?

FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus Warning From Safari or Firefox On Mac Book – How to Unlock The Mac OS Or Apple Computer Without Losing Data?

Federal site came up and said that my computer was locked, what does it mean when you see an FBI encryption message? Can the federal gov. freeze my computer browser? What happens when FBI locks your computer? What is FBI pornographic infringement on Macbook Pro? I have received a pop up of something nasty on my macbook pro and then this government FBI came up and said FBI your browser has been blocked up for safety reasons and had to pay 500$ to get it unlocked and so i took the battery out to see if it will work but it didn’t work, when i put it back my safari browser still be locked and frozen and that FBI thing keeps coming up. Well, you can learn more details about the FBI lock browser scam this is post. The FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus is a ransomware attack that targets Mac computer users in the United States and attempts to trick them into paying a fabricated fine of $300 for violating copyright laws among other allegations. FBI says my Safari browser is locked, how do i close a screen a safari page saying FBI warning? If saying my browser has been locked, what do i do if my browser has been locked by FBI? Is this real? No. It is a variant of FBI Moneypak virus, when this virus is installed on the computer it instantly begins to change the system settings and registry in order to prevent programs and files from being opened while the virus is running. As soon as the computer is started up it initiates the block/lock and there is a screen that is displayed that explains the nature of the block: Windows internet explorer message – message from webpage: your browser has been locked. All PC data will be detained and criminal procedures will be initiated against you. Recently, user got a pop up thing saying something about browser being locked by the FBI cyber department on apple computer, and the safari browser is locked and wont let you restart mac. How to get rid of FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus hoax from Apple computer?

When FBI locked computer on mac, user got a message saying all PC data will be detained and criminal procedures will be initiated against you if the fine will not be paid. It will not play some movies and it keeps telling you that your mouse and keyboard need to be reset, also will not let the new update of adobe flash work at all. The Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus is designed to scare the computer users (Both Windows and Mac) into thinking that they have committed a crime, but they have the chance to pay a small ($300) fine to make everything right and to avoid legal action and even more fines. It moves fast and applies the pressure on the user to make the payment quickly in order to avoid the pending legal issues at hand.

The groups behind this attack spread it several ways, but the two most common forms include mass email marketing and spreading it through shareware files. When the hackers send out millions of emails they include the FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus in the email attachment, and it is set up in a way that will install the ransomware as soon as the attachment is opened. This is a very sneaky method and they include email messages that direct the individual to open the attachment.

Using shareware files is a very clever way to infect millions of computers with this attack. Many consumers are so quick to download files online and install them onto their computers without fully knowing what they are installing. They are unaware that if they simply select the standard or recommended installation option it will install all of the add ons included within the download, and in this case that includes the FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus. So, when you received the warning your browser has been blocked fraud, please fix it as soon as possible.

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Screenshot of FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus Warning On Mac/ Apple Computer

Safari Your Browser Has Been Locked FBI Virus On Mac

I have this scam and it has locked my browser. What can I do to get rid of it?

I was navigating on the web when suddenly appeared a massage saying that my browser had been blocked and all my PC’s data would be detain if I don’t pay the fine. What should i do? What does it mean if your web browser is locked? When this occurs on a Mac book pro, it means your browser has been locked by FBI on apple computer, the FBI popup warning your browser is blocked, and it states federal government seized computer pay walgreens $300 to get it unlocked. Even if you paid the fine of 300 dollars, your browser still be locked with the URL ( And if you are on Windows computer using Google chrome, then the popup says your browser has been locked all PC data will be detained and your browser has been frozen by government, but the browser locked warning is not real, you don’t need to scare to put in jail if you don’t pay the fine with either 48 hours or 72 hours.  Since no anti-virus firewall can handle this FBI browser locked virus on apple, what you can do is manual removal step by step, you can follow the instructions below to make your Mac book pro or Windows computer back to normal.

FBI Browser Locked Virus On Windows Computer (On Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). You will get the warning messages as these: All activities of this computer have been recorded. All your files are encrypted. Don’t try to unlock your computer! Your browser has been blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below.


New version of FBI Cyber Department virus $450 scam On Mac – Fine has been paid. Your case has been closed.


The FBI is never going to block a computer, so it is important to understand that it is never a good idea to send money through the Internet when the source of the information is not confirmed. Instead, follow the steps below to delete the virus files and remove the block. Once the FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus is removed it is a good idea to keep in good habits when surfing online later. This will help to protect the computer from future attacks.

Manual Removal Step by Step Instructions

Step A: Restart computer in safe mode with networking. To do this, keep hitting F8 key during system startup till an Advanced boot option screen and safe mode options show up; use arrow keys to highlight wanted option and hit Enter key afterwards(This is just for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, if the OS is Windows 8, click here for more details):

safe mode with networking

Step B: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Windows Task manager to stop the progress of the scam. Because the name will be changed fast, it will be shown with different names:

Step C: Delete all the files related to spam or FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus. browser locked Mac Removal-guide-on-Safari

Step D: Delete registry entries of this infection created in computer system.

If you have been scammed by this attack it is important to quickly call the credit card company and dispute the charge as well as cancel the card and have them issue a new card with a new account number. This can help to prevent fraudulent charges causing a problem down the road. Then follow the video guide below to stop your computer from FBI locked browser scam on apple computer.

Video Guide to Remove Fake FBI Virus Takes Picture From Mac OS or Windows OS

Up to now, you understood FBI Your Browser Has Been Locked Virus is a bad virus that can reset all your settings of system files. And FBI virus not only infects Windows users but also infects Mac computer. The hackers know more and more people would like to use Mac machine for study or daily work. And they know many people will be so scared as they did in fact break some rules, they will just pay it in hopes that all of their troubles disappear. Even if the fine is paid the computer will remain locked, regardless of what the message states. If your apple computer says it is locked by the FBI due to pornography viewing and it requires pay Moneypak fine, then your browser has been locked fully, and you got a letter from the FBI saying that your browser is blocked unless you pay them. As we mentioned above, it is not real, you won’t be arrested or don’t need to go to jail but in trouble. The urgent thing that you need to do is completely get rid of the scam virus from either your Windows computer or Mac computer before the virus did further harm. If you are not computer geek, the best choice is consult with experts for assistance in time.

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