How do i uninstall Slack completely from my Dell computer in Windows 10? If i don’t want to remove it myself, is there a removal tool help me do the job? I just need to get rid of the app away easily and won’t come back later. Where can i get the best solution?

A Detailed Review of Slack Platform

Slack is a business oriented communication tool and it is a great platform to communicate with your team members instantly. Since its invention, the slack platform gained 9 million active users and also widely used by more than 50,000 companies. Even though, slack has customers in a wide array of industries ranged from e-commerce to healthcare and its system is particularly famous among the startups and tech companies. This is because; most of the slack’s features are supporting to replace other tools such as video/ voice conferencing, built-in file uploads, etc. Thus, the slack has also become an important productivity tool that highly supports the organization of all sizes to modernize their communication.

Amazing Features of Slack

One of the most attractive features of this concerted messaging platform is allowing anyone can sign-up for an account and also become an admin within a few minutes as well as creating their individual domain. After few minutes, you can also include the team members and then begin collaborating. Even some of the features in slack that consider very easy installation setup process. Before you make sure you will uninstall Slack completely from your computer, take a look at its amazing features first, may be you will change your mind. The amazing features of slack are given below:

    • Calendar management
    • Call recording
    • Call routing
    • Chat/ messaging
    • Audio/ video conferencing
    • Multiuser collaboration
    • Mobile access
    • File sharing
    • Remote support
    • Web conferencing
    • Video conferencing
    • Collaboration tools
    • Milestone tracking
    • Time and expense tracking

What You Can Do with Slack?

All of us know, slack is a cloud based communication service. It is most famous for offering a real time messaging platform to the teams. Besides assist the simple conversation between groups, the slack also provides a chance to perform the private conversations in a safer setting and also inside the smaller sub-groups as well. With this slack, you can do the following such as:

    • Customize the user profiles
    • Able to share files
    • Use two way audio and video
    • Access safely encrypted transfer data
    • Use mobile and desktop messaging
    • Speak as a group or via direct messaging
    • Enjoy the wide-ranging search functionality
    • Enjoy almost 100 ingredients or use an open API to make your own

However, the slack efficiently conveys your entire team communication collectively in a single place and provides a lot such as archiving, real time messaging and search for teams. In addition to, the slack gives completely native applications for android and iOS to offer simpler functionality for remote working possibilities. However, there still are some users want to uninstall Slack completely from their systems after using the app for some days, may be it won’t fit for those users.

Is Slack Precise for Your Business?

Actually, slack is a fast developing business collaboration platform, which has attained a great popularity for assisting the communication and also maximizing the productivity in a workplace. It usually provides an attractive amount of incorporations with widely utilized applications such as project management software include Asana and Trello, business applications like Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite by Google. However, these incorporations have allowed it to fit closely into several current workflows of a company.

More specifically, the chat based features in slack are more beneficial to the organizations, which have a massive amount of employees and teams. The robust chat based feature can assist to make easy the conversations across team and can also motivate the team members to team up on more habitually basis. Even the smaller teams can gain benefit from the integrations of slack that allow the users to perform all from setting up the preset reminders for themselves and to reply to calendar invites without even having to toggle to Google calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

What’s New in Slack?

Recently, the slack has announced that it is rolling out a latest version of the application to update an interface with major changes. These changes can make it simpler for individuals who are new to the stack to begin using this application. For instance, a new compose button allows you begin writing a message in a big editor, so you have enough time to revise and re-read it once again before selecting where to post it. In the previous version, you had to select a direct message or channel before you could have written anything.


• Great combinations with over 1,000 applications such as file storage solutions like Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive and project management software includes Jira and Trello.
• Built-in phone calls and video chat up to 15 people and also screen sharing features available.
• Customizable warning levels allow the users to obtain encompassed in about the topics, which matter a lot without even obtaining overloaded with messages.
• It has dark mode, so you can share gifs and have fun, when you at work as well. For productivity, you can share files, code; links that all makes it seems nice.
• Team based public and private chat stations support employees classify topics of conversation and also communicate more effectively, especially in companies that have multiple teams.
• Bots are best way to remain on the top of things. Even, you can use a vacation tracker bot and it is good to keep track of who is present here and who is not.


• No ambiguous search abilities while searching via message history, however this might be included in the future.
• It has convenience problems that avoid users from accessing this app infrequently.
• Sometimes, the slack is lack of notifications that builds it tough to keep up with this platform, especially when you use different messaging tools.
• You can also be irritating to continually be worried with notifications, which are inappropriate. However, this might be a concern that is unrelated to the software.


Overall, slack is a most influential and an amazing team messaging application with the gorgeous collection of options and settings as well. It is also one among the best as well as very costly one too. With slack, you do not have to worry on training employees. If they can able to send a text message, then they can use slack and increase your productivity with the help of slack. But if you would like to uninstall Slack completely from your computer, you can try the manual removal guide or a removal tool here.

How to Uninstall Slack from Windows Operating System

Manually uninstall Slack from Windows 10 (For Advanced Users Only)

Step 1: Uninstall from startup.

a) Uninstall it from Start menu. Click on start, next right click on “Slack” and select “Uninstall”.

b) Uninstall Slack through the Apps & Features. Input Apps into search box, then select “Settings”, next click on “Apps”, and select “Slack” then click on “Uninstall”.

c) Uninstall Slack from Control Panel. Input “Control Panel” into search box then click on it, click on “Uninstall a Program”, click on “Slack” then click on “Uninstall”.

Step 2: Manually remove Slack and all its leftovers from regedit. (IMPORTANT STEP)

*For added protection, please back up the registry before you modify it.*

Check the following folders and delete associated files first.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Slack
  • C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\
  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Next, you have to remove Slack and all its entries from Windows registry.

Press Windows + R, and type in regedit in RUN box, then press Enter. It’ll open Registry Editor.

Navigate to the Registry key: (You do this by clicking on the plus sign next to each key in the path to expand the path below it. )

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (For 32-bit system users)
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (For 64-bit system users)

Kindly Reminder: You are welcome to contact online support if you need any assistance, just click the below button for help.

Automatically Uninstall Slack with a Third-Party Uninstaller – Uninstallor (RECOMMENDED)

Step 1. Download Uninstallor, next run it then select “Slack”, then click on “Analyze Now”. It will start to scan the files.

Step 2. Uninstall Now. To completely uninstall Slack from your Windows 10.

Step 3. Remove Now.

Uninstall Completed! Now the Slack has been uninstalled completely.

Video Guide On How to Uninstall Slack Completely

Kindly Reminder: If you failed to uninstall Slack from your Windows computer or Macbook you are suggested to use Uninstallor, which will help you do all things. If it is blocked by your antivirus, please exit your antivirus first and then re-download and install the Uninstallor.

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