Browser hijacked by redirect virus? How to remove? I am running Windows 7 on a dell laptop, may be it is Windows 8.  I noticed today everytime i try to browse using Firefox, Google Chrome, I get random URL redirects to a few different sites that look like spam, one being  I ran a scan with anti-virus but nothing came up. I tried to remove the redirect thing from the control panel, but it kept coming back!  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Redirect Description

The Redirect thing looks malicious and it changes the system settings so the user is brought to the site that resembles a real search engine. Recently, many computer users have contracted with this redirect virus, as it can target Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more. This redirect can hijack any web browser, regardless if Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer is being used as the default browser. That is why a lot of people complain their computers run weird but anti-virus detected nothing, that is crazy.

As soon as the browser is opened up then it is redirected to the homepage, and to an untrained eye it appears to be just like any other search engine. Many users won’t even know they have been hijacked by the redirect thing, they last realized there has been a change made when all search results were not what they expected, the only thing is a webpage with pop up ads. There will not be any results related to the search performed. The computer will begin to run very slow and sluggish and regular tasks will take what seems to be forever to complete. As this this will occupy computer memory and result in a complete system failure and crash. There are many ways that the Redirect virus will result in all of the search problems. Sometimes you will lost important data due to this browser hijacker. This brings us to two very important lessons. First, it is important to keep an up too date complete backup, either on an external hard drive or through a third party cloud backup server. Second, it is important to make sure that the PC is running in the safe environment. Anyway, please get rid of the virus ASAP.

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Screenshot of Redirect

Consequences of This Hijacker

Now, as if all of the newly installed Trojan attacks and loss of available memory wasn’t enough it gets worse. The redirect virus allows the hackers to gain remote access to the computer. They can now access the computer at any time and review all of the files and seek out valuable information that they can use for their own personal gains or sell it on the black market to other criminals. They want to find personal identifying information as well as financial information. This has the most value to them, and with remote access granted they can install spyware such as keystroke recorders that will help them identify usernames and passwords to not only email and social media accounts, but also to online banking and other financial accounts. Once they have access there isn’t any information that is safe form these ruthless criminals.

Step-by-step Removal Guide

Step A: Open Windows Task Manager to end process related to the domain. To do that, press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time to pull up Window Task Manager.

Step B: Open Control Panel from Start menu and search for Folder Options. Go to Folder Options window, under View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.

Step C: Press Windows+R keys to pull up Run box and type in regedit to open Registry Editor.

Step D: Delete all these associating files and registry entries of redirect virus in Registry Editor as below:

%AppData%\[random thing]
%AllUsersProfile%\Programs\{random thing}\
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = “”.exe.dll

Video On How To Remove Quibids Redirect Virus:


The Redirect virus can’t be detected easily so it must be deleted before it ruins the computer by attracting all of the additional Trojans and malware. As soon as there is a redirect problem that occurs on the computer, then your browsers have been hacked by the fraudulent search engine, it is important to take immediate action to remove the virus. Follow the manual removal instructions above to make sure that the Redirect virus is removed entirely from the computer. But this redirect thing is so stubborn that you can only do it by special method. Once removed please keep in mind to protect the computer in the future.

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