Hi, I cant do anything on my phone, I cant turn it off, i cant get rid of the Paysafecard Virus screen and it says I owe them $500 for illegal content because I downloaded a porn app (don’t judge me) . I cant take my battery out because its a galaxy 5 note please help, i don’t know what to do, i read that its fake so i am not that panicked about it. I really need help on an issue on my Android tablet. I have been accused by watching illegal stuff on my tablet and the page claims that I broke the law for that. Is it real? I didn’t do anything inappropriate on my tablet. I just use it for games and go online. The page also says that I need to page a fine through Paysafecard, otherwise, I will be caught by police and sent to jail. I don’t want to be in trouble with police. I’m about to send the money from this page, can it free me the punishment from the police? Please advise.

Brief Introduction to This Virus

Nowadays, this Paysafecard virus is widely spread on the Internet all over the world. It is classified to be a newly-released scam virus made by cyber hackers. What it targets are the innocent people who use Android devices. Why does this virus have the specific targets? The reason is that Android system is one of the most popular mobile systems which has the largest market shares in the world now. So hackers design this infection to attack those Androids users on their devices. From the research, we have found that there are thousands of people encounter this problem every day. Internet can be the biggest place for cyber criminals to hide this bogus infection as Android users can get attacked by it if they are careless about their online activities.

Similar Scam Viruses Screenshots on Android Device

screenshot_2014-05-09_004Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus on Andriod

It is not easy for Android users to prevent this infection as cyber hackers can put this infection to many websites which have already been corrupted by them. Some people can even get this infection on their devices after they download music from the web. When people come to the infected pages accidently or visit unsafe pages like porn websites, they will be attacked by this infection with great possibilities as they are the mainly targets for hackers to corrupt. This Paysafecard Virus can pretend to be an app for people to install on their devices, sometimes, this infection app can be downloaded automatically if people click any suspicious links.

When this Paysafecard Virus comes to target Android devices, it can be installed on the background without being known by users. After it is installed, it can lock the devices with a warning page instantly. To make the warning looks real, cyber hackers can forge it that it comes from some authorities like FBI, Interpol or other police department. It can also list that what users have broken in the law. Generally, users can be really shocked and panic when see the warning and don’t have any idea to judge it if it is real or not. So this virus can bring a large scale of benefits for cyber hackers as many Android users believe that it comes from the real police.

The Traits of the Infection

-Can lock the device and won’t let you do anything on it
-Tells you that you must pay for the violation of law by using MoneyPak or some other ways.
-You are charged for doing something illegal, but actually you didn’t.
-Tells you that your activities in this device have been recorded and your files have been encrypted.
-Your IP address and some basic information are listed on the page.

Finding all or some of these symptoms on your android device, sorry to say that your device is infected by Paysafecard Virus. Please contact YooSecurity Online Experts for manual removal guide.

Manual Removal Guide to Unlock Your Android Phone from Fake Police Warning (For Literate)

There is a removal guide provided here; however, expertise is required during the process of removal, please make sure you are capable to do it by yourself.

Step 1: Try to access the safe mode on the infected device.

What is safe mode on an android device? Just like the safe mode on Windows computers, the safe mode on android device is a diagnostic mode. It is intended to fix the issues that happen on the problematic device. In safe mode, the phone will reduce functionality. Typically, the safe mode loads as few executable modules as possible and disable all the non-core components to run. In one word, safe mode only runs the system without the third-party software.

How to get the safe mode on an android device?

There are too many brands of android devices in the world, so the way to get the safe mode can be various. We will only take a group of them as examples, if you can’t follow the tips to get the same mode on your device, please go online to find the right way to access the safe mode as the safe mode is premise to remove this infection from your device.

For Samsung Galaxy S4: 1. Power down. 2. Turn on and repeatedly tap the soft-button for “Menu.”

For Samsung Galaxy S3 and others: 1. Power down. 2. Turn on, then press and hold Volume Down (Galaxy S3 and others), Volume Up (HTC One and others), or Volume Down and Volume Up together (various Motorola devices) when the vendor’s logo appears.

If you have managed to select Safe Mode, you will see the text “Safe Mode” at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2: If you can find “Safe Mode” on the left hand corner, that means your device is in safe mode already, please contact our expert for further removal instruction.


This Paysafecard Virus is made by cyber hackers who try to use the authority to cheat and threaten people to pay the so called fine to them. However, this warning has nothing to do with the police as we all know that if you break the law, police will send agents to your house directly. Do not pay anything to this page as it is considered to be a trick from cyber criminals. When this virus comes to your Android device, your device can be blocked by this virus from using. Paying the fine doesn’t help you get your device unlocked as some victims report that after they made the payment, their devices are still locked. So, under this circumstance, what you have to do with the locked device is to remove this malicious virus in time.

Suggestion: To follow removal guide to get out of Paysafecard Virus that mentioned above, a quite level of knowledge is needed. Otherwise, the wrong operating on the safe mode can make the situation even worse. Please make sure you are capable of dealing with this. If not, please Contact online experts for help now!

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