I have a browser hijacker problem and I need help with the fix. How do I get rid of the omigaplus.inspsearch.com popup from the home page? I keep getting the pop up. I can’t fully block it from popping. I have run antivirus checks but found nothing. What do I do about this hijacker pop up to restore my browser? Below is an instruction to help you get rid of omigaplus.inspsearch hijacker pop up.

Omigaplus.inspsearch.com Hijacker – How to Remove?

Omigaplus.inspsearch.com unwanted pop up is categorized as a browser hijacker problem which should be fixed timely to avoid browsers and PCs from being messed up. This browser hijacker pop up, pretending itself as a regular search page, is capable of attacking Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Once it’s installed on your browser, the hijacker will change the settings without consent in order to get its program activated every time the affected browser is started. Since antivirus programs cannot remove this hijacker pop up successfully, one should fix this problem through manual removal process which will be given in the following for advanced PC users to consider.

A browser hijacker is a fake engine for search. Users cannot access online resources due to the effects of a hijacker. When browser gets infected by this Omigaplus.inspsearch.com redirect, default structures will be automatically modified and adjusted. First of all, the startup page will be replaced by this specific domain. The hijacker stays steadily on the home page making you impossible to change previous page back. By doing that, it’s trying to get you start online searching from its domain. In this way, the hijacker can help hackers record browsing histories for benefit later on. To be specific, tracking cookies are plant with this browser hijacker in order to view users’ online activities and data. The surfing environment on the infected browser is unstable and your personal online info could be exposed to third-party. Besides from this potential risk, the computer will also become vulnerable due to the hijacker infection. Viruses and malware hidden among unidentified resources online can get into the infected computer with the help of this hijacker and cause further troubles. To get rid of Omigaplus.inspsearch.com redirect pop up from IE/Chrome/Firefox, manual removal way is more efficient than antivirus removal as the hijacker is enabled to bypass most PC protection tools.

The manual removal requires certain PC skills to perform. Any mistaken steps during the process can cause unpredictable problems. Contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts now to get help if you’re not a computer savvy:

Browser Hijacker Main Characters And Effects

The browser hijacker pop up has managed to trick lots of average PC users around the world. There are several reasons for that:
1. Omigaplus.inspsearch.com hijacker has a deceitful appearance to confuse PC users with regular search web pages.
2. The install of this hijacker doesn’t need permissions from users.
3. It’s able to change the default structures of browsers.
4. It can provide lots of pop ups including misleading information to scam users.
5. It can also block users from accessing regular websites and redirect them to unwanted results.
6. Other potential viruses and malware can be installed with its help.

Step-by-step Browser Hijacker Manual Removal Guide

To completely get rid of this hijacker page, expertise will be required during the manual removal process in order to verify and delete the various associating program files, .exe and .dll files:

Step 1. Open Windows Task Manager to end processes. To do that, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys at the same time to pull up Window Task Manager; go to Processes tab on top and scroll down the list to select related processes to end.

Windows Task Manager

Step 2. Open Control Panel from Start menu and search for Folder Options. Go to Folder Options window, under View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


Step 3. Press Windows+R keys to pull up Run box and type in regedit to open Registry Editor. Delete files and registry entries in Registry Editor.


Step 4. Reset home page on each browser back from Omigaplus.inspsearch.com hijacker random pop-ups.
Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome:


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Omigaplus.inspsearch.com redirect pop up is a browser hijacker problem which is quite popular lately among computers. It’s a type of computer threat that mainly attacks Internet browsers. By creating all kinds of troubles for users, it can access valuable and private data of users online (especially property-related information) and steal these records to help third-party benefit inappropriately. With the ability to redirect you online, this browser redirect will be able to lead you on to other unfriendly web sites or programs where more viruses are hidden beneath. These potential dangers can easily access the infected system when it’s compromised by the browser hijacker. In another word, the longer this browser hijacker gets to stay inside the system, the more dangers and threats you will have to deal with. To get rid of the pop ups from browser, manual removal process is more efficient compared to protection programs. For that, certain levels of computer skills will also be needed to avoid any fatal mistakes during the removal.

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