Is your computer screen being locked by a police warning saying POLIZEI Cyber Crime Investigation Department the Austrian version? Have you ever heard about anything related to this POLIZEI Cyber Crime message? As a matter of fact, this kind of police warning is coming from cyber criminal scam. Have you been accused of violating certain rules or regulations? Is there a fine involved if you want to unlock your PC? All of these characters belong to the well known cyber scam – Austrian Polizei Virus.

Fake Police Message – Austrian Polizei Virus Ukash

Austrian Polizei Virus (also known as the Austrian POLIZEI Cyber Crime Investigation Department) belongs to a computer virus that helps cyber criminals benefit. Despite from its authentic appearance and threatening words, this Austrian version of police warning is coming from malware. It has nothing to do with the real Austrian police or government but a pure scam. With a bit of researches online, one will be able to learn more about this Austrian Polizei Virus Ukash and other similar members including the well-known locked virus, the  Metropolitan Police ukash and others. Generally, this group of mawlare will all lock up computer screens with a fake warning from the police or the government. By accusing you that you have violated certain laws in certain areas or countries, you are requested to pay a certain amount of fine in order to unlock the computer screen and get yourself out of further illegal troubles. All the malware from the same group play this same trick including this Austrian Polizei Virus.

If you happen to come from Austria or are currently living in Austria, and your computer screen has this Austrian Polizei Ukash pop-up, please be careful and avoid from being fooled by this cyber scam virus. This Austrian Polizei Virus is believed to be distributed through malicious web sites and programs. Once computer users don’t behave well online and give this virus the chances, it will be able to get itself installed without consent from you even though the computer is well protected by antivirus applications. This Austrian POLIZEI Cyber Crime Investigation Department scam thing can escape from many antivirus applications and still get itself through to many computers. Once it’s in, it will pop up from nowhere and completely block you from accessing the computer again. You will be able to see a full screen of words written in Austrian with the titles as:

Cyber Crime Investigation Department
Lokalisierung: Austria
Achtung! Ihr Computer ist aus einem oder mehreren der unten aufgeführten Gründe gesperrt.

Reasons of why this Austrian Polizei Virus locks your computer will also be elaborated on the warning page which are mostly about distributing or viewing forbidden content online ect. In order to prevent you from continuously doing these activities, it has locked your computer up. To get your computer unlocked, according to this Austrian POLIZEI Cyber Crime Investigation Department virus, you will have to pay a fine of 100 Euro in total through Ukash or paysafecard within the next 72 hours. It also says that a criminal case will be automatically initiated against you if this 72 hours elapse. No one wants a locked computer that has no access at all. And no one wants to be put in troubles with illegal issues or even be put in jail. Hence, these group of computer users will pay the 100 Euro according to what this Austrian Polizei Virus says. However, an unlocked computer won’t show up as expecting after the payment is processed. Because the payment you’ve entered will go right through to cyber criminals instead of being sent to police. Your computer screen will remain locked. Under a few circumstances, computers do get unlocked after the payments are made. But, these users will soon receive this POLIZEI Cyber Crime Investigation Department message again as paying the 100 Euro does not help unlock PC permanently.

Suggestions: To unlock your computer from this unpleasant Austrian Polizei Virus locking message, a malware removal is needed ASAP. Contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts for assistance if you are not a computer literate and have no idea on how to do it on your own.

Screen Shot of Austrian POLIZEI Cyber Crime Investigation Department Scam Virus


Some of the content to be read on this fake Austrian Polizei Virus message:

Sie haben gegen das Gesetz über «Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte., Video, Musik, Software) verstoßen und unrechtmäßig urheberrechtliche Inhalte genutzt, bzw. verbreitet und somit gegen Art. 128 des Strafgesetzbuches der Bundesrepublik Österreich verstoßen. Art. 128 des Strafgesetzbuches zieht eine Strafe in Höhe von 2 bis 500 Mindestlöhnen oder eine Freiheitsstrafe von 2 bis 8 Jahren in Betracht. Sie haben verbotene pornografische Inhalte eingesehen oder verbreitet (Kinderpornografie/Zoophilia etc.) und damit gegen Art. 202 des Strafgesetzbuches der Bundesrepublik Österreich verstoßen. Art. 202 des Strafgesetzbuches zieht eine Freiheitsstrafe von 4 bis 12 Jahren in Betracht. Von ihrem Computer aus wurde ein rechtswidriger Zugang zu Computerdaten durchgeführt oder Sie… Art. 208 des Strafgesetzbuches zieht eine Strafe in Höhe von 100.000e und/oder Freiheitsstrafe von 4 bis 9 Jahren in Betracht. Von ihrem Computer aus wurde ein rechtswidriger Zugang ohne ihre Kenntnis durchgeführt. Womöglich ist ihr Computer von schädlichen Programmen befallen, diesbezüglich verstoßen sie das Gesetz über die ‘Fahrlässige Verwendung eines Computers’.

Art. 210 des Strafgesetzbuches zieht eine Strafe von 2000€ bis 8000€ in Betracht. Von ihrem Computer aus wurden Spam Vorgänge durchgeführt – das Versenden von Spamnachrichten oder jeglichen anderen rechtswidrige Werbehandlungen mit der Absicht Profit zu machen. Womöglich wurde dies ohne ihre Kenntnis durchgeführt und ihr Computer ist von schädlichen Programmen befallen. Art. 212 des Strafgesetzbuches zieht eine Strafe von in Höhe von 250.000e und eine Freiheitsstrafe von bis zu 6 Jahren in Betracht. Wurde diese Handlung ohne ihre Kenntnis durchgeführt, so fallen sie unter den oben aufgeführten Art. 210 des Strafgesetzbuches der Bundesrepublik Österreich. Derzeit wird ihre Person und ihr Standort festgestellt, innerhalb von 72 Stunden wird ein Strafverfahren bezüglich einem oder mehreren der oben aufgeführten Artikel eingeleitet. Im Zusammenhang mit der Änderung des Strafgesetzbuches der Bundesrepublik Österreich vom 28 August 2012 kann das vorliegende Vergehen (wenn es nicht wiederholt begangen wurde) als Verwarnung angesehen werden im Falle einer etwaigen Strafzahlung an den Staat. Die Strafe kann jeweils nur 72 Stunden nach Begehen der Straftat entrichtet werden. Nach Ablauf der Frist von 72 Stunden verfällt die Möglichkeit einer Strafzahlung und innerhalb der nächsten 72 Stunden wird automatisch gegen Sie ein Strafverfahren eingeleitet. Der Betrag der Strafzahlung beläuft sich auf 100€. Bei dem Entrichten der Strafe wird ihr Computer innerhalb von 1 – 72 Stunden nach Eingang des Geldes auf dem Staatskonto entsperrt. Nach der Entsperrung ihres Computers werden ihnen 7 Tage gegeben, uni all ihre Verstöße zu korrigieren. Wenn nach Ablauf der 7 Tage nicht alle Gesetzesverstöße korrigiert worden sind, wird ihr Computer erneut gesperrt und gegen sie wird automatisch ein Strafverfahren bezüglich einem oder mehreren der oben aufgeführten Artikel eingeleitet.

Step-by-step Guide to Unlock PC From Fake Austrian POLIZEI Cyber Crime Investigation Department Virus

Since this Austrian Polizei Virus can escape from most antivirus applications, one shouldn’t rely on these programs for removal. Besides, this fake Austrian Polizei Ukash scam message has totally blocked you out of your computer, it’s hard to run an antivirus check under that circumstance. Hence, manual removal is suggested here as it can guarantee a complete removal without seeing this fake police warning page again. Expertise will be required during the manual removal process. Please follow the steps below to get started right away:

Step 1: Please try to put the infected machine into Safe mode with Networking first to unlock the screen temporarily from this Austrian Polizei Virus. To put the computer in Safe mode with Networking, please hit F8 key repeatedly while system is booting up BUT before it’s logging in till you get advanced boot options on a black screen; use arrow keys to highlight Safe mode with Networking option and hit enter key to proceed system loading files into that mode.
safe mode with networking for Windows XP Vista and Win 7

Step 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time to open the Windows Task Manager; go to Processes tab on top; then End processes associated with Austrian Polizei Virus or processes not belonging to system.

Step 3: Press Windows+R keys and then type regedit in Run box to open Registry Editor.
Run+Registry Editor

Step 4: Delete all the files related to Austrian Polizei Virus:

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.exe(rnd)
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = {rnd}
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “”

Video Guide to Remove Fake POLIZEI Cybercime Investigation Deparment Scam from Registry Editor


Austrian POLIZEI Cyber Crime Investigation Department virus or Austrian Polizei Virus is categorized as a malware that targets at PC users mainly from Austria. Victims of this fake Austiran police warming will be accused of violating rules and laws of the Austria. They will be required to pay a fine of 100 Euro in total in order to get their PCs unlocked. Otherwise, criminal case will be displayed against them automatically. As legit and authentic as this Austrian Polizei Virus sounds, it’s not real at all! It’s a product of the cyber criminals and a way of them benefiting from the fines they can receive from innocent computer users. And as usual, this POLIZEI Cyber Crime thing won’t stay in certain areas. It can also attack computer users from outside of Austria with different names or appearances. In other words, it can change or update into another version of scam and continuously scam computer users. The truth is, there isn’t such thing as computer being locked by police because of watching child porn and stuff. This behavior is totally from the cyber criminals. One won’t need to worry about any criminal cases initiating against self. All we need to do is to remove this Austrian Polizei Virus in order to unlock the computer.

Notice: Computer still being locked by this Austrian Polizei Virus message? Please contact YooSecurity Experts now to get help with a complete removal to unlock computer permanently from this POLIZEi Cyber Crime Investigation Department virus and to prevent PC from suffering more.

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