Those pop-ups are driving me insane. Those all come from CheapNEnjoy. I can’t remember when this thing came to my computer as I haven’t done anything wrong. It can be really difficult for me to find out the problem and solve it as I quite don’t know too much about the computer. Can it be eradicated? I just want my computer back to normal. Please help!

Brief Introduction to This Adware

CheapNEnjoy is a potentially unwanted program that targets on innocent computers. It is a adware that generates countless of pop-ups on the infected computer once it has sneaked into them successfully. It can really annoying to be disturbed by something when you are playing games or working on your computer. Generally speaking, those pop-ups are mainly E-coupons which can help users to save money when go shopping online. However, we can hardly find that people who get this adware on their computers can get benefits from it. Nothing can prove that it is a legit money-saving program. Users who get heaps of ads by this CheapNEnjoy should take immediate actions to get rid of it, otherwise, the corrupted machines can get more problems and troubles.

The Screenshot of This Adware


Technically speaking, this CheapNEnjoy adware is not a kind of computer virus like Trojan that can be caught by anti-virus programs. But it is a computer threat indeed. Without being found by security tools, this adware infection can come to the target computers more easily. Users can get this infection saved on their machines unconsciously as it can bypass the scan of the anti-virus programs installed on the infected machines. Also, people can get this infection installed while they are trying to find the real needed programs. That means cyber criminals can implant this infection to the other installation packages of free programs and upload them to some unsafe websites for people to download. Inexperience computer users usually don’t pay too much attention to the websites which provide program resources. If they come to the unreliable websites to download programs, they can be attacked by this infection in a great possibility.

As soon as this CheapNEnjoy adware infiltrates the target computers, it can start to perform the annoying pop-ups right away. Also, browser homepage can be changed to be some unsafe domains which are taken control by cyber hackers. Users will be redirected to many irrelevant links from third party. It is not safe to input any financial details and privacy into the infected computers as this adware can even able to record them and send them to cyber hackers. That can be a nightmare to have your privacy compromised to some criminals as they would abuse them for other crimes.

The properties of Browser Hijacker

-Can not be detected by your anti-virus software, which makes it hard to uninstall from the computer.
-Once you open your browser, you will be redirected to some unknown websites.
-Can slow down the performance of the computer, or even blue screen.
-Can pop up many unwanted advertisements when you are doing something else.
-Can change your settings in your browser and it is not easy to change it back.

If you find any symptoms listed above showing on your computer, then your computer must be suffered with a browser hijacker that causes you keep being redirecting to this CheapNEnjoy. Welcome to contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts for manual removal guide. Also, we will provide a short removal guide below for computer literate.

NOTE: Being afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing this browser hijacker? Please contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts, we are here to help you:

Manual Removal Guide of Browser Hijacker (For Computer Literate)

There is a removal guide of Browser Hijacker provided here; however, expertise is required during the process of removal, please make sure you are capable to do it by yourself.

Step 1: Find Ctrl, Alt, and Delete these 3 keys and then press them together to open task manager to end the process related to this hijacker, the name of the process of it is random.

XP task manager

Step 2: Try to find Folder Options in Control Panel, select the View tab, and then tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


Step 3: Click on Start button at the right lower corner, then click on Control Panel


Then you will come to the Control Panel windows, click on Add and Remove Programs


Then try to find the program which relates to this browser hijacker, highlight it and choose Remove, the program’s name is random.


Step4: Change your homepage in your browser (Take Internet Explorer as an Example)

From the Navigation toolbar in Internet Explorer, click Tools and select Internet Options.

IE tools

Then type the URL you want into the Home page box and then click OK


Similar video on browser hijacker removal:


If you can see thousands of ads by CheapNEnjoy on your computer, that means your computer is under attacked by a severe computer threat which can mess up your whole computer system gradually. You will get a slower and slower computer if this thing keeps ruining your system. Please do not hesitate to get this thing off from your computer if you get those unwanted pop-ups.
Suggestion: To follow removal guide that mentioned above, a level of computer knowledge is needed. Still can’t get out of CheapNEnjoy? Contact online experts for help now!

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