Hello, I have a problem with a HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen on my computer. This program has been run automatically when I loaded my computer. I can’t delete it, and my AVG antivirus also can’t detect it neither. I can feel my computer run slowly and it often automatic restart. I think it is difficult to deal with the problem with myself. How can I get rid of the HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen on my computer? Would you like to help me?

HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen Description:

HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen is an offensive Trojan program. This program is a relatively popular Trojan now, it is different from general virus that is not self-reproduction. HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen is not “intentionally” to infect other documents and it is good to camouflage itself to attract users to download. It can provide open the portal of infected computers to hackers, then allows hackers to destroy, steal those kinds of files, or even remotely infected computers. This Trojan program can obtain the right to use the computer even without the user’s permission. Its application capacity is very small, so it won’t take up too much memory resource when running, and the anti-virus software is difficult to find it out. It won’t take up too much memory resource when running, after you run a document with the Trojan, it will automatic login in the system boot area immediately. After that, it will run automatically when Windows loading, and then it will change the file name, stealth, or copied to other folder automatically at once.

HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen targets to attack all the Windows computer users around the global, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP and so on. Hackers have developed a variety of functions to disguise the Trojan to reduce user alert and deceive the purpose of the user. Regarding the anti-virus software, there is not a perfect anti-virus program can solve everything because many viruses are created each day and it takes time for anti-virus software to make solutions for the latest viruses. We recommend that you don’t visit of unknown origin site, and use of unknown origin software (many pirated or crack software is carry Trojans, it needs your experience to distinguish that), if you did it. Trojans, viruses will not easily into your computer.

Warm prompt: Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of computer literacy. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the computer system, please live chat with YooCare/YooSecurity PC professional online service now.

How do I get the HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen?

HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen does not operation automatically. It needs the computer user installed on the client unconscious, it is good at packaging itself as a useful or interesting plan, and makes computer users trust. But in fact, it is harmful when running. HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen is implied in the user’s document, when computer users to download some documents which they are interesting, this Trojan program will also be attached to download, and run as document application. And then the information or document will be damage and loss on the computer. So you may get the Trojan from bundled free third party programs, suspicious websites, shareware, contaminated USB drives, peer to peer file sharing and other deceptive methods.

The harm of the HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen:

1. To steal your web game account, and threatening the safety of your virtual property. After steal your account, it will transfer account in the game equipment immediately, hackers will profit from selling these stolen game equipment and the currency.

2. It damages the Firewall to steal financial details with no notice. It uses keyboard record ways to steal your online accounts and passwords, and sent to the hacker, then lead to economic losses directly.

3. It uses instant messaging software to steal your identities to spread the Trojan virus. The infected computer can download hackers specify any program, it is harmful to the uncertain.

4. It can open your computer terminal, and then remote control by hackers. It will be very dangerous for your data and personal information.

About Trojan program Removal:

First, we don’t suggest you carry out the System restore. It is not a wise choice to remove the Trojan program. System restore will back up the Trojan program. Because windows ban external programs, including antivirus program and modify the system restore. Therefore, anti-virus program or tool can’t delete the threat folder in the System Restore. In this way, the system restore could restore the infected file to computer, even if you have removed all other location infected files. And here is the step-by-step removal guide for all computer users.

Step 1: Press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys at the same time, and then click Star Task Manager. One-click “Processes” tab on top, then find relevant process and click “end process”.

Windows Task Manager

Step 2: Double-click “my computer”, then click “Organize button”. Click folder and search options. Click “View” button. And choose Show hidden files, folders and drives .then click “OK”.


Step 3: Click “Start” button, then click “Control Panel”. Click “Uninstall a program” (on the Programs section), select the suspicious program and uninstall it.

Step 4: Open Registry by Typing in the Run box and Hit Enter Key.


Sum up:

HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen is good at camouflage itself in many ways. Once the Trojan program operation, and connected to the control side by hackers, they will be get most operating permissions on your computer, such as adding password to the computer, browse, move, copy, and delete files, modify the registry, change the computer configuration, etc. It can damage your firewall, avoid anti-virus software raid, and holed up in a place where you don’t know, let you hard to delete it. If you detect this infected or its related threats on your computer, you should remove it as early as you can. It needs and only can be removed manually so that it is completely kicked off from your computer.

Note: If you still can’t remove the Trojan program. And to avoid the wrong operation and in order to protect your computer. Contact online experts for help now!

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