More than 40,000 south koreans petitioned to recall the chairman of the financial supervisory commission today, according to the south Korean economic news website.

Morning, South Korea’s justice minister said PiaoXiangJi is preparing legislation against the south Korean exchange of digital currency trading, causing a global digital currency markets tumbled, deepened the conflict between south Korean regulators and investors.

South Korea’s finance minister said it had not reached an agreement with the ministry of justice to close an encrypted currency exchange.

At around 15:45 PM on January 11, south Korean media reported that South Korea’s ministry of business and finance overthrew the statement after the south Korean minister of justice said it would shut down the country’s encrypted currency exchange.

This afternoon, the south Korean economy, deputy prime minister and planning the Treasury chief Jin Dongyuan, answer questions after the end of the symposium, said the department is currently studying encryption tax monetary policies, legislation close exchange information about the public justice morning, was notified in advance and no agreement with them.

In addition, according to the Associated Press reported, Seoul as of today at three o ‘clock in the afternoon, the blue house petition on the bulletin board increased some articles about encryption currency, most articles expressed opposition to the government shut down encryption currency trading platform.

South Korea’s presidential spokesman: South Korea has yet to come up with a final solution to the cryptocurrency issue.

South Korea’s President in Yin spokesman said today, the ministry of encryption currency bill is the south Korean government official’s decision, South Korea has encryption monetary matters not yet work out the final solution. Earlier today, South Korea’s justice ministry opened a debate about digital currency.

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