TorGuard is a West Indies based company that provides remarkable VPN services. Torrent leechers and seeders are the target audience of this company. It has over 1250 services in all around the world with several endpoints in every location. TorGuard is intended for P2P and BitTorrent. The services offered by the company support mobile devices, PCs, streaming boxes and routers. The company has good refund policy for the customers. TorGuard VPN is the most excellent bet for torrent leechers and seeders who desire to remain anonymous and contain their traffic protected. Many people don’t consider about their network security so they need to face lots of issues. But, a virtual private network offers a powerful and simple solution in the hands of customers. TorGuard VPN Review lets you to understand all available features of it in an easy way. TorGuard VPN is the best product to remain safe and secure while browsing online websites. It is unique and good VPN service that is mainly designed to secure BitTorrent users.

Protected VPN server flow

If you are already well-known with VPN technology, you can access your work network distantly. It is possible to create an encrypted network connection with the help of TorGuard VPN service. Establish the connection to your company’s server and so all the traffic between your VPN server and computer flows through a secured tunnel. TorGuard VPN service allows you to setup a tunnel by the VPN server of service provider. You are going to make use of the tunnel to access the internet safely. The information that you passed through the tunnel will be safe and secure so that you don’t have to concern about security issues.

Customers rely on VPNs on these two factors along with providing PRIVACY to all your customers. Before subscribing for any VPN, the fisrt thing that customers see is the price, second is number of servers(although to some people this is not so important) and then thirdly and the most important is Privacy Policy. Customers want a VPN which doesn’t maintain logs at all. There are some VPNs like Ivacy VPN, PureVPN and a few more which don’t maintain any logs according to most user reviews in various sites. Running a VPN will definitely be lucrative business for you if the following are fulfilled to the internet users of mainly USA, Canada, Australia, China, EU and the Gulf countries:

• Affordable Price.

• Maximum number of servers.

• Servers with P2P support.

• Providing 1st priority to user Privacy by maintaining no logs at all.

• Providing ipv6 address instead of ipv4 which none of the vpns provide(although the ipv4 address provider VPNs recommend you to turn ipv6 adapter for leakage prevention, but if a vpn provides their own ipv6 address, then no issue I guess)

• Technically strong VPN which can protect users from DNS or WebRTC leaks and so and so.

• The VPN should be working in China, as the Great Firewall of China blocks almost all VPNs. As far as I heard, only Astrill and ExpressVPN works for them. Others, work for a while and then get blocked after sometime. And some, don’t work at all.

• fastest servers.

• Most important –> Which country the VPN is based on. Customers prefer VPNs based on those countries which don’t have strict internet jurisdictions(for e.g. EU and US, others are also there).

Your IP address is obscured from hackers, government snoopers and advertisers. Read the TorGuard VPN Review as it is an essential thing to perform sensitive activities online. TorGuard provides numerous dissimilar pricing tiers like most of the VPN companies. Take a look at the price ranges deeply to pick the right one for your needs. A simple subscription lets you to join five different devices to TorGuard. If you spend little costs, you can add even more devices into the VPN service.

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Devoted to privacy online

People can get a dedicated and static IP address by spending fewer amounts. Purchasing a subscription of TorGuard is really an overwhelming process that you did not experience in any other service. TorGuard offers a wonderful service to remain privacy and anonymity online. It also sells torrent proxy in addition to its basic VPN service. TorGuard also supports android and iOS other than Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Clients will not find any disappointments while installing the VPN service. Different sorts of encryption methods are used by this VPN service for enhancing your benefits. New users will understand the real advantages of using TorGuard VPN service. All available services are listed with country name for your references. TorGuard clearly marks the dissimilar types of encryption while using the servers for VPN service to make sure about your security.

Today, organizations of all sizes face the pressure to be able to deliver applications and data to ever increasing numbers of mobile workers. Whether this is home users, roaming users, customers or even business partners the need for a Remote Access solution that is easy to use and yet secure is the key requirement. Please note that TorGuard is unlike other VPN providers because, one, it has very flexible options on their bundle alternatives. Each of them comes with different price and features. Anonymous Proxy which costs only $5.95 per month includes Unlimited speeds and bandwidth, over 2000 IPs in 50+ countries, free 24/7/365 customer support access and SOCKS5/SSH/HTTP/SSL configuration.

How to Use TorGuard

Step 1: Download TorGuard VPN Software on Your Device

In today’s Internet, your online privacy is becoming extinct. Whether your concerned about your ISP spying on your activities, safeguarding your personal data, or just bypassing online censorship, TorGuard has a plan to fit your needs. To setup TorGuard first visit the downloads page and choose your OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, or iOS.

Step 2: Run VPN/Proxy Installer

Save the VPN app, then locate and run the TorGuard installer in your downloads folder. Follow the on screen install instructions to complete the initial setup process. This will place a new TorGuard shortcut in your applications folder or desktop. Next, run the TorGuard app! Make sure to have your VPN username and password ready for step 3.

Step 3: Turn on VPN Privacy!

Load the TorGuard VPN app and select your desired server from the drop down menu. TorGuard provides 50+ countries to connect to for VPN privacy anywhere in the world. Click the connect button then enter your VPN username and password when prompted. That’s it! You are now tunneled through a secure and encrypted VPN server.

Overall TorGuard is quite recommended. Its being compatible with major platforms, from Windows to Linux is also worth being considered. That also enables you to connect to your TorGuard account from up to 5 devices simultaneously. VPNs are used for lots of reasons, they are particularly useful for business travelers and people who download massive amounts of data, but the underlying theme is that it is the best way to ensure that your data is always protected. It’s an added safety measure if you already work on a secure network, but it’s critical to use VPNs over open public Wi-Fi connections, hence their origins in the traveling corporate space. Attackers prey on unsuspecting people in coffee shops, hotels and airports, but a VPN provides the security to stop them. So if you are looking for a best VPN, you can think about the TorGuard.

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