My antispyware picks up a virus PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A. It asks me to remove it soon however, every time after I restarted my computer, the warning would tell me that the virus is still there. I have tried many solutions but can’t remove the virus. Who can help me here to remove the virus completely?

How to Delete PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A Virus?

PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A is one of the most risky Trojan horse viruses that ranked among top 50 since it has strong power to destroy computer operating system even computer itself. it’s created to make computer operating system in disorder or cause fatal errors so that people can’t use some programs that windows provides. So the basic work principle of this virus is to plant one or several small rootkits into operating system of the target PC, then these rootkits can give false commands or instructions, once the operating system received those wrong commands, some programs installed in the target PC will run in disorder or even can’t run any more. This Trojan virus is well disguised.

Most of Trojans invade PCs to destroy the operating system gradually until you can’t use it smoothly anymore. Similarly, PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A virus does the same thing. It may lurk on networking like hidden pages or some normal files. When you visit those malware webpages or download files, it will attack your network to access your computer. Your carelessness visit may be the reason why your computer is infected. However, some Trojans always make you impossible to prevent effectively even if you are cautious enough. What’s worse, Trojan horses always look for vulnerabilities to attack PCs. Why is it so horrible? Because, it can escape from antivirus scanning. Of course, the threat is much more than this, This Trojan horse can bring other viruses into your computer to further up the damages to your computer.

After be infected such PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A virus, users will google for all various methods to get rid of it but in vain. I believe that many of them will be guided to purchase a tool to delete it. Here I’d like to remind you that many tools do the same work as Trojan horses do and some others are absolutely useless, which makes you lose more money and time. Those free software even may cause much worse problems. So the best way to remove it is via manual operation by expert skills.

Warm prompt: It’s complicated for people who are not computer savvy or not familiar with the virus to remove the Trojan. You can contact YooCare/YooSecurity PC professional online service for help:

Bad Influence of Trojan Virus

  • Fatal error occurs often such as file missing
  • Cause some functions of OS unavailable
  • Internet Browser runs more and more slowly even freezes
  • Computer always gets vital problems

Removal Guide for PCs with Windows OS

>>>>>> Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously to get the Task Manager to stop the active processes of PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A virus. To do this, you will need to click the “Processes” tag at the top then find out the suspicious processes and right click on them and select “End Process”.


>>>>>> Click “Start” menu at the lower left corner and type “regedit” in the search programs and files box and press Enter key. Then you will open the “Registry Editor”.


>>>>>> You will need to find out the suspicious registry files in the Registry Editor, They are usually located in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE. You will need to distinguish them from their “Name” and “Data” at the right column. All of them will be randomly distributed. If you are not good at this, ask for an expert for help.

registry editor

>>>>>> After you find out the suspicious registry files, you also will know where the .exe files of the virus locate. Usually, they will be in the operating system drive. To open it, you will need to click Start menu > Computer & My computer. Generally speaking, the Operating System drive is Local Disk (C:).


>>>>>> Basically speaking, all the related files of PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A virus will be located in Windows > System32. Find out all the files of the scam virus and delete them. Make sure that all the files you deleted are viruses, not the files of the operating system. Any mistakes will cause data loss even system crash.


Video of Key Steps on How to Modify or Change Windows Registry:


Words in the End:

The infection degrees of the PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A virus will be different according to different operating systems, so the solutions will be different as well. Actually, the lock computer virus is so smart that it can bypass your anti-virus scanning. It just makes use of the bugs or vulnerabilities of your anti-virus and the operating system to attack your computers. How terrible the virus is! It’s well known that people usually get infect the Trojan:JS/Urntone.J virus via the Internet, such as from an unsafe web pages or links. Most often, users like downloading unknown files from unsafe web pages. Without caution, people will also download the virus as well. And actually, many malicious programs just disguise as legitimate programs for people downloading. Basically speaking, the whole process of the removal work requires very professional skills in computer IT fields. Usually, people will need to identify all the files of PUP.Optional.VMNToolBar.A virus firstly if they want to remove the virus. However, the virus keeps changing its files’ names constantly. This makes the removal work harder and harder. If you are not an expert who is specializing computer virus removal, you almost can’t remove the Trojan virus by yourself. And any mistake would cause data lose and system crash. Here a safe and efficient solution is recommended. That is to contact a PC expert such as YooCare/YooSecurity PC online service to remove the virus for you.

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