I need help get rid of this PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A thing off my computer. I tried to run Malwarebytes several times and it said it had deleted it. But then this annoying popup comes right back. Can this virus steal my personal data on the PC? What can it do to the whole system? And how do I get it off from my computer successfully?

PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A Virus – How to Remove

PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A is a PC threat that has been reported to attack computers lately around the globe. This specific virus popup can be categorized as a Trojan infection that should have been prevented by anti-virus but yet it hasn’t. PUP is short for ‘potentially unwanted program’. Computer users certainly don’t want this popup in their computers because its nasty characters and the potential risks it can bring to the systems. Even being unwanted by many, the virus itself can still sneak into different computers around the world by distributing itself on the Internet. And the install of its application doesn’t need permissions from PC owners. So basically, victims don’t know when and how they’ve gotten affected by this virus. But to prevent any potential damage from happening to the computer, a complete virus removal is the most important task right now.

We have also gathered information of other members in this virus family. For instance, the PUP.Optional.BrowserProtect.A is also reported to have been found on many computers. This new variant, PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A, is also created to help online third parties steal users’ confidential info and data. We believe many anti-virus programs do not have the abilities to stop this infection. It can help itself distribute online via bundling with different resources. These resources can be suspicious sites and links, unknown freeware and email attachments ect. By bundling with these executable programs, the virus can get itself through to computers when users download these unfriendly applications.

As soon as the virus arrives, this PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A virus can modify the default structures of the affected systems for its own convenience. We believe the infection is specifically associating with unwanted malware, spyware, tool bars ect. and will help these programs install on the computers. The longer this virus stays inside the system, the worse the PC status could reach. Affected computers will be slow down extremely. Fake security pop-ups or scam ware screens can be displayed constantly on the computer trying to scam innocent PC users. Internet connection won’t be working properly and desktop icons and background images can also be automatically reorganized or replaced. If the infection cannot be removed timely, unauthorized online third parties could even be allowed to access the machine without consent. Privacy security is specifically threatened by this popup virus.

To completely remove PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A virus and save computer from all the potential risks, Contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts to get help if you are not qualified with advanced PC skills to deal with such similar infections.

A Step-by-Step Trojan Manual Removal Guide

Many unwanted malware or spyware can be brought into the computer with the help of this PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A virus. So a timely removal of the virus is required to stop these programs from getting into your computer without consent. To completely get rid of this popup, a manual removal process is suggested here instead of anti-virus software.

Note: Virus files and associating registry values can be named differently. Expertise will be required during the manual removal process in order to achieve a complete virus removal. Steps have been listed in the following to get rid of this Trojan virus:

Step 1: Open Windows Task Manager to end processed related to PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A virus. To do that, press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time or right click on bottom Task Bar and select Start Task Manager:

Windows Task Manager

Step 2: Open Control Panel from Start menu. Go to Folder Options and under View tab, select Show hidden files and folders and non-select Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) then click OK:

Folder Options

Step 3: Go to Registry Editor. First press Windows+R keys and then type regedit in Run box to search. Delete registry values associated with this PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A infection:

Run+Registry Editor


Video on How to Modify or Change Windows Registry:


Computers nowadays are facing more threats that cannot be handled by anti-virus programs. For instance, when having this PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A virus in the computer, users normally find it difficult to get rid of because the infection is enabled by virus creators to escape from most anti-virus protection tools. This infection is specifically created to bundle with unwanted programs and to help prompt them to display scams on the affected computers. Apart from the fact that the PC is running slower than ever, users can also expect things like having unauthorized programs popped up and constantly being redirected while online to unwanted places. These could all be caused by the virus infection. Among the virus effects, privacy security issue is the most concern of all as the virus can help cyber criminals steal confidential information from infected computers. If you do not want any of these happen to you, a complete virus removal should be achieved ASAP via manual removal process.

Note: Having difficulties identifying the virus associating files and registries? Contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts now for further assistance to remove this PUP.Optional.Bprotector.A infection out of your computer ASAP:

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