Apple always believe privacy is a fundamental human right, and they care a lot about privacy. And now it introduced a privacy tool that lets you sign into apps and services without relying on social networks that sell your data. The new privacy feature is called “Sign In with Apple”, which was introduced announced on Monday at its annual WWDC event and available for both iOS and MacOS apps as well as websites. “Sign In with Apple” will come to every iPhones this fall as part of a mandatory update for developers. The security feature uses your Apple ID, not your email address, to verify your credentials. So you can sign in into an app using FaceID or TouchID for authentication. Apple says that you can even choose to hide your email ID, and it’ll generate a random email for you for each app. Meanwhile, the built-in two-factor authentication is available as an added security measure. The new feature will keep you from being tracked online in ways you may not realize. Along with dark mode and new camera features, “Sign In with Apple” is part of iOS 13. It will also work with your Apple Watch and Mac.

Sign in with Apple comes at a time when privacy is a political hot-button issue. Unlike Facebook and Google, which share personal information behind the scenes that can be used to track you, Apple says all of your information will stay private. Apple is not interested in tracking you, and selling your data to advertisers. By giving iPhone owners secure ways to log in to online apps and services, Apple is signaling a commitment to privacy that the company has long made a mantra.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on June 6, 2019 3:47 am

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