In the recent past, due to advanced technology, hackers and scammers have taken advantage of the weakness of the web. They are able to access some of your information and acquire your confidential information such as passwords. In turn, they would log in to your accounts and conduct malicious acts. This article mainly focuses on two of the top-rated password managers in the market; LastPass vs. Dashlane. The two boast pride of the most secure, excellent usability, numerous features, and pricing, to mention but a few. These features have enabled the software to win the stiff competition in the market. We will, therefore, concentrate on their features, support, ease of use; security. There is no doubt that these two password managers are the best and always ahead of the pack in all ways.

LastPass vs. Dashlane Match

Many people are confusing if they want to buy Dashlane or LastPass, it seems the twos both are worth using as they are for sure real and legitimate password managers, and with the affordable prices. Both of them are high-quality service and excellent customer support. Hard to choose. We can gladly say that both LastPass and Dashlane is tit-for-tat software in most areas. Users might not know their differences exactly, but, we are glad because they are just exceptional. We must attest once more that both the password managers are excellent as they can easily sync all the passwords across the device.


This is the most important aspect that most buyers are paying their attention on. Both LastPass and Dashlane offer security alerts as well as a two-factor authentication option. This is a great factor, to begin with, because this is what you are looking for.

Did you now that Dashlane uses a zero-knowledge model as well as AES-256 encryption? Moreover, Dashlane offers more than just what a typical password manager security model offers. It generates a device key every time you are using a new device that will depend on hardware and software specifications. According to an MIT study in 2016, this aspect makes Dashlane impossible to hack.

LastPass is protected with AES-256 as well as the zero-knowledge model, and it makes good use of the 100,000 rounds of PBKDF2 on the master password to create an authentication hash. In turn, the hash will generate an authentication key that has a match in the LastPass database.

All users out there are looking for a plan that will secure their passwords and offer them privacy. This is what LastPass and Dashlane is offering at affordable prices without compromising the quality of the service.


It is worth mentioning that LastPass is one of the best password managers that offer free services. In simple reality, this manager offers a better value. LastPass offers different plans, such as free, teams, families, and premium plans. On the other hand, Dashlane has made efforts to cut the prices. It offers a range of plans as well, such as free, premium, and premium plus. This shows that you must always find a plan that suits your needs as well as your budget when considering both the password managers. Take your time to review various plans and their prices and select one that suits your needs and your budget.


It is crucial to emphasize that both LastPass and Dashlane are amazing in the browser. You will not encounter any issues across Chrome as well as Firefox. Dashlane offers a more control in the browser. There are options that allow you to fill forms, login info on any URL. Autofill works superbly in LastPass, and it offers an added advantage of local autofill.

Business Plans

Did you know that these are the only password managers in the market that offers a comprehensive business plans? Even though others offer robust plans, they are still ahead of the game due to the above-mentioned aspect.

Lastpass offers two comprehensive business plans; enterprise as well as a team. It allows for up to 50 users. These plans add adaptive multi-factor authentication.

Mobile Apps

Unlike other password managers in the market, LastPass and Dashlane offer streamlined as well as excellent apps for Android and iOS. LastPass offers a mobile app that looks like a browser application. Its autofill is perfect as it supports biometric authentication on Android as well as iOS.

Did you know that Dashlane also supports mobile-specific entries such as contacts? It supports autofill as well on the latest version of Android and iOS, not to mention its security dashboard.

Ease of Use

It is vital to mention that both Dashlane and LastPass offer ease-to-use abilities. Their interface is amazing and allows for easy manipulation, unlike other managers such as Steganos as well as LogMeOnce.

Dashlane is versatile as it adopts a local application as LastPass utilizes browser-exclusive UI. It allows you to import passwords from a browser, especially when you are creating a new account for just downloaded app.


– Security challenge
– Autofill
– Support for custom entries
– Authenticator

– Dark web monitoring
– Password health center
– Automatic password changer


Dashlane offers the best support that you are likely to fall in love with. It also offers an easy-to-use knowledge base, not to mention email as well as live chat support. The support is available in English, but the good part about considering Dashlane is the fact that it also offers its support in French and German languages.

LastPass offers a knowledge base that enables you to contact them in case you are experiencing any problems with the service. It provides support to customers who pay and those who don’t.

Wrapping up

Considering the above-discussed rounds on the LastPass VS. Dashlane, it is clear that the tow password managers are neck-to-neck in terms of features, support, price, and security, among others. Even though Dashlane is more expensive than LastPass and offers more outstanding features. LastPass is an excellent password manager that takes your online security to the next level. It is a worthy opponent for Dashlane as it offers free plans as well as extraordinary usability. This is an amazing tool, Dashlane carries the day.

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