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iPage Web Hosting is a famous hosting service provider since 1998. Therefore, iPage Web Hosting has a long history and solid experience in hosting websites for customers worldwide. They are now currently hosting over 1 million websites and offers leading class hosting technology and feature to help customers to manage and host their websites completely. Since there are so many websites hosted, iPage build two data centers so that everything about the website of the customers can be organized in order and clearly. iPage provides affordable and even lowest price to offer high-quality hosting service for customers. Many users raise it to be the best pricing in the industry. iPage Web Hosting provides free domain registration, unlimited email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth and disk space on almost every hosting plans and package. Users also can get a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is no risk to use iPage Web Hosting service actually, you can ask for a refund if you are not happy with iPage Web Hosting service. However, almost every customer used the iPage Web Hosting service will renew their plans. Unlike other Web Hosting service providers, iPage Web Hosting service provides their own proprietary vDeck Control Panel which is designed and built by iPage team themselves. vDesk Control Panel makes iPage Web Hosting service easy-to-use totally. You can freely design and build whatever site you like, you can make a secure, simple-to-use, intuitive, beautiful, e-commerce website. You are allowed to make a customized design there without any technical knowledge. iPage Web Hosting service has been trusted by millions of individuals and businesses for over 19 years. It is a complete trusted hosting service.

iPage Hosting Services

iPage Web Hosting provides such hosting services as Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and WordPress Hosting. Each Hosting service has its strong features and technologies. And different customer will choose different hosting service according to their website requirements and projects. Whatever hosting service is chosen by the customers, iPage will do their best to help customer to achieve their business goals. iPage not only provides high-quality hosting service but also gives attentive support service. So, if you have any question or problem about hosting technique, you are free to contact their iPage support center for help.

iPage Web Hosting right now is as low as $1.99/month, and the original price is $7.99/month, so it gives up to 75% discount. And now many customers choose to renew their iPage Web Hosting plan. You can save up to 75%! iPage Web Hosting is an all-in-one hosting service, so it meets all your needs. If you want a more powerful and dedicated hosting service, you are suggested to choose iPage VPS hosting. VPS Hosting is provided by almost Hosting service providers. And definitely this kind of powerful and flexible hosting service is favorite by most customers who want to build a comprehensive website. And it is easy to use this VPS hosting to control and manage your website actually even though you lack of knowledge of website hosting and building. VPS hosting is easy to handle everything for your site. Some customers not only want a dedicated hosting like VPS hosting but also want their hosting plan added with cloud feature. If so, you are advised to choose Dedicated Hosting service provided by iPage. Dedicated Hosting includes dedicated servers and powerful cloud feature. iPage Dedicated Hosting possesses clouds-base flexibility, which is also preferred by many customers who want a powerful website. WordPress Hosting service is a must-have hosting service in every hosting provider. WordPress Hosting is easy to use as it has many built-in features like themes, plugins, extension and control panel. Customers just need to blog their posts well, and then click on publish. WordPress Hosting is always a great choice for blogger and business.

1. iPage Web Hosting

iPage Web Hosting now is just at $1.99/month, and it has reduced 75%. The original price is $7.99/month. iPage Web Hosting is an all-in-one hosting service. This Hosting service provides unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited domain names allowed, unlimited My SQL databases, Free Certificated and one-year free domain. Now iPage Web Hosting is on promotional sale. And it gives up to 82% discount and 75% discount. Every month you will just need to pay for $1.75 or $1.99 per month. During the promotional sale period, iPage Web Hosting gives you professional domain name registration for one year free. That means you can choose free domain name with iPage hosting service. Besides, you can get free email addresses. It is easy to create unlimited email addresses with iPage Web hosting service. If you don’t know how to build websites, you also use this iPage Web Hosting service to guile your website, as it provides free drag and drop website builder editor which can help you do professional website building. This Drag and Drop site builder saves your time much more. Many customers may like to build a business website to start their online ecommerce. And this Web Hosting can help you create your online store to sell your products and service. It can do their best to achieve your business goals as this Web Hosting service offers excellent and powerful eCommerce functionality.

iPage Web Hosting provides many other important tools or extensions to help design and build customer’s websites. You can use their mobile optimized site builder, WordPress one-click installer, easy-to-use setup wizards, WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, forums, photo galleries, hundreds of templates and themes and more. If you want to build an eCommerce website, you also can get some eCommercer online tools like store, PayPal integration, OpenCart shoping cart, OSCommerce shopping cart, Zen Cart shopping cart and more different carts. What’s more Web Hosting provides multiple advanced technologies including vDeck Control Panel, Network monitoring, Two Data center locations, performance load balanced servers, visitor statistics/site traffic reporting and more others. Email and customer support are also added into your site. The email also has many features like virus checking, spam email filters and autoresponders. iPage Web Hosting gives perfect hosting service for customers who want a simple but powerful website to start their business online. It especially is a great option for people who want to start a small business to try their products and services. Excellent iPage Web Hosting service attract you? Now you’re strongly suggested to use this Web hosting as iPage now give 75% and 82% iPage Renewal Discount Coupon on this plan in a limited time!

2. iPage VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is offered by every hosting service provider. It is an essential hosting service for many customers who want a more powerful and comprehensive website for their company even corporation. iPage VPS Hosting provides three different packages: Basic, Business and Optimum. All plans include one-year free domain registration and CentOS 6.4 cPanel.

  • Basic Plan: starting $19.99/month (1 Core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 40GB disk space, 1TB of bandwidth, 1 IP address)
  • Business Plan: starting $47.99/month (2 Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 90GB disk space, 3TB of bandwidth, 2 IP address)
  • Basic Plan: starting $79.99/month (4 Core CPU, 8GB of RAM, 120GB disk space, 4TB of bandwidth, 2 IP addresses)

VPS Hosting service is a great option for people whose websites have a high and heavy amount of traffic and want to improve the website more powerful and faster. VPS hosting is also the best fit for people who have tons of websites to host. Usually many website owners start their online business like online store with a share web hosting, but gradually, their site sale increases and visitor demands more resources and functions. In this case, those website owners have to figure out a way to increase their website traffic and make it more powerful to allows large amount of visitors. VPS Hosting is the type of hosting best matching for people who want a more powerful website. Compared to Shared Hosting, VPS hosting does not share the system resources like RAM and disk space with other websites. Instead, VPS host offers isolated server. Shared hosting hosts multiple websites on a single server, but VPS hosting just make your website share allocated segments of hard drive space, RAM memory and processor power. That means you can enjoy your own resources and will not be bothered by other websites. VPS hosting gives you dedicated hosting environment to host your site. iPage VPS hosting can give you a higher speed on SAN storage, and ensure the memory allocation will reach the maximum sever speed. iPage VPS hosting gives customers the most reliability at the most affordable price. Besides, iPage VPS Hosting gives customers cloud feature which will add more flexibility when building and hosting a website. If you prefer VPS hosting, now you can choose and purchase this iPage VPS hosting with iPage Renewal Discount Coupon. You surely save money as they are now offering promotional sale.

3. iPage Dedicated Hosting

iPage Dedicated Hosting is also one of the most powerful hosting service and gives excellent hosting solutions for customers. iPage Dedicated Hosting gives three packages: Startup, Professional and Enterprise. All plans include one-year free domain registration and CentOS 6.4 cPanel.

  • Startup Plan: starting $119.99/month (2 Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB disk space,5TB of bandwidth, 3 IP addresses)
  • Professional Plan: starting $151.99/month (4 Core CPU, 8GB of RAM, 1000GB disk space, 10TB of bandwidth, 4 IP addresses)
  • Enterprise Plan: starting $191.99/month (4 Core CPU, 16GB of RAM, 1000GB disk space, 15TB of bandwidth, 5 IP addresses)

iPage Dedicated Hosting provides exclusive system resources. Dedicated Hosting is usually chosen by people who have professional technical knowledge and have the ability to manage and configure the server by themselves. Dedicated Hosting service is the best choice for people whose website receive massive volume of traffic. Even though the peak traffic of visitors happens, your website still can run smoothly and faster. However, dedicated server require more bandwidth, port speed and more additional price. iPage Dedicated Hosting gives customers advanced and excellent customized solution. If you have you project or idea to build you website, you are able to use this dedicated hosting service to build your powerful website. iPage Dedicated Hosting is every suitable for people who have their own ideas and plans on hosting websites, but meanwhile, these people should have professional technique and knowledge to host the site well. iPage Dedicated hosting can provide you many powerful and advanced proprietary software and other applications to help you customize your hosting environment. You also can find that your websites run in a faster speed as iPage Dedicated Hosting service provides mirrored SAN storage and maximum allocations. So you can have fast speed with powerful server. Besides, like VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting also gives cloud feature to make website grow up your visitor and audience. Therefore, if you are a personal possessing profession technical knowledge and want a more powerful website to allow a massive volume of traffic, then iPage Dedicated Hosting is your great choice. iPage also provides iPage Renewal Discount Coupon on this Dedicated hosting to make people save some money but enjoy high-quality dedicated hosting service with iPage.

4. iPage WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is favorite by most people especially who want to post their product contents, make blog and promote their service. WordPress Hosting is easy to use and intuitive platform. iPage WordPress Hosting service gives Two plans: WP Starter and WP Essential.

  • WP Starter: starting $3.75/month (Free 1yr. domain registration, Unlimited storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Customized control panel, Pre-installed themes & plugins)
  • WP Essential: starting $6.95/month (Free 1yr. domain registration, Unlimited storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Customized control panel, Pre-installed themes & plugins, WordPress expert support, Automatic malware removal, SiteLock professional security)

WordPress Hosting is a common plan for every hosting service. WordPress Hosting is based on WordPress technology and easy to use and handle your websites. iPage WordPress Hosting service offers tons of beautiful themes which you select your favorite one. Besides, the service also provides other solid plugins, add-ons and extensions to make you have a beautiful and neat website. WordPress Hosting is always a customized WordPress control panel which can automatically help you build your site with different tools. WordPress Hosting has the performance to regularly upgrade your website’s speed even it can help increase the websites load speeds up to 2.5 times, which will make your website run in a lightning-fast speed. And even many visitors logging in your website at the same time, your website still runs smoothly and faster. Your visitors will not experience the website lag or freezing problem. What’s more, iPage WordPress Hosting uses the advanced SiteLock to deliver powerful security set including a custom firewall which can protect your websites well. Therefore, iPage WordPress Hosting is a perfect option for people who want to do business, make blogging and post promotional contents. Now you can use the iPage Renewal discount coupon to get your favorite hosting service to host and build your website at a best price.

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iPage Hosting service is a well-noted hosting service with over 19 years’ experience in helping customers and business host over 1 million websites with high-quality hosting service. iPage provides four hosting services including Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and WordPress Hosting. All these hosting services are favorite by many customers from all over the world. Now many internet users want to do their small or big business online first to sell their products or services. However, many customers or internet users do not have enough website hosting and building knowledge and technique. They don’t know how to host a site with command order, tools, extension and any other tools to build up a website well. Building a website needs a great deal of themes, designs and other intuitive extensions, add-ons and extensions to make the site intuitive and easy-to-use. And a beautiful and neat website will greatly attract your visitors quickly. A well-designed website can intuitively tell visitors and other internet users what products or services you are selling. Therefore, everything will be done by iPage Hosting service. You just need to choose your favorite iPage Hosting service, then iPage technical team will help you finish all design of your site. You don’t need to think anything about how to build your site well, but just tell them your idea and solution for your desired website. The iPage Web Hosting package is now the most popular renewal solution as it provides 82% discount or 75% discount. It is as low as just $1.75/month or $1.99/month for hosting service every month! And iPage Web Hosting gives 30-day Money-back Guarantee. There is no risk to use this iPage Hosting service. iPage Renewal Discount Coupon is your best choice now. Use this iPage Renewal Discount Coupon to enjoy the great and excellent hosting service from iPage with lowest price every month. What’s more, both 75% and 82% discount on iPage Web Hosting include many FREE service like FREE domain registration, SSL certificate, email address, templates, drag and drop site builder, domain transfer and more. iPage Web Hosting is right now the best deal and biggest savings now!

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