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Intuitive Password is a solid and useful password manager trusted by millions of users all around the world. Intuitive Password works in a professional way. Once you use Intuitive Password, you will feel that Intuitive Password is not only a password managing tool, but also a private data manager that has a professional management. You can keep all your different passwords, and other personal sensitive information like credit card number, online banking details, logins, passport number, ID number, diver license, and so on. Intuitive Password has backup feature which can do regular backup for you to back up your data timely. Intuitive Password uses the advanced and high standard encryption SSL technology to protects all data and information of users. What’s more, your Intuitive Password account not only requires a master password but also an authenticated code. That means you have to enter a correct authentication code after entering your master password or you will not be able to access your account. The Two-factor authentication standard is also utilized by Intuitive Password to add an extra layer of security for customer’s account. Intuitive Password not only has a password managing feature but also has password generator, auto filling and other features. You can use this Intuitive Password to check if your created password is strong enough or weak, if your password is weak, you will be given an alert to change a strong password. You can use this Intuitive Password to create unique and strong password within few second, so you don’t have to use the same password for different accounts.

Intuitive Password Various Package

  • Free: No Charge
  • Express: AUD$2.00/month
  • Advanced: AUD$5.00/month
  • Pro: AUD$15.00/month

If you are a new user to try this Intuitive Password Manager, you are suggested to select this FREE plan, which also allow unlimited access to password and access passwords on any devices. You can test and experience the feature and technologies provided by Intuitive Password when choosing to use this Free plan.

Besides, Intuitive Password has a 30-day money-back guarantee which is a no-question money-back warranty. But Intuitive Password is confident in their products and services greatly. In fact, many customers who choose their service and product will not ask a refund as they are almost satisfied with Intuitive Password management service. But if you are really not happy with Intuitive Password service, you also can get a full refund within 30 days.

Intuitive Password has Zero-knowledge feature

Intuitive Password is a Zero-knowledge security provider. First, you are the only person who knows the master password for your account. you are the only person that can full control your Intuitive Password account by encrypting and decrypting the account. Master Password is only kept in user’s local device or web browse as soon as they log into their account. Intuitive Password staff never keep your credentials like this master password on their server or cloud servers in any forms. If it is necessary to access your data, Intuitive Password will ask for your permission first, or they have no right to access your data and other information without your credentials. Even though your encrypted passwords and other data are stored on their cloud server, Intuitive Password still needs your permission first, or will have no way accessing your account. Intuitive password utilizes the most advanced data encryption key called 256-bit to protect and encrypt user’s intuitive password account. 256-bit is the longest algorithm which can’t be decrypted by anyone in the world currently even not a group of the fastest computers from different corners in the globe. Besides, Intuitive Password applies different multi-layer protection to keep user’s data and information secure completely. Intuitive Password has no way to access your data and never logs your personal information, even don’t know your master password. Only you know the master password, no one else, even not the Intuitive Password cloud server. If you forget the master password, there is no way finding back your master password.

Intuitive Password Uses Best-in-class Encryption Mode

When it comes to data encryption or data protection, people will ask if there is a strong and safe encryption mode used by the tool or software. This is because data storing protected by encryption mode becomes more trusted and secure actually. And if the tool uses the strongest and most advanced encryption mode, it will become more reliable and useful. The most advanced encryption mode AES-256 is the most trusted data encryption mode usually used in different data protection industries like VPN, password management, and security tool even in antivirus service. 256-bit encryption is the longest algorithm in the world, and it is difficult even impossible for the fastest computers to decrypt this longest encryption mode. Intuitive Password uses AES-256 as well as PBKDF2 to strongly protect user’s data. AES-256 encryption is also used by US government and military to protect their top-secret files, documents and data. Therefore, AES-256 encryption is also called military-grade encryption mode. AES-256 is utilized on client-side and server-side for all Intuitive Password services. So, your personal information and other data are all encrypted on web browser before being sent to the servers of Intuitive Password. But your master password is never stored any places on their servers. So, no one event not the Intuitive Password staff can decrypt your account to access the data without your master password.

Two-Factor Authentication Standard Increases Additional Layer of Security

Two-Factor Authentication Standard is also a must-have security solution usually used by password management service to protect user’s account and data with an additional layer of protection. That means you have to offer another information after you enter your login credential user name & master password, or you will still not be able to log into your account. Two-factor authentication has multiple login options like photo login, fingerprint, PIN code, SMS code, password and more. These login information is the second piece of information before you can successfully access the account. If you don’t remember the second layer of login credential, you still can’t access your account. Two-factor Authentication standard is created to shield from cyber hackers and snoopers. Even though they know your login credentials user name and master password, they still are blocked out of your account if they don’t know the correct information or code for the Two-Factor authentication. That’s why two-factor authentication standard is an additional layer of security to protect Intuitive Password account. Many users also know that Two-factor authentication is the important step or method to protect their password manager account when they choose their suitable password managing service. So, two-factor authentication is an important point when it comes to select and reliable and secure password manager.

Intuitive Password Utilizes SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate technology is an important feature in transport layer security. Intuitive Password utilizes SSL certificate technology to ensure the fastest and most secure communication and transport on the browser during your online transactions. SSL Certificate standard is usually used by website designing to make their website more secure and faster. What’s more, the website with SSL Certificate will get an excellent search result in Google search as Google Search prefer websites with SSL certificate standard. SSL Certificate also has the performance in blocking identity theft attacks and malware intending to steal personal information communicating over the website. When you visit the website like Intuitive Password site, then the connection is securely made, next SSL Certificate works to encrypt all transmitted data and information. SSL certificate is used to protect the connection between browser and a web server or website actually. Therefore, any communicating information or payment details through the Intuitive Password site will be protected by this SSL certificate securely. Besides, customers would like to log into the websites using SSL certificate. How do you know which website uses the SSL Certificate? Websites utilizing the SSL certificate will display a green lock in the address bar and begin with HTTPS in the URL.

Intuitive Password One-time Secret Notes

Intuitive Password design a One-time Secret Notes to help customers to have a safe way to store their sensitive information and data out of their emails. What’s this one-time secret notes used for? It is a free tool created and developed by Intuitive Password to help customers to share their sensitive information and other important personal information safely. But how does it work and to protect all your sensitive information securely? Here we will give you a detailed explanation. Usually when you send others like friends, families and people you know your passwords, credit card number, payment methods and other secret noted through email, some copies of the sensitive information will be generated and automatically stored in the provider’s database. But it would be a potential security exposure if their server or database is hacked by snoopers or infected with online threats. It will be more dangerous if the email box or software is controlled by hackers or gets compromised with strong and aggressive identity theft attacks. Usually many people don’t know how to solve this kind of problem and even don’t know their email has been hacked but still send their sensitive information to others via the compromised email. If you have used the Intuitive Password software, it not only helps you protect and keep your different passwords and personal sensitive data but also can safeguard your sensitive information transferring through email to others. Intuitive Password’s One-Time Secret Notes can prevent hackers and other online threats from viewing or reading your sensitive information because Intuitive Password just allows a single viewing. That means, once the message or email content is read, it will soon delete these message or contents immediately. The message or email content will be burn after it has been read. Therefore, Intuitive Password’s One-Time Notes helps people secure their sensitive information transmitting via email privately.

Intuitive Password Utilizes DDoS Protection to Ensure Network Security

Intuitive Password devote more effect into security for customers. So, Intuitive Password also uses this DDoS protection technology to protect their servers, so that the network layer can be kept in a malware-free environment. This feature works as a strong firewall to help scan if Intuitive Password server is free from malware thing or other online threats. Intuitive Password combines with antivirus feature and does regular scanning and updates in order to avoid getting compromised with identity attacks or malware thing. Cyber hackers prefer spreading malware, identity theft, spyware and others through the network as it is the fastest way to target victim’s device and access important sensitive or private information. Online attacks spread via network can soon attacks all devices connecting with the same compromised network. And victims may get threats through many different ways. Some online threats can take advantage of the vulnerabilities or bugs of device system or software to install malicious software or potentially unwanted software immediately without your permission. And next the cyber hackers can control over the compromised devices and remotely log into the infected devices to access victims’ sensitive information. Therefore, Intuitive Password devotes more effort into network security for customers in order to give a safe and clean network and server environment for customer’s stored data. DDoS Protection adds an extra layer of firewall to keep customer’s data into a completely secure shield and makes people have a safe access to the internet. Intuitive Password does well in Network security.

Intuitive Password has Anti-Phishing Protection

You should be surprise that password manager also uses the anti-phishing feature. Actually fewer password management service rarely uses anti-phishing feature to shield customer data against phishing attacks or identity theft. Anti-phishing protecting feature is usually utilized in antivirus tool or security tool. But if a password manager tool has anti-phishing feature, it will become stronger to keep away from malware, phishing attacks and other identity theft attacks. And of course, this kind of password manager service adds more security in data protection. Phishing attack or identity theft usually aims at attacking victim’s device and steal personal sensitive information. It may send you scam email in spam list but the email content is very attractive and lure in order to make you click on it. If you click it, you will be redirected to fake or fraudulent website which want to cheat you into entering your sensitive information. But Intuitive Password uses this anti-phishing technology, it will block these phishing attacks and shield your data and passwords against any identity theft. Intuitive Password provides data protection against phishing attack or identity theft by allowing you to create an anti-phishing message first, then Intuitive Password receive the command order to block any potential phishing attacks timely. Besides, Intuitive Password cooperates with other security services including Symantec Norton Secured, SiteLock and GeoTrust, and everyday Intuitive Password is checked and scanned to make sure Intuitive Password application is free from exploits, flaws and denial-of-service attacks.


Based in Australia, Intuitive Password is founded to deliver better data security solutions to customers who need it. They have professional and highly-skilled engineers specializing in data protection fields. Therefore, Intuitive Password is developed to be the best-in-class password management service chosen and trusted by users all around the world. Intuitive password applies the military-grade encryption to protect customer’s passwords and any confidential data. In addition, Intuitive Password utilizes many other security technologies and solutions to prevent data stored in Intuitive Password vault against cyber hackers. If you have used this high-quality password manager tool, you will find it utilizes such cutting-edge technologies as AES-256 encryption mode, two-factor authentication, SSL Certificate, One-Time Secret Notes, DDoS Protection, Anti-Phishing and more. In fact, customers always rate this Intuitive Password to be a highly-secure and cutting-edge data encryption tool. Even though Intuitive Password provides 30-day money-back guarantee, customers even the new users still renew their package as Intuitive Password can give complete protection, sometimes they can redeem Intuitive Password coupon code fore more savings. Intuitive Password clients can be rest assured that their passwords and data are stored in a reliable and highly-secure shield. Actually Intuitive Password offers excellent and all-in-one service that will surely beyond your expectations. In a word, Intuitive Password offers unparalleled password management services and software to customers worldwide.

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