InterServer is a world’s leading Hosting service provider, and they provide different InterServer Coupons and promo codes to promote their hosting service plans from time to time. And InterServer Coupons & Promo Codes is always updated. Customers can use their InterServer Coupons to renew their hosting service or upgrade their hosting service plan or change to another hosting packages in order to meet their website requirement. InterServer Hosting service give flexible scalability and reasonable price on different Hosting service plans. Now if you utilize their InterServer Coupons & Promo Codes, you will can get lower price on ASP.Net Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. The price will separately reduce down to $5/month, $6/month and $50/month. Now these three Hosting plans are promoted greatly by InterServer hosting service with their InterServer Coupons & Promo Codes. It is easy to use InterServer Hosting service as InterServer gives friendly-use and simple Control Panel, unlimited storage and data transfer, even hundreds of cloud apps to support your hosting tasks. InterServer has over 19 years of experience in hosting websites for customers and powerful datacenter. No risk to use InterServer Coupons & Promo Codes, because they provide 30-day money-back guarantee and Price Lock Guarantee, and uptime guarantee. It is completely secure and trusted to use InterServer hosting service.

About InterServer

InterServer is a solid and awesome hosting company with over 19 years of experience in hosting websites for customers worldwide. The team of InterServer hosting provides excellent hosting solutions to help customers host their websites well. InterServer company provides a wide range of hosting services including Standard Web Hosting, Pro/Reseller Hosting, ASP.Net Hosting, Email Hosting, cPanel Hosting, Non Profit Hosting, Student Web Hosting and so on. InterServer has their own datacenter which utilizes the most advanced and solid technologies and facilities, so that InterServer can ensure a 100% power uptime and 99.9% network uptime. InterServer hosting offers such popular tools and applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and Prestashop to help customers simplify all processes of hosting and building websites. InterServer Web Hosting is a popular and chosen by many customers. Web Hosting provides unlimited ultra SSD storage, global content caching, Intershield protection, over 450 cloud apps, SitePad website builder, unlimited E-Mail accounts and more. Web Hosting is suitable for people who start their online store as Web Hosting is the most cost-less but effective hosting way to host website. Pro Hosting or Reseller Hosting is always popular and mostly chosen by people who run or resell many websites. Pro Hosting provides a new cPanel which can help customers to easily log in. ASP.Net web hosting provides unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, free SSL Certificate and more features to host your websites. You can choose many other hosting services from this InterServer to host your site.

InterServer Standard Web Hosting

Standard Web Hosting is best choice for people who want a cost-less but effective hosting way to host their websites. Web Hosting provides a shared environment with other websites on a single server. That means you have to share the same system resources like RAM and disk space with other websites on a same server. Standard Web Hosting starts $5.00/month. Customers can enjoy such features provided by this Standard Web Hosting as free website migration, domain registration for $1.99, privately owned datacenter, quality hardware, easy-to-use control panel, SSD enhanced servers, SSD SQL offloading and 50% server capacity and more. InterServer provides multiple features to make customer’s website secure and run in a fast speed.

Standard Web Hosting gives a website a place to store file system, platform and other resources. Many bloggers, small business owners, e-Commerce website and more are using this Standard Web Hosting to host and manage their website well. InterServer utilizes Price Lock Guarantee on this Standard Web Hosting plan. Price Lock Guarantee is a software program which can give a further analysis about the product offering and distinguish itself from the competition. That means the price of your services will never be effected by any change while you are signing up. For example, now you purchase this Standard Web Hosting plan for $5.00/month, and this will remain the price you buy for the life-span of the account. In other words, the price a customer subscribe with Internet is their guaranteed lifetime locked in price, with no special conditions, exclusions and fine print whatever. What’s more, InterServer will regularly keep updating their hosting services by refining, expanding, upgrading and improving their hosting products and servers, so that InterServer can guarantee to give customs the best performance service and experience.

In addition, InterServer Standard Web Hosting gives inter-proxy caching and Cloudflare feature to solve heavy request loads problem. InterServer has their own proprietary product called caching mechanism called Inter-Proxy to deal with websites with heavy request loads. There are many different levels of inter-proxy like raid level, hardware level, software level, packet level and SSL level. Different levels have their different primary features and functions. Once the heavy loading request is solved regularly, your website will keep running in a fast speed, even though a perk of visitor traffic happens. Besides, your site will get more security as this InterServer Standard Web Hosting offers a feature called Inter-insurance which can clear up compromised, hacked or exploited accounts completely. This functionality can give investigation, restoration and prevention service to help you protect your account. It will detect and find out what cases the problem, and then fix the problem. Therefore, it is secure and reliable to use InterServer Standard Web Hosting plan to host and manage you site.

InterServer APS.Net Web Hosting

You should wonder what is APS.Net Web Hosting. APS.Net Hosting starts at only $5.00/month. The detailed pricing is showed as following

  • 6 Months………………………….$28.50($4.75)
  • 12 Months………………………..$54.00($4.50)
  • 24 Months………………………..$102.00($4.24)
  • 36 Months………………………..$144.00($4.00)

APS.Net Web Hosting gives such useful features as unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, 25 websites hosted, unlimited email and free SSL Certificate. In addition, you can morethan 105 cloud apps to help host your site with just one click installing. You will get cloud apps like WordPress, Cubecart, commerce, PHPBB, simplemachines, PrestaShop, Magento and more. All these applications can be easily installed and used to design and build your website. With this APS.Net Hosting, you can get FREE migration service. it enables customers to seamlessly transfer a website hosted elsewhere, onto customers’ InterServer account. You don’t do anything about data migration as the technical team of InterServer will do everything for you. The technical team of InterServer can operate all procedures of data migration with professional knowledge and care attitude. InterServer migration technical team have their rich experience and skilled operation to migrate your data from old host like CMS, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and more. All your data will be taken care attentively. Besides, you also can get other strong features like weekly backups, unlimited FTP accounts, Raid-10 storage, speed optimization, ultra-fast web server, free CloudFlare CDN, Microsoft SQL, file manager, automatic updates, spam filtering, SSL Encryption, outgoing SMTP and more.

InterServer Pro Hosting (Reseller Hosting)

Pro Hosting is a very useful hosting method for customers who want to run or resell many websites. Pro Hosting allows people to create a new cPanel control which enables you to design the login for each customer or website. Pro Hosting gives customers a high level of security. This Hosting service gives different technologies and functionalities to detect and scan website vulnerabilities and flaws, then use the prevention methods to fix the problem completely. Website vulnerabilities will be exploited by malware or virus to open backdoor for other online threats. Website vulnerabilities are also a threat to visitor’s online security. When visitors visit your website, browse your product or service, and doing online shopping with their payment method like credit card, PayPal, online banking and so on, visitor’s sensitive information may be stolen by online hackers if your website is not in a secure state. However, Pro Hosting can give many different security solutions like SSL Certificate, SiteLock and more to guarantee your website running in a safe environment. Some technologies even can block malware, virus, phishing and other online threats completely, which works like a security tool.

Pro Hosting is also called Reseller Hosting, so this hosting helps you to design and build a perfect reselling website. With InterServer Pro Hosting, you can get on the fast track to making money in the web hosting industry. Pro Hosting or Reseller Hosting not only helps you to make money easily but also enables you to manage the website fully. You can get full control to manage and organize your own hosting account and easily to manage others’ hosting accounts. This is because Pro Hosting gives easy-to-use manager hosting control Panel. InterServer gives best performance hardware for your website. You can enjoy all benefits through this Pro Hosting or Reseller Hosting plan. InterServer also gives a daily backup for your data in case of any sudden crashing down happens and your website’s files, data and other information is missing.

InterServer VPS Hosting

InterServer provides the most reasonable and affordable way to run a Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS hosting provides powerful solution to host and build your website. VPS Hosting utilizes the highest performance hardware disk. It is a 20x faster than standard SATA drives and strong SSD storage. Raid level 10 storage can always keep data consistency and redundancy for customers. Since VPS Hosting provides high performance hardware disk space, your website will get faster speed in loading page. InterServer gives Windows VPS plan and WordPress VPS plan. Windows VPS is based on Hyper-v platform which is a world’s leading virtualization system to run Windows Server and Desktop. And there are 15 various configuring choices to let customers choose from. Windows server enables you to organize and manage everything on this physical hardware. It is easy to operate the whole system and server in order to keep your website running in a fast speed. And this is a cheap Windows VPS provided by InterServer. They have offered many different technologies, infrastructure and friendly support in Windows VPS service, so that customers can enjoy completely attentively hosting service to host their websites. Windows VPS of InterServer provides such excellent tools and extensions as web server (IIs), Microsoft SQL, File Server, Active Directory, RDP and many more to design and build your website powerfully. InterServer Windows VPS hosting is also powered by advanced cloud servers, so that your website can get the latest cloud platform. InterServer uses advanced and best-in-class hardware brand like HP, Dell and Super Micro to support their cloud software, so InterServer Windows VPS can regularly give customers the latest features to meet customer’s different requirements on website hosting.

InterServer Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is also a popular hosting solution chosen by most people who have some knowledge of website hosting and website building. InterServer provides dedicated servers for Dedicated Hosting locating in New Jersey. And their datacenter is also based in New Jersey. Dedicated Hosting service gives a wide range of excellent hardware equipment like SSD, hardware RAID, RAM, disk space and more. Since InterServer provides strong and powerful hardware equipment to support this Dedicated Server Hosting, customer can get a robust, high-performance and flexible website with this Dedicated Server Hosting. Dedicated Server Hosting is usually chosen by people who want to upgrade or have a more powerful website to improve their business goal. Usually those people should have some professional knowledge of dedicated server, website hosting and website building. It is not easy to host and build website by your own. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on hosting service to help solve this issue. InterServer Hosting service gives different tools and extensions to help host your site and achieve your business goal. You actually just need to click on a button then you can easily make a powerful and flexible website. InterServer gives DDoS protection in this Dedicated Hosting Service in order to keep your website secure and prevent your website from hackers, virus, malware and phishing thing. With DDoS protection, you and your visitor on your site will get complete security and privacy online, as this DDoS protection can keep away from those online attacks and avoid any websites vulnerability exploits. You don’t need to worry if you can operate this Dedicated Server Hosting well, as InterServer gives such features as setup wizard, data transfer, provisioning, managed support, data migration and more.

InterServer WordPress Hosting

InterServer WordPress Hosting is offered by InterServer and starts at $5.00/month. WordPress Hosting is usually a popular and useful hosting plan for most customers. It is the best choice for blogger, small and medium companies, business, press and more. Actually many customers who start their online business would prefer this WordPress hosting service as it is easy to use and friendly support. WordPress Hosting provides different useful and powerful plugins and applications to help host and build the site. WordPress Hosting is mainly based on WordPress Application which is a great invention for customers to make blogs, posts and create website. And meanwhile, WordPress is free or priceless. This is the one of the main reasons why most people like to use WordPress platform to do their favorite blogs and business. WordPress has many beautiful and simple-to-use built-in plugins, applications and themes to transform your website into anything into the way you like and imagine. Millions of users worldwide are using this WordPress platform. Therefore, WordPress is rated to be the most popular content management platform and well-known for its powerful blogging function. Therefore, WordPress Hosting has thousands of applications, themes, plugins and add-ons to help host websites even though you are not a person who has some knowledge of website hosting and website building, you still can use this WordPress Hosting to make your website perfectly and realize your business goal. You just need to write whatever you like to post your business and products, and then click on a publish button, then your posts are published on the internet fast. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use InterServer WordPress Hosting service.

Video Guides InterServer Coupons and Promo Codes


InterServer Hosting service is powerful hosting provider and provides many different perfect hosting service plans. In addition to popular hosting plans like Standard Web Hosting, Pro Hosting, ASP.Net Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and WordPress Hosting, there are many other different hosting plans like E-mail Hosting, cPanel Hosting, Student web hosting, cPanel VPS, E-Commerce, Joonmla hosting, Magento Hosting, Prestashop hosting and more. You even can do a customized solution about hosting website. And InterServer technical team will help you match different powerful hardware, RAM, disk space and more to help you host and build your site. However, right now the most popular and best deal is Standard Web Hosting, as now InterServer gives InterServer Coupons & Promo Codes on this plan. The cost is reduced down to only $5.00/month. With InterServer Stardard Web Hosting, you can get easy-to-use control panel, unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, and over 450 cloud apps to help host the website. It is easy to host and build your sites with this hosting service. Besides, InterServer provides the best features and state-of-the-art technologies for customers to make their website perfect and improve their business. WordPress Hosting of InterServer is also a perfect choice as it provides thousands of advantages and low price only at $5.00/month. WordPress Hosting is also easy to publish your products, service and achieve your business goal. InterServer Coupons & Promo Codes can also be used in this WordPress Hosting plan. WordPress Hosting of InterServer focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

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