Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is developed and designed by Intego company to provide antivirus, antiphishing and anti-spyware service and software for customers. It offers a high level of protections against virus, malware, Trojan, phishing, ransomware and other online threats. actually many online threats nowadays not only have a function to attack targeted devices but also can steal user’s personal precious information. Cyber hackers mainly use online threats to access and steal personal information and data. therefore, when it comes to choose antivirus software or security tool, one of the most important factor you should take into consideration is that if the tool has strong capability on antivirus, antiphishing and antispyware.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the right security solution to offer all these features. Cyber hackers now develop attacks with virus, phishing and spyware features, so that the attacks have a more aggressive ability to defeat computer, Mac and mobile device. virus first targets your device and attack the device’s system and next disable important function of the device, once your device is controlled by the virus, phishing thing start to give you allure but fake notice or send you attractive email to attract you to open the email. The email will pretend to be from legitimate company and require you to click something on the email like a link or picture. After you click on the link, you will be redirected to other fraudulent websites which request you enter some sensitive information including credit card number, online banking details and others. They can collect these sensitive information to further swindle you out of money. Therefore, it is necessary to have an anti-phishing tool to block phishing ads and banners and any potentially scamming information. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 has a strong antiphishing to keep any potentially malicious information or file out of your door.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 has other feature to protect your personal information with one more layer of security. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is equipped with Firewall Network Protection which is mainly used to safeguard network whenever you are at home or on the go. Cyber hackers now prefer to spread different malware, virus, ransomware, scareware and spyware through network. in case of network virus severely attacks all devices using the same network, the security tool should enhance the performance to block all different attacks through network. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 strengthen its performance by adding this Firewall Network Protection feature to make it strong enough to block all network attacks. Network attacks is designed by cyber hackers who has a more professional computer technology to control all the devices connecting to the same network. once the network is infected with virus or other aggressive attacks, the virus or other attack will target other devices within seconds. Firewall Network Protection can soon block all network threats actively. Firewall network protection stand around your device as a sentry to protect your device from any online attacks.

Among many features provided by Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9, you should like parental controls feature. Parental control mainly helps parents to supervise and guide their children’s online activities. parental control is a helpful tool to get kids have a good online habit. Parental control prevents your kids from accessing any malicious contents and websites. Any potentially objectionable contents will be blocked by this parental control. If your kids are visiting inappropriate websites like gambling or pornography site, it will soon stop the webpage and send you a warning email. Parental control can build a category of websites that your kids are not allowed to visit. So, your kids will never have the chance to visit unhealthy and objectionable websites. Parents even are allowed to list and set up a series of approved websites, so that this parental control can automatically and quickly filter any disapproval websites once your kids accidentally click on strange webpage. Parental control gives kids a precise and attentive internet access. In addition, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9’s parental control can monitor what and how chat your kids have with other. It can block objectionable content during chatting. It helps kids to keep a good habit of polite chatting. You can trust this parental control provided by Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9.

When your Mac start to be slowed down by tons of junk files, temporary files, duplicate files and redundant files, Mac Cleaner can help clean up the system and speed up Mac’s performance. When these useless files pile up the system, they will take up too much space and severely slow down the performance of Mac. That’s why your Mac operates in a slow speed. It is time to clean up junk files from your Mac. Mac Clean actually can do a regular cleanup for you to speed up your Mac. It also helps you organize your Mac. You may download different useless programs or applications into the system, but you never clean them out. Then Mac Cleaner will help you clean these useless programs and application, it also classifies what programs you use most often and asks you put them together into one folder. It is convenient to look for the application or program you use most often when they are collected into one folder. You can quickly open the application you need within seconds. Mac Cleaner helps sort out your Mac in an order. Besides, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 can do a regular backup for you in case of sudden crash happens on your Mac. Backup will help save your important data and files if your Mac suddenly run into crash-down condition. This backup feature can create bootable clones in an external hard drive, so that you can boot from the backup and access your files to rebuild system if your Mac suddenly crashes down.

Intego Home Products Pricing and Plan

Mac Premium Bundle X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $84.99 $69.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $158.99 $129.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $115.99 $94.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $213.99 $174.99
5 Macs 1 Year of Protection $146.99 $119.99
5 Macs 2 Years of Protection $268.99 $219.99

Mac Internet Security X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $49.99 $39.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $92.99 $74.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $66.99 $54.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $121.99 $99.99
5 Macs 1 Year of Protection $84.99 $69.99
5 Macs 2 Years of Protection $152.99 $124.99

ContentBarrier Secure X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $79.99 $59.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $149.99 $114.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $159.99 $119.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $294.99 $229.99

Mac Washing Machine Secure X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $64.99 $55.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $119.99 $99.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $129.99 $109.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $239.99 $209.99

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the Most Popular Choice

Intego company provides many other products and service for home use, such as Mac Internet Security X9, ContenBarrier Secure X9 and Mac Washing Machine Secure X9. In addition to home products, Intego also offers products for business, such as Flextivity Secure, Flextivity Monitor and Flextivity Complete. Different products emphasize on different expects. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 covers all expects and is a complete protection solution of internet security, Mac Cleaner and backup. Mac Internet Security X9 just focuses on virus prevention and removal, which is a basic protection solution for customer. ContenBarrier Secure X9 centers on parental control aiming at supervising children online activities. Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 mainly helps clean up the whole system, speed up and optimize Mac performance. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 contains all features that other products have. It is the most popular choice for people who want a complete suite protection solution. In addition, Mac Premium Bundle X9 is equipped with many different powerful and featuring apps including VirusBarrier, NetBarrier, ContentBarrier, Washing Machine and Personal Backup. So, it can give your device and personal information all-round protection.

  • Mac Internet Security X9

Mac Internet Security X9 provides antivirus and network protection to safeguard your Mac and keep your data safe. It is equipped with VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9. VirusBarrier X9 mainly blocks virus, malware, ransomware, scareware, Trojan and other online attacks. NetBarrier X9 focuses on network protection. The antivirus of Mac Internet Security X9 is especially compatible with Mac system and protect your Mac against Mac malware and virus coming through the Internet. Mac malware or virus is specifically designed by cyber criminals to target Mac device. many Mac users still think that Mac system is strongly immune to malware, virus, Trojan, ransomware or other aggressive Windows malware thing. The online attacks today has a stronger and more aggressive performance to attack both Mac and Windows system. Mac Internet Security X9 is an efficiency antivirus software. It can quickly blocks virus and other threats trying to sneak into Mac system. its antivirus scan and remove all infected files and programs completely. Antivirus of Mac Internet Security X9 gives your Mac real time protection. you don’t have to worry if the virus can infiltrate into your device. besides, Mac Internet Security X9 build firewall network protection to prohibit network malware or phishing thing from accessing devices connecting with the same network. the Firewall network protection can automatically scan and detect if there is aggressive virus or malware infiltrating into. Mac Internet Security X9 also has antiphishing feature which can strictly prevent any staff things delivering phishing apps, ads and files. Phishing is created mainly to access and steal user’s personal precious information. Anti-phishing filters those spam or junk emails pretending to be from legitimate company like bank or credit card company. These kind of phishing emails usually contains attractive information to allure you clicking into. All these attractive information just want to redirect you to other fraudulent websites requesting you to fill in your personal information. Mac Internet Security X9 provides powerful Anti-phishing to avoid phishing emails.

  • ContentBarrier Secure X9

ContentBarrier Secure X9 is a strict software to shield your kids against any potentially objectionable contents on the internet. This solution is favorite by thousands of parents. ContentBarrier Secure X9 is a barrier blocking any unhealthy websites and contents like gambling, pornography and phishing. Children now have to learn something through the internet but there are many inappropriate contents unsuitable for kids. Some kids even are addicted to the internet if parents let them surf online alone. It is not a good online habit. Cyber hackers spread many different online attacks aiming at scamming people. So, if your kids browse on the internet alone, they may click on dangerous, malicious and inappropriate links, banner or flashing videos. All these unhealthy contents will redirect you to more vicious websites. However, ContentBarrier Secure X9 also has features including antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware, so it can protect your kids from unfavorable contents while shield your device against virus, malware, ransomware, phishing, adware, scareware and others. Therefore, your kids will not bring online threats into Mac system. Meanwhile, ContentBarrier Secure X9 standardize kids online habit and keep a good habit on the internet. this great solution also has an anti-predator chat monitoring which mainly aims at monitoring your kids chat online and blocking objectionable chat content. You even can personalize the settings of ContentBarrier Secure X9, for example, you can list approved and good websites into settings, then your kids will just be allowed to open approved websites. Or you can categorize malicious and dangerous websites into blacklist, then your kids will not have the chance to visit malicious sites. If your kids accidentally click on dangerous websites, ContentBarrier Secure X9 will immediately stop it. you also can set child’s internet time on settings, then it will help to supervise your kids and limit child’s time online. It is a wise decision to have a ContentBarrier Secure X9 on your Mac to protect your kids.

  • Mac Washing Machine Secure X9

Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 is an excellent solution to wash the whole system of Mac. It mainly focuses on cleanup and optimization. If your Mac has been used for a long period, many junk files, caches, duplicate files, temporary files and redundant files will generate automatically in system. Tons of junks piled up in system will slow down the system and your Mac will run slowly as a snail. It will take a long time to start up even can’t load up completely. Your Mac will be severely frozen there. It will be stuck there even when you are opening many webpages at the same time. It is difficult to run many applications or programs at the same time. Opening many applications at the same time will slow down the system and freeze the screen there. If you feel your Mac start to run slowly, it is time to speed up the Mac system. Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 cleans up unnecessary and duplicate files. It can do a regular cleanup for the whole system in order to keep your Mac running fast forever. It can completely clear up caches, reduplicate files, caches and redundant files in a regular operation. Once tons of junks are cleaned, Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 helps release the space and enhance the system performance. You will find your Mac run faster than ever. This cleanup solution also can automatically organize your system and desktop. You may put different staff things like applications, programs, pictures, files, documents and images in different place to mess up the system. but Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 can classify your staff things and organize your desktop, dock and files for easier access.
Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 is also equipped with other features like antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware and firewall network protection. therefore, this solution also has a strong performance in blocking virus, malware, ransomware, Trojans and others. In fact, Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 not only can clean up junks, speed up and enhance the system, but also can shield against online attacks. It contains cleanup, optimization, antivirus, antiphishing and antispyware features. It is useful to have this Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 into your Mac device.


Compared to other home products of Intego, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is an all-round and complete protection for Mac device. 1 year of protection for 1 Mac just cost $69.99. it offers affordable price for high-performance security solution. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 gives a complete suite of internet security, cleanup, optimization, and personal backup for Mac device. this all-round protection solution contains antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, firewall network protection, Mac Cleaner and personal backup. Mac Internet Security X9 just include virusbarrier and netbarrier, which is a basic protection solution; ContenBarrier Secure X9 mainly emphasizes on blocking objectionable contents for kids, which is a strict parental control and helps parents supervise their children online activities; Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 mainly centers on cleanup, optimization and enhancing Mac system. Here you can find Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is really overall and powerful internet security, cleanup and personal backup. It blocks virus, malware, ransomware, spyware, Trojan and others by using virusbarrier, netbarrier; it cleans up the whole system by useful Mac Cleaner system; and it can automatically do backup for your data and information in case of a sudden crash happening. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 protects your device from any sorts of online attacks whenever you are at home or on the go. What’s more, it protects your personal sensitive information and data from cyber hackers and snoopers. If you are looking for a complete and all-around protection solution, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the best choice.

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