Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the most popular and best buy deal among many Intego Home products. Users are all looking for Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Coupon to experience this powerful and significant antivirus, antiphishing, antispyware, parental controls and personal back and more features. Using Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Coupon can experience all excellent features of Intego security solution at a lower price. High quality product with affordable even cheapest price is always favorite by people. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Coupon can help you get more savings while enjoy high-performance internet security solution on Mac. And usually Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Coupon is offered in a limited time. if Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Coupon is released, you don’t miss out it!

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the best deal among Home products provided by Intego company. Intego also provides other products for home and personal use, including Mac Internet Security X9, ContentBarrier Secure X9, ContentBarrier X9, Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 and Mac Washing Machine X9. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 becomes the best and most popular plan as it bundles many featuring apps and functions like VirusBarrier X9, NetBarrier X9, Mac Washing Machine X9, ContentBarrier X9, and Personal Backup. In other words, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 contains almost features that other Home products has. Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a powerful and overall security solution by Intego. In addition, Mac Premium Bundle X9 has many other features and functions to make it become a complete suite of internet security, cleaner and backup software for Mac device. That mean Mac Premium Bundle X9 can ensure online security, block virus attacks and other threats, clean up system and also help back up files, information, documents or other data in case of a crash happening. Here, you can find Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a full-scale and comprehensive antivirus, security tool and backup software.

As we all know that when we look for and choose a significant antivirus or security tool, it should be equipped with these prime specialty including antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware. And yes, Mac Premium Bundle X9 is also equipped with these features. Antivirus mainly scans, detects, identifies, checks, blocks and removes virus, malware, spyware, Trojan, adware, ransomware, worms. Anti-phishing mainly blocks phishing contents coming from malicious websites, infected emails or other contents that are used by hackers to access data. phishing is usually triggered by those cyber criminals who aim at steal user’s personal sensitive information or confidential data like logins, passwords, IDs, social security numbers, banking details and more. phishing attacks usually are bundled through junk email. The contents of email, usually the title, pretend to be from legitimate place or office like bank, credit card company to notice you that you have an award or something attractive to arouse you to click their links written in email. Actually the link will lead you to a fraudulent website which ask you to input sensitive information like bank account, login and passwords. Once you enter these important data, fraudulent website can collect and use these information to steal your identity, make unauthorized purchases or apply for credit without your knowledge. Therefore, Anti-phishing performs as a strong barrier to prevent any fraudulent websites, malicious banners or links from masquerading as other legitimate websites. And meanwhile, anti-phishing feature avoids identity theft, credit card fraud, bad credit and financial loss happening. Anti-spyware mainly blocks and remove spyware. Spyware is also dangerous as it also can steal personal sensitive information. Spyware can be installed into your device without your knowledge. However, antispyware can soon block it installing.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 has its strong performance in protecting Mac user’s personal sensitive information and data through antivirus, anti-phishing and antispyware features. Besides, this solution also specializes in protecting network security as it possesses Firewall Network Protection. this feature mainly prevents any sorts of online threats especially Trojan, worm, phishing, spyware, ransomware scareware spreading through network. network attacks can fast spread and infect all devices connected to the same network. once all devices are infected with virus or malware, devices and network will be totally controlled by the virus or malware. Cyber hacker can take this chance to remotely control your device and steal all your sensitive information for illegal use. Therefore, Firewall Network Protection is the crucial barrier to block all these network attacks. Firewall Network Protection of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 surely can protect your network whenever you’re at home or on the go.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is also favorite by parents who want to protect their kids from any malicious websites while surfing online. Now almost kids use digital devices like smartphone or tablet to watch movies, listen to music and learning. They become more interested to online contents, visiting different websites and open various videos. However, some of the contents are not heathy instead may have a bad impact on children’s habits, growth and learning. Parents want to supervise and control children’s online activities. Parental Controls by Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 has the ability to help parents to supervise their kids online. It blocks kids accessing unsafe and malicious websites, limits how long kids should spend on the internet. It can monitor what kids do on the internet. Parents can remotely check what their kids perform on the internet. Parental control can guide children to have a good habit on the internet.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 can help speed up your Mac and clear up all useless files or junks in Mac system. it works as a washing machine to detect and find out all junks and then clean up junks files in system, which can complete slim down system and make it run faster. Besides, we usually would put many things like pictures, files, documents, downloaded applications, programs, videos on the desktop or other disks. And all these things actually make Mac in a mess. But you don’t have time tidy it up or don’t know how to organize your things stored on Mac. It even takes time to sort out and settle all your things stored in different places. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 can help you classify all your things and organize your Mac. It will make all things in a good order. Besides, Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 has a Personal Backup software which can help you back up all your information and data automatically in case of a sudden crash happening. Computer and Mac device would crash down if there is problem happening in system. but many people don’t have a habit to back up information and data regular in other place. If a crash happens, all data stored in device will be lose. Personal Backup Software of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 can back up all your data in advanced, and give a quick and easy recovery if a crash happens.

Intego Home Products Price and Plans

Mac Premium Bundle X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $84.99 $69.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $158.99 $129.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $115.99 $94.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $213.99 $174.99
5 Macs 1 Year of Protection $146.99 $119.99
5 Macs 2 Years of Protection $268.99 $219.99

Mac Internet Security X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $49.99 $39.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $92.99 $74.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $66.99 $54.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $121.99 $99.99
5 Macs 1 Year of Protection $84.99 $69.99
5 Macs 2 Years of Protection $152.99 $124.99

ContentBarrier Secure X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $79.99 $59.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $149.99 $114.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $159.99 $119.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $294.99 $229.99

ContentBarrier X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $49.99 $39.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $89.99 $69.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $99.99 $79.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $184.99 $149.99

Mac Washing Machine Secure X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $64.99 $55.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $119.99 $99.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $129.99 $109.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $239.99 $209.99

Mac Washing Machine X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $64.99 $55.99
1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $119.99 $99.99
3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $129.99 $109.99
3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $239.99 $209.99

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the Best Choice

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a powerful and comprehensive internet security, antivirus and backup software. It contains all basic features that a security tool should possess. In addition, it’s equipped with these significant and remarkable functions and apps including VirusBarrier X9, NetBarrier X9, Mac Washing Machine X9, ContentBarrier X9, and Personal Backup.

  • VirusBarrier X9

VirusBarrier X9 is exclusively developed by Intego to block virus attacks. Mac system now is targeted by cyber criminals and more virus or malware is designed to attack even destroy Mac system, and also many online threats not only has ability to attack device’s system but the most important is that it should help hackers to control system to steal user’s personal sensitive information. Identity theft is cyber criminals’ final goals. So, it is necessary and crucial to choose a strong antivirus to protect your device like Mac and safeguard your personal sensitive information. VirusBarrier X9 developed by Intego provides round-the-clock protection for Mac. It regularly scans and detects if files on your Mac are infected with virus or malware, clean up all useless files and documents. it even can help check if your applications or programs updates to be the latest version. All its work is to protect your Mac against any intrusive virus, worms, Trojan, malware, ransomware, spyware and phishing things. What’s more, VirusBarrier X9 can blocks malicious files delivering though your iOS device like iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, we may receive some kind of malware or ransomware files on iPhone or iPad but don’t notice that. When we plug the infected iPhone or iPad into Mac device, Mac will be in a risk of being attacked by the malicious files through your infected iPhone or iPad. Virus spreading through other equipment or device is also one of the fastest way to spread virus or malware into Mac device. however, if your Mac install strong and swift antivirus, and antivirus can immediately blocks the virus and soon eradicate the virus. VirusBarrier X9 can soon detect and scan malicious files, and stop your iPhone or iPad from delivering the malicious files to other devices.

  • NetBarrier X9

NetBarrier X9 is an app mainly focusing on Mac network protection. It has a strong capability to block any unauthorized access to your Mac devices. NetBarrier X9 is intelligent and smart Network Firewall for home and Hotspot network. Virus, malware, spyware, Trojan, ransomware, scareware, phishing, worm or adware are all spread through the internet. You Mac or other device will inevitably face a danger of being infected with online immediately your device connects to the Internet. NetBarrier X9 plays an important role in blocking hackers who try to intrude into your network and access your personal sensitive information. It is convenient to use this NetBarrier X9 wherever you go. It can automatically adjust itself to be the appropriate firewall setting to provides you the highest level of protection. You don’t need to open it. In fact, NetBarrier X9 adds a layer of protection to safeguard all data coming and going through your Mac device. It can check if there the data is bundled with malicious files, spyware, malware or adware. Sometimes, the phishing ads are usually added into the data you receive and the phishing apps can drop into your device without your knowledge. Spyware and phishing thing are the big threat to personal sensitive information as they are all one of the important means for hackers to steal user’s precious information and data. spyware can monitor what you do on the internet and even record those crucial data like banking details, credit card number, login and password for different accounts on the internet. all these important data will not be invisible to hackers. Phishing thing can track what you do online, what kind of websites you regularly visit and what payment methods do you usually use online. It can soon throw corresponding ads or banner while you visit the website, which aims at attracting you to click it on and visit fraudulent websites and further scam you entering personal information. All online threat spreading through network can fast spread on all your devices and control your device. it is necessary to use security tool like NetBarrier X9 which mainly blocks any potentially malicious files completely.

  • Mac Washing Machine X9

Mac Washing Machine X9’s main function is to clear up the whole system of Mac. It can completely scan and find out all junk files, duplicate files and program and useless files stored in the system. All junk files and duplicate files can slow down Mac device. that’s why you feel your device runs slower than before when it is used for a long time. it may take a long time to boot up; it may spend more time running big program; it may get stuck when you open many applications or programs at the same time; even it can freeze when you open many tabs on the web browser. If all these condition happen on your Mac, your Mac should be piled up too much junks files in system or you should use the anitivirus to check if it is infected with virus or other online threats. In order to make your Mac operate more smoothly and efficiently, it is important to do a regular cleanup and optimization. You should usually tide up and settle all data and document stored in your Mac device.
Mac Washing Machine X9 not only can help clean up the junk files, duplicate files, but also automatically organize all your things stored in disk or desktop of your Mac. It plays an important role in speeding up Mac performance. It eradicates junks, duplicate files and useless programs or applications that you never use. Caches and temporary files created when you usually run web browsers like Google, Firefox and Safari on your Mac. Once all these caches and temporary files are generated and piled up into the system, the system will become overload. Mac Washing Machine X9 can regularly help clean these useless files to release more space. So your web browser can work faster and faster. every time you open applications, runs programs, visit websites, edit through Microsoft word or Excel and more, many duplicate files will automatically generate in the system. once duplicate files are accumulated over a long period, lots of redundant files will be overstocked in system. Mac Washing Machine X9 will help identify these files and clean up all useless files to release more space. Mac Washing Machine X9 can automatically classify your files, document, apps, programs and pictures and put them into correct folders. It can tell you which programs or applications you use most often and allows you to collect the programs used often into one folder. That’s how Mac Washing Machine X9 helps you organize and settle your Mac.

  • ContentBarrier X9

ContentBarrier X9 is the solution suitable for people who want it to monitor what their kids do online. This app blocks objectionable content, inappropriate emails, gambling sites, pornography content and any potentially unpleasant websites. In other words, ContentBarrier X9 helps prevent your children from accessing any malicious, dangerous, unhealthy and inappropriate content. ContentBarrier X9 can record a history list where you can see which site your kid visit and you can easily block or remove the site from the list. Besides, if you are worry if your kids have a pleasant chat with others, you should check from this ContentBarrier X9 as it has a feature called Anti-Predator chat monitoring. This monitoring chat mainly helps block objectionable content while your kids have offending or unpleasant chat with others. If your kids have an inappropriate chat, this tool will soon detect and block the chat soon and send you an email alerts. Anti-Predator chat monitoring is a powerful chat monitoring to help supervise their children and standardize their communication. Also this Anti-Predator chat monitoring can keep a history of chat, so you can check and read the content of the chat and ID of the chat partner. Anti-Predator can take screenshots of what contents, websites and chats your kids do. ContentBarrier X9 is claimed to be the must-have tool for parents to supervise their children and monitor what kids are doing online.

  • Personal Backup

Personal Backup tool mainly focuses on backup. It is a good habit to do backup regularly in case of a sudden crash happening or a meltdown. But sometimes, users don’t know how to back up, what to back up and what tool can back up all data they need easily. Personal Backup app by Intego has a powerful capability to back up all you need like documents, files, videos, music, pictures, applications, programs and any other more. Personal Backup allows you to operate a manual backups or an automated schedule to back up the information and data for. You can choose the option you like. Besides, the favorite feature of this app can let you easily to synchronize folders between two Macs. After you transfer or sync the data, the two Mac will have the latest version of very file at the same time. Personal Backup allows you to back up many different types of media even network drives or disk images for easy portability. If you worry Mac failure or other serious system problems happen, you can create bootable clones on an external hard drive, which guarantees that you are able to boot from the backup and access files. This Personal Backup app can automatically wake up your remote Mac for backups. it is convenient to use Personal Backup to back up your digital memories and necessary documents in case of a sudden Mac crash or failure happening. It is a great choice to make backup regularly with this powerful backup tool from Intego company. Even though your Mac crashes, you also can easily rebuild your Mac by booting from bootable backups of Personal Backup.


Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the best buy and also the best choice right now as it contains many featuring apps and remarkable functions and performance to make it strong enough to shield your device and information from any sorts of online threats, hackers and snoopers. It is a complete and overall internet security solution, Mac Cleaner and personal backup for Mac device. it keeps you away from virus, malware, ransomware, spyware, phishing and other threats; lean up all the system to lose weight system in order to make Mac device run faster; and automatically makes backups for your important information, documents and other media in case of a sudden system failure or crash. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 detects and scan system to check if files are attacked by online virus regularly in order to make you have a heathy Mac. What’s more, it can do a regular cleanup for the whole system to speed up and optimize Mac device. besides, this Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 software will never slow down the system as it takes a little space to run, operate and start up. After you use this software, you will find your Mac not only is protected, also it runs fast always. Personal data and information will not be stolen as its antivirus, antiphishing and antispyware can stop identity theft, credit card fraud and other online scamming activities.

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