Intego Mac Internet Security X9 offers internet security and antivirus features to protect Mac devices against virus attacks. It mainly plays an important role in protecting device and network. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is a basic protection solution among many Home products provided by Intego company. It is added into strong and powerful apps called VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. You can use this Mac antivirus to protect your Mac against Mac and PC malware, if you are not sure if it is powerful enough you can get free trial to test the software before purchasing. VirusBarrier focuses on Mac Anti-malware protection, while NetBarrier centers on Mac Network protection. The Antivirus of Intego Mac Internet Security X9 works with VirusBarrier together to block online threats. The antivirus is specifically designed for Mac to prevent Mac system from virus attacks. Many people would think Mac system is unbreakable system that no virus or malware can attack. However, Mac OS X is also a vulnerable system, and in addition, now more and more cyber criminals put eyes on Mac system. They can create many different strongly vicious virus or malware to target Mac device. Actually cyber criminals not only want to use virus or malware to attack Mac device but also applies the vicious malware or spyware to access user’s information especially sensitive and precious information. Hackers want to use these personal sensitive information and data for illegal selling or other purpose.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 also possesses Anti-phishing feature which mainly protects personal sensitive information from hackers. Since Intego Mac Internet Security X9 has antivirus and antiphishing features, it can prevent virus attacks and malware intrusion, also safeguard your personal sensitive information from hackers or other prying eyes. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 works as a sentry to protect your device and personal information all round-the-clock. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 offers real-time protection while helps scan the whole system of Mac automatically. It usually does a regular scanning for your device in order to keep you Mac safe and stay in a completely clean condition. Even though you connect other devices, external device with Mac or download unknown applications into system, it still can soon find out and check by a serious scanning. So actually Intego Mac Internet Security X9 offers worry-free protection for users to protect Mac from any unknown resources whatever it is a device or application. Besides, Intego Mac Internet Security X9 can be easily set up and configured although you are not a computer savvy.

Intego Home Products Pricing

Mac Internet Security X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $49.99 $39.99

1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $92.99 $74.99

3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $66.99 $54.99

3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $121.99 $99.99

5 Macs 1 Year of Protection $84.99 $69.99

5 Macs 2 Years of Protection $152.99 $124.99

Mac Premium Bundle X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $84.99 $69.99

1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $158.99 $129.99

3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $115.99 $94.99

3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $213.99 $174.99

5 Macs 1 Year of Protection $146.99 $119.99

5 Macs 2 Years of Protection $268.99 $219.99

ContentBarrier Secure X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $79.99 $59.99

1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $149.99 $114.99

3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $159.99 $119.99

3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $294.99 $229.99

Mac Washing Machine Secure X9

1 Mac 1 Year of Protection $64.99 $55.99

1 Mac 2 Years of Protection $119.99 $99.99

3 Macs 1 Year of Protection $129.99 $109.99

3 Macs 2 Years of Protection $239.99 $209.99

Why Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is Popular?

Actually, Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is one of the basic protection solution and plan among many Intego Home products. However, it is equipped with VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9, which are all strong and powerful enough to safeguard your Mac from any kind of online attacks. And meanwhile, NetBarrier X9 can offers real-time protection for your network connection and stop any potentially malicious data coming and going through your Mac device. So, actually Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is strong enough to protect users’ Mac devices and personal information. And also it offers the cheapest price for this Intego Mac Internet Security X9. That’s why most people choose this protection solution to protect their devices and personal information. Here we will explain the two strong featuring apps VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9 in detail as following:

  • VirusBarrier X9 – Protecting your Mac against Mac and PC malware

VirusBarrier X9 is one of featuring apps and has solid capability to prevent and remove Mac virus. Now many different online like Trojan horse, virus, malware, worms, spyware, adware, hacking tools, malicious extension or add-on, keyloggers, scareware and dialers can attack Mac operating system. Many Mac users still believe that Mac can’t be attacked by virus. Some users even don’t use antivirus software or security tool on their Mac device. Cyber criminals can create and develop stubborn virus, malware, spyware or other to target the system. Virus attacks are usually spread on the internet, so as soon as you connect your device with the Internet, it will inevitably meet certain virus, malware, spyware or others. Therefore, it is necessary to have an antivirus installed in your Mac device. VirusBarrier X9 works as a barrier to block virus, malware, spyware, ransomware and others. Sometimes, if your Mac is infected with some kind of virus, it would become a carrier. That means the infected Mac would become a medium to infect other device. For example, if you plug other device or external equipment into the infected Mac, the virus will transmit into your other device, and even will infect files, documents stored in that device. but if you have this VirusBarrier X9, it will help detect and remove the virus.

Once the suborn virus is removed, your Mac will become secure and not become act as a medium. You can choose full scans to check the whole Mac, then it will scan the disk one by one. Or you can choose quick scan mode which can quickly help scan the most important place of Mac first. Or you can quick scan for day-today use. VirusBarrier X9 provide 24/7 real-time protection which can always scan and detect all your documents, files, applications, programs and other online activities to ensure your Mac is protected. Virus, malware, Trojan, spyware and ransomware are usually bundled into junk email to attack your Mac, however, VirusBarrier X9 can scan your emails before you read them, and find malware, ransomware, worm or Trojan infiltrating in archive files. Also VirusBarrier X9 can detect and scan iOS device in order to check and eliminate viruses sneaking into the iOS device. All external drives connected to your Mac will be scanned first by VirusBarrier X9. If malware is found, you will receive an email notice from Intego. You can select these options to handle malware scanned by VirusBarrier X9: Automatically attempt to repair, quarantine malware for later action, or ask what to do on a case-by-case basis. VirusBarrier X9 provides attentive service on scanning and eradicating virus attacks.

  • NetBarrier X9 –¬†Protecting your Mac from unauthorized access

NetBarrier X9 is usually used along with VirusBarrier X9 app, which adds one more layer of protection. NetBarrier X9 is designed to be a two-way firewall applying anti-spyware measures to protect outgoing data sent from your Mac. Also it can monitor all applications using the same network that is used by your Mac. You would use or connect to different kinds of networks including home, public and work, and NetBarrier X9 can help check the logical default profiles for the network. Many online attacks come into computer or Mac through network, and virus spreading via network has a faster effect on device. And all devices connecting with the same network will also be infected the virus, malware or spyware. NetBarrier X9 can automatically changes network profile when network connection changes, and the network can easily have a new profile.

Also NetBarrier X9 swiftly blocks or allows specific connections for specific local devices. Besides, it is easy to configure network from the internet or from the local network by using this NetBarrier X9. This featuring app offers full-time monitoring that mainly uses anti-spyware measures to monitor all online activities. NetBarrier X9 is a strong barrier or firewall to block virus attacks through network. Cyber hackers usually use spyware or other stubborn malware to target Mac or other devices that uses the same network. Virus spreading vis network can fast infect and control devices connecting with the same network. Once your device is controlled by the virus, your device is actually controlled by remote hackers. Hackers can look over what store on the device and access all precious information especially sensitive data like online banking details, credit card account, logins, passwords, identity number, IDs, and more. All these personal sensitive information will be illegally used even sold out by the hackers. you even may face a financial loss. Threats coming through network are very dangerous to personal information safety.

Other Home Products Provided by Intego Company

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is one of the Home products of Intego, and it is the basic protection solution for Mac and other device. Intego industry also provides other Home products with higher level protection including Mac Premium Bundle X9, ContentBarrier Secure X9 and Mac Washing Machine Secure X9. Other Home products contains more features and technologies to increase more layers of protection. Take Mac Premium Bundle X9 for example, it contains Virusbarrier, NetBarrier, ContentBarrier, Washing Machine and Personal Backup featuring apps. Actually Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a comprehensive and overall protection on internet security, cleaner and backup software for Mac device. it is a very complete package for Mac protection. Also it is the best buy plan and the most popular package chosen by most users all around the world. Here we will briefly introduce every Home product as following. You should choose the right product for you according to the analysis.

Mac Premium Bundle X9

It is the best choice to select Mac Premium Bundle X9 as your protection solution for your Mac as it contains many powerful but easy-to-use apps featuring in virus-blocking and Mac cleaner. One package can offer all complete protection. VirusBarrier X9 mainly focuses on protecting Mac from malware, virus, ransomware, scareware, adware or other online threats. NetBarrier X9 mainly centers on network protection and block any unauthorized access. Mac Washing Machine X9 emphasizes on cleanup and optimization to speed up your Mac. ContentBarrier X9 pays more attention to protecting kids from any objectionable contents to guarantee online security for kids, which is a solid and significant parental control. Personal Backup simply helps back up your files and information regularly in case of a sudden crash happening and you can rebuild a new system by using this bootable backup.

In addition to these important featuring apps, Mac Premium Bundle X9 also has many other features to protect Mac device and other iOS device. You can experience antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware by Intego. Antivirus can block virus, Trojan, malware, ransomware and spyware and other online threats. Antiphishing mainly prevents phishing ads and malware. Phishing is mainly used by cyber hackers to target device and steal user’s personal sensitive information and data. Spyware is also other methods used by hackers to access personal data. phishing and spyware are also big threat to personal information security. online threats are mainly used by cyber hackers to attack computers, Macs, androids, smartphone and tablets to steal personal information or swindle people out of money by displaying fake warning alert. Therefore, if you are looking for an antivirus to protect you and your device from any kind of online threats, you should choose the one with such features as antivirus, antiphishing and antispyware. Mac Premium Bundle X9 can surely protect your network by using its Firewall Network Protection which can protect your network from virus, spyware, ransomware and other attacks through network real time no matter you are at home or on the go. And meanwhile Mac Premium Bundle X9 absolutely protects your personal sensitive information as its all powerful apps and features can block any kind of virus attacks.

You should also surprise to the Mac cleaner of Mac Premium Bundle X9, as it can automatically help clean up the whole system and speed up the performance. And meanwhile, it helps you organize the whole system. Many caches, temporary files, duplicate files, redundant files are generated automatically and piled up into the system, which surely takes up too much space of the system. And finally, all these junk files and useless application or programs will slow down the performance. You will find your Mac run slowly, and often gets stuck when opening many applications or programs at the same time, even can get frozen when opening many tabs at the same time, and you have to force to shut it down and restart it again. Mac Cleaner of Mac Premium Bundle X9 can regularly clear up all junk files and release more space to speed up Mac’s performance and functions. Many things you downloaded like pictures, applications, programs or files will be put on the desktop without settling. And Mac cleaner can help you classify them and ask you to put the same thing into the same folder.

Besides cleanup and optimization, personal backup is other favorite project chosen by users. Personal backup can automatically help you back up files, information, data and other media you need. It is a good plan to do a regular backup for your Mac. But usually we don’t know how to back up and what we should keep storing. The most annoying thing is that it’s hard to select the data, files, documents and other to back up. There are too many staff things, and backup is a tough work. But if you have this Personal backup, it will regularly and automatically help you make a backup for all data you need. Once the backup is done completely, you will not lose the important data if a sudden crash happens. And meanwhile, even though a crash happens, you still can rebuild a new system from bootable backup by personal backup feature.

ContentBarrier Secure X9

Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a protection solution specifically designed for kids. It is actually a parental control which can supervise what kids do on the internet. More and more kids now rely more on internet to watch interesting videos, contents, novels and learning. However, many websites and contents are not healthy enough and even guides them into bad action. Parents also worry this condition. It is embarrassing to spy on what their kids do online as kids also have their privacy. Even if you often tell them not to visit unhealthy websites, open malicious contents, and ask them to limit time on internet surfing and have a good online behavior, it is still really hard to manage and know what they do when you’re not there, actually even you are next to them. So, Parental control helps solve this problem. It mainly helps parents to keep kids’ internet experience safe, fun and productive. Parental Control of ContenBarrier Secure X9 is specifically designed to protect children from malicious websites and contents like gambling, pornography or adult sites. It can tell you how much screen time is healthy for kids.

ContenBarrier Secure X9 can always monitor what your kids do on the internet and how much screen time they are using. It even restricts your child’s internet time. All these action will help guide you kids into a good online habit. ContenBarrier Secure X9 can limits what language on the site can’t read, what pictures can’t see and totally blocks adult contents. ContenBarrier Secure X9 even can standardize chat content as it has an anti-predator chat monitoring feature which can watch the chats content by your children. And it can block any potentially objectionable and inappropriate chats, and you will receive email alerts whenever objectionable content is detected. In other words, ContenBarrier Secure X9 can limits your kids’ online time, standardize their online behavior, blocks any inappropriate contents, monitor chats, blocks objectionable chat content. Parents do not have to worry if you install this ContenBarrier Secure X9 into kids’ device.

Washing Machine Secure X9

Washing Machine Secure X9 solution mainly emphasizes on cleanup and optimization, but it also has antivirus, antiphishing and antispware features to shield your Mac against virus, malware, ransomware and other online attacks. Washing Machine Secure X9 clean up junk files piled up in system to release more disk space and enhance and strengthen system performance. After a long period of Mac using, Mac device will slow down. That’s because many caches, temporary files, junk files, duplicate files, redundant files, useless applications and more will take too much space. There is not enough space to ensure Mac booting or running smoothly. It takes a long time to start up or even get stuck at blue screen; it may get stuck while opening many applications at the same time, even you are working on several Microsoft word or Excel documents, you still can get stuck there. Web browser may become slower and slower, and you even can’t open many tabs at the same time as before. It is time to give your Mac a complete cleanup and optimization in order to tune it up. Washing Machine Secure X9 cleans every corner of your Mac, clear all junk files and unnecessary files. After a complete cleanup, Washing Machine Secure X9 can also help you organize your Mac system by classifying the documents, files, applications and programs into the corresponding folders. Once a massive cleanup and optimization, and all things are sorted out in an order, your Mac is totally tuned up and you will feel its performance improve into a higher level. You will find it runs faster than ever. And also this Washing Machine Secure X9 can regularly do a cleanup and tune-up for your Mac to keep your Mac always run fast.

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If you are now looking for a solid and strong Mac antivirus software and security tool, Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is strongly suggested to be your best fit. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is the basic protection solution package. It contains VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9 featuring apps which can completely blocks virus, malware, ransomware, Trojan, adware and other online threats, and also it keeps your network stay away from any kind malicious programs and software. Besides, it has the ability to clean up your Mac device to upgrade its performance. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 can protect your personal sensitive information and data like IDs, identified information, confidential business trade information, logins, passwords and more will not be leaked out to the public or stolen by the hackers and snoopers. Nowadays, hackers create online threats not only for attacking your device but the most important thing is to get your personal information. Personal information is precious and profitable actually if hackers sold it out illegally. Or hackers just want to use the information they get to further swindle out of your money. You may face the big risk of financial loss. Therefore, it is important and necessary to use a strong and reliable antivirus software to protect your device and all your personal information stored on the device or input on the internet. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is the best choose as it offers the high-performance of protection but also has an affordable price.

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