Are you now looking for Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon code and deals? How many discounts can you get from Intego Mac Internet Security X9 on sales? Here on this website you can get 100% guaranteed deals with attractive discount. If you have Intego Mac Internet Security X9 promo code, you can save much while purchase their product and service. With Intego Mac Internet Security X9 voucher code, you can get discount on Intego Mac Internet Security X9. Once you apply the coupon code, you not only get the discount and savings, but also get complete protection from Intego Mac Internet Security X9 solution. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 mainly protects Mac devices from any kinds of virus, malware, ransomware, Trojan and other online threats. It is not only useful tool to block attacks but also a security tool to keep your information safe from hackers, snoopers and cyber criminals who aims at personal sensitive information and data. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is your basic protection solution and plan, never miss out the Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9

Price: 1 Year of Protection $49.99 $39.99
2 Years of Protection $92.99 $74.99

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is offered Intego company. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 includes VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9 app. This product is especially for Mac devices. Mac Internet Security X9 is an excellent antivirus tool for mac to shield against malware and virus specifically designed and target to systems based in Mac OS X and Windows. It can provide real-time protection by automatically scanning your Mac devices. No matter you are at home or on the go, you still can get protection against malware and virus by using its Firewall network protection. No threat can attack your Mac devices through unsecure network. Nowadays, online threats like Trojan virus, malware, ransomware, worm and others pay more attention to steal personal sensitive information and data after attacking user’s devices. Once your personal information is stolen by the online threat, it will transfer these precious information to remote cyber criminals and hacker, your personal information and data will be in a risk of being illegally sold or used in some trade.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is equipped with anti-phishing feature which exclusively has the ability to protect sensitive personal information and data. It’s your personal information safety guarantee. Even though you download different applications, programs or apps or plug other devices with your Mac device, you still can get worry-free protection from Mac Internet Security X9, as it can automatically scan what you download or what you just connect with the Mac device. In other word, any unknown devices connected with Mac or applications strangely downloaded into system, you still can get complete protection by Mac Internet Security X9. Mac Internet Security X9 is easy to use as their expert has designed it to be easy to set up and you can also quickly configure it on your Mac device. You still can set it up and configure it well even if you are not a computer savvy.

Compared with Other Home Products: Mac Premium Bundle X9, Content Barrier Secure X9, Washing Machine Secure X9

Before you go further for learning about Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon and discounts, let us view several products of the Intego family. Intego company not only provides Mac Internet Security X9, also provides other popular and powerful products including Mac Premium Bundle X9, Content Barrier Secure X9, Washing Machine Secure X9 which feature in different function. You can get different protection against malware and virus for your Mac devices.

1. Mac Premium Bundle X9

Price: 1 Year of Protection $84.99 $69.99
2 Years of Protection $158.99 $129.99

Different with Mac Internet Security X9, Mac Premium Bundle X9 is equipped with more featuring apps including VirusBarrier NetBarrier ContentBarrier Washing Machine (Mac Cleaner) Personal Backup (Bootable backup for Mac). And meanwhile, Mac Premium Bundle X9 also is powered by antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware features. It can automatically detect and scan your Mac device and kill online threats and clean up all infected files and documents. Mac Premium Bundle X9 can shield against all online threat like virus or malware trying to target to your Mac system. It stops all these online threats with flexible detections and gives you warning. If you are visiting websites bringing malware, phishing ads or virus, Mac Premium Bundle X9 can soon give you an alert and stop phishing ads from accessing your Mac devices. This is because Mac Premium Bundle X9 has a strong feature called Anti-phishing. It is specifically designed to prevent any phishing activities and banner from malicious websites. You can get real-time protection by using this Mac Premium Bundle X9, whether you are at home or on the go, as this product also offer strong firewall network protection. Even though you are connecting with unsecured network, you still can get complete protection for your network from Mac Premium Bundle X9. All different threat coming through network will be soon detected and blocked by Firewall network protection from Mac Premium Bundle X9.

Besides, this product brings feature call antispyware which can specifically block spyware and spyware that aims at stealing personal sensitive information and precious data. therefore, Mac Premium Bundle X9 can offer real-time protection for your personal information whether you store on the Mac device or on the websites. Spyware even has no chance to access your Mac devices. Any unknown applications trying downloading into the system will be blocked by this anti-spyware feature. Mac Premium Bundle X9 brings parental controls which can help you supervise your children real time and offer timely protection with website and application blocking. As soon as your children visit malicious websites or download virus-infected applications, it soon sends you an alert and stop your children visiting this kind of website or using the applications. It can guide your children to visit certified and safe websites. Your children can get free-worry protection from Mac Premium Bundle X9 parental control. Moms and dads don’t have to worry their children while kids visiting websites alone.

What’s more, this Mac Premium Bundle X9 also has a strong Mac Cleaner feature which can optimize and tidy your Mac. Once your Mac gets optimization and clear-up, you will find that your Mac works faster than ever. Mac Cleaner regularly clean your Mac system and let you enjoy slim and light system performance. The last but the most useful feature provided by Mac Premium Bundle X9 is Personal Backup software which mainly help you get a quick and easy recovery in case of a crash. This Personal Backup software is one of the reason why so many Mac users choose this product. It can help people find back their data and other information in case of a sudden crash happening on their Mac device. If there is no this backup feature, you may lose all your needed information and data stored in Mac system. Personal Backup software by Mac Premium Bundle X9 can give timely recovery of data and information in case a sudden crash happens without any forebode.

2. Content Barrier Secure X9

Price: 1 Year of Protection $79.99 $59.99
2 Year of Protection $149.99 $114.99

Content Barrier Secure X9 is also chosen by many Mac users. It has featuring apps including VirusBarrier (Mac anti-malware protection), NetBarrier (Mac network protection), ContentBarrier (Mac parental controls). The prime function or performance provided Content Barrier Secure X9 is parental controls. Kids now rely more on network and websites for entertainment and learning as this is a digital world. However, it is hard for kinds to differentiate if the websites they visit are safe or contain malicious software. Kids just know randomly click on the sites and open applications they are interested to. Parents also worry they will open unhealthy and unsecured websites when children surf online by themselves. Parents want to have real-time and strong supervision whenever they are at home or at office. Parental control by Content Barrier Secure X9 specifically has the ability to help shield your children from unsecure and dangerous online websites and stop kids viewing unhealthy internet contents.

Content Barrier Secure X9 is chosen by parents as it seems to be the main solution specifically designed for kids. To guides kids has a good online habit, this service also provides Anti-predator chat monitoring feature which can immediately blocks objectionable chat content by your children. Any inappropriate, unpleasant even offending chat content by your children will be blocked and prompted by Anti-predator chat monitoring. With this feature, your kids will have a pleasant chat with others and they can know how to chat in a polite way. Besides, Content Barrier Secure X9 can limits how long child can surf on the internet and visit websites. It will give prompt alert once the time is up. It can guide children to have a good online habit and stop children being addicted to the internet and games. Content Barrier Secure X9 can always monitor what your children do online and limit on their internet time. Parents don’t have to worry their kids while kids browse online alone, because Content Barrier Secure X9 can proves attentive always-on monitoring on your children’s internet use. That’s why Content Barrier Secure X9 is specifically created for children and parents. Before you decide to add Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon to checkup and get this software, you can compare with more different products and select the best deal.

In addition to features designed for monitoring child’s internet use, Content Barrier Secure X9 also has other features to stop virus, malware and phishing things. You can get antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware protection from Content Barrier Secure X9. Virus, malware, phishing ads, spyware and any malicious software also will be blocked by these strong antivirus, antiphishing and antispyware performance. Your Mac will not get infected with these kind of infection even though your children open malicious and unsecured websites, as these unsafe websites will be immediately blocked by these features. Your children will not be able to access unhealthy websites and your Mac will not be attacked by malicious software. What’s more, your personal information and data will be protected securely by these antivirus, antiphishing and antispyware. If there are no these strong features, you may even be swindled some money by fraudulent websites or phishing ads. Since you are stopped by antivirus, antiphishing and antispyware, you will have no chance to visit scamming websites or receive fraudulent alert asking for ransom.

3. Washing Machine Secure X9

Price: 1 Year of Protection $64.99 $55.99
2 Year of Protection $119.99 $99.99

Washing Machine Secure X9 is a product specifically designed for Mac optimization and cleanup. It contains featuring apps VirusBarrier (Mac anti-malware protection), NetBarrier (Mac network protection), ContentBarrier (Mac parental controls). If your Mac runs slow, this Washing Machine Secure X9 can automatically clean up any unnecessary and duplicated files and documents stored in Mac system. It regularly helps your Mac to lose weight by clean up junks, so that your Mac can keep running normally and quickly. Washing Machine Secure X9 regularly speed up Mac system in an amazing manner, that’s why this product is used by many Mac users even though they choose other Intego products. Through cleaning up the Mac System, Washing Machine Secure X9 can really exploit and release disk space to strengthen and enhance system performance. Many online computer users usually would heap up many documents, files, applications, folders, pictures, videos, tools and others on desktop of a Mac, which makes desktop in a mess even slows down performance of Mac system. But Washing Machine Secure X9 can easily help tidy up your desktop, classify and sort to help you quickly and easily access dock and files. If you like to create smart folders, it can help you to create smart folders. Smart folder is an easy way to quickly access files or documents that you use most. Washing Machine Secure X9 works like an attentive housekeeper who can regularly clear up the Mac system, speed up the system performance and organize the system neatly and tidily. You will not get stuck while surfing online on your Mac if you are using this Washing Machine Secure X9. You can get smooth game performance while playing games on Mac.

In addition, Washing Machine Secure X9 also provides basic features including Antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware. You can get overall protection while your Mac is cleaned up and settled. Antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware help you stop virus attack, malware intrusion and spyware monitoring. You may think Mac system is unbreakable and strong system. Right now, cyber criminals also have a professional knowledge to create different strong virus, malware, and ransomware targeting Mac system. However, if you have security tool with these features including Antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware. It can help shield you from virus, malware, spyware and ransomware. Besides, you also can get real-time protection as Washing Machine Secure X9 provides Firewall Network Protection which mainly protect you from online threats through network. Network threat is the big threat to computer system and personal information security. Washing Machine Secure X9 not only can clean up the whole system and tidy up to be in a neat way, but also helps you protect your device against different online threats including virus, malware, ransomware, spyware, Trojan, phishing ads and fraudulent sites. Washing Machine Secure X9 is also the good choice.

Mac Security Products for Business

Intego provides products both for home and business. It provides Mac Security Products including Flextivity Secure, Flextivity Monitor, Flextivity Complete for business. You can get Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon on many plans on sales with extra discount up to 30% off, this is amazing so you have better to take it when it is available.

1. Flextivity Secure

Price: Starting at $3.50

Flextivity Secure is exclusively created for Mac Protection specifically for small and medium business. Mac system is also a vulnerable system which is easily attacked by Mac malware, virus, spyware and ransomware. Small to medium business right now worry more about Mac threats. Flextivity Secure is a worry-free protection for Mac for small to medium business. Flextivity Secure provides antivirus and network protection. It helps detects and scan Mac devices in your company and check if Mac device is infected with virus or other online threats. And meanwhile, it controls and monitors the network safety of the company. The network protection prevents the network from any kinds of online threats like virus, malware, Trojan, phishing or ransomware. Once the network get infected with these online threats, the network will become vulnerable and all device including Windows PC, Mac, Smartphone and tablet that connect with the infected network will be also infected with these online threats.

Virus spreading through network is the fastest way to get all device attacked by virus, malware and other threats. And it is hard to clear up all online threat hidden in the network within a short period. Therefore, it is important to make measures to protect network from any attacks. The Network Protection of Flextivity Secure is specifically created to protect the whole network of small and medium business. It is the best solution to get your company’s network clean and safe from virus attacks. Many leaders of business choose this plan to protect network and also their business information. Once the network is attacked by online threats, all your company important information and data will become vulnerable and visible to remote hackers who spread the virus into your network. the hackers can easily intrude your company’s network and steal all the crucial data and document. Your company’s business data will be leaked out and used illegally. It is wise to select Flextivity Secure to protect all your Mac device and network.

It’s easy to install and use Flextivity Secure with only a few clicks, and it does not require IT admin. You can also read the pre-configured security policies first then can quickly set it up. Flextivity Secure does not ask a long term contract, instead it offers 30-day free trial. you can test all features of Flextivity Secure within 30 days. It’s easy to manage and control all your company’s Macs from Flextivity Secure interface’s dashboard. That’s why it is easy to use and manage.

2. Flextivity Monitor

Price: Starting at $8.50

Flextivity Monitor is also one of three plans provided by Intego. It is based on cloud manage to monitor Mac. This Flextivity Monitor is fit for small and medium sized business. Flextivity Monitor, cloud-based Mac monitoring software solution, can monitor how your employees are spending time online. It is the good solution to supervise and control how long your employees can get online while handle office work. This solution centers on monitoring and supervising. If you are the supervisor, you also can remotely monitor multiple devices through one dashboard, which is actually easy to control and monitor. Through Flextivity Monitor, it is also one of the solution to improve employees’ working efficiency. Besides, this solution is equipped with website filtering which mainly helps filter inappropriate content at work. You even can make a screenshot for those context around abnormal activities happening in the office. If you are a manager, you can quickly handle this unusual act. Flextivity Monitor also does not require long term contracts, but instead you can try their 30-day free trial.

3. Flextivity Complete

Price: Starting at $12.00

Flextivity Complete is also a solution based on cloud manage to protect small and medium business’s Macs. Flextivity Complete mainly focuses on the impact that can improve your employees’ productivity. First, it uses Activity Monitoring to manage and control employee’s working efficiency. Managers of the company can use this feature to supervise and check employee productivity trends and gives a quick and correct respond. Flextivity Complete has a Robust reporting which mainly insight into how your employee spend their time in office and how long they would spend online. It is a great solution to improve all staff’s working efficiency. What’s more, Flextivity Complete also has antivirus and network protection. therefore, it monitors staff’s working efficiency while offers complete and attentive protection for company’s computer, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet and network. Many company managing staff usually worry virus attack through network and then get office devices infected with different virus and malware. However, Flextivity Complete solution can let your worry go as it has strong performance in virus prevention and network protection. It also works as a professional security tool and detective tools to detect and block all attacks tending to target your company’s Mac and network. all attacks can be filtered outside of your door. Therefore, there is no worry about virus attacking your networking and company’s Mac devices. Flextivity Complete offers complete guarantee and protection. It’s the best business solution. There is no long term contract asked. You can test all features of Flextivity Complete within 30 days as it has a 30-day free trial.

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You may still think Mac system is undestructible and no virus can attack it. However, cyber criminals who has a professional knowledge of computer also can create specific virus or malware mainly targeting Mac OS X system. you should take measures like using antivirus, security tools or virus protection service to protect your Mac from any kinds of online attacks. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 provided by Intergo company has the professional performance in clean up and kill virus and has the ability to block any online threats. It uses VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9 together to protect any sort of Mac malware and block illegal remote access controlled by hackers. VirusBarrier X9 can protect your Macs real time and scans files or documents in order to always keep your Mac free of threats attacking. It has a strong ability to stop other devices connected with your Mac like iPhone, iPad from delivering virus and malware to Mac or other PCs. NetBarrier X9 keeps watching the network connections in order to keep your Mac free from network virus and malware. NetBarrier X9 adds one more layer to keep your Mac or PC safe from any kind of threats spreading via networking. Actually all your devices using the same network will be protected by this NetBarrier X9. It is good choice to use Intego Mac Internet Security X9 solution. You can get Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon with extra 30% of discount, you can also try it for free.

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