HostGator Site Updates!
Cloud. Reseller. Gator Website Builder. OH, MY!

This is the latest News from HostGator. They have a few updates for all their users! “As part of HostGator’s ongoing effort to optimize our products, services and customer experience we are testing site optimizations to improve conversion rates and product focuses. In this vein, we are condensing some of the product options in our navigation bar.”, said HostGator support team. Effective immediately, Cloud hosting options will no longer be visible in the navigation. However, they WILL be available if users are going directly to the cart or to the product pages.

As another part of their testing, they will also be adjusting pricing for their shared hosting products. Right now only 25% of overall traffic will see this test. They’ll slowly increase traffic to this experience. Their starting from pricing will go from “Up to 60% OFF” to “Up to 50% OFF”, changing the starting from price from $2.75/mo to $3.48/mo.* This is effective NOW. While this price/discount is reflected on the homepage NO AFFILIATE CODES WILL BE ADJUSTED, as of now. This means that current codes and offers will appear significantly better than the front door pricing. We encourage you to take advantage of these special offers.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on February 14, 2019 6:03 am

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