Hello, I want to install one VPN into my Samsung S7, but I don’t know how to get it and set up. Now I travel to another country but I want to surf websites operated in my country, and many websites and services are blocked here. I also want to upload some interesting picture into my blog to share with my friends and family. My friend suggests me sigh up a VPN service to freely visit the sites I expect. My friend also tells me that there are many different VPN services provided online, but I can’t figure out which one should be the best for my Samsung S7. Do you have any advices?

Why People use VPN on Mobile Device like Phone and tablet?

A VPN can help bypass firewall to get access to overseas websites. It creates a secure and encrypted way over local public network between your mobile device like phone and tablet or computer and any sites, service and apps you want to access. For example, if you travel abroad to China, you will find that you can’t open such websites as Google, FaceBook, You tube, Twitter and many other websites outside China. That’s because Chinese government creates and utilizes a stringent network barrier system called GFW (Great Fire Wall) to censor the Internet and preserve China’s “cyberspace sovereignty”. But if you have one VPN, you can evade censorship and bypass GFW and get full internet access to any websites outside China and your “local” sites. Besides, some people also want to access overseas websites that is blocked by their own country’s government internet censorship supervision, but with the help of VPN services, those people can easily browse websites operated by other many countries. Therefore, a VPN becomes more and more useful and essential tool for many people to get access to sites blocked by local network.

What Advantages Mobile Device Users will Benefit from VPN?

And nowadays, with the fast development of mobile device like smartphone and tablet, VPN is also greatly upgraded to be easily applied to these mobile device phone&tablet. With installing a VPN app on your phone or tablet, you can easily access numerous server located around the world and any your favorite websites around the world at any time. Namely, a VPN client provides universal access to websites and apps which might be blocked due to geo-restrictions. Many people choose VPN services because of its strong security, privacy and anonymity. A VPN prevents websites spying on and monitoring you by hiding your data that could identify you. IP Your address, location, browser and operating system, screen resolution, ISP and more will not be revealed. A VPN connects two devices securely and privately over the internet even though over the public network. And A VPN usually offers strong encryption and other security measures to let A VPN client on one device securely connect to a VPN server on another device. And exchanged information and communication will not be read and accessed. So VPN is not only popular with business group and organization but also private people.


For many reasons above, VPNs are powerful and popular tools for many people and organization to apply to computer, Mac, mobile device like phone and tablet. Many people use VPN to overcome regional restrictions to reach sites blocked by local network the region you locate. With a VPN app installing and setting up on your mobile devices phone&tablet, you can smoothly and securely access any websites blocked by local government’s internet censorship system. Now a great many versions of VPN apps are full with market, including paid and free version, but it’s hard to tell the difference from them. To many mobile device users, it will be a hard decision to make a selection to pick the best one for their mobile device. Therefore, if you have any questions and confusions above VPN problem, you’re welcome to contact our Yoosecurity online technicians and experts.

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