I can’t uninstall Deep Freeze on my computer. I got this software for a long time, I don’t know how to get it at the beginning but it is useless for me. That bear icon always pop up and keep staying on the lower right corner of the screen, I want to uninstall it but no matter what I tried nothing helped. I want to fix this problem, but I don’t know how should I do? Please help!

Why can’t I uninstall it? Is it malicious software?

Deep freeze is not the malicious software? It is a system administrating software that is used to protect the integrity of the OS and to restore the original settings of a computer or server every time it gets restarted. But if you don’t want use this software anymore, how to uninstall it on your Windows PC or Mac? As we know Deep freeze is a software related to computer administration, it is crucial to know the password if you are planning to uninstall it from the system. Deep Freeze unloading method is different from other software, there is no certain ways to uninstall it directly. If you don’t understand the solution or it is hard to uninstall by yourself, please continue to read the following content, Yoocare PC expert will guide you fix the issue:

Uninstalling for Windows PC

Uninstall Deep Freeze with password:

1. Disable the Deep Freeze before uninstall
2. Press Shift key, double click Deep Freeze icon, and open Deep Freeze Standard
3. Enter your password, and then select Boot Thawed.
4. Restart your pc
5. If successful, restart your PC and boot it in normal mode. There you can see the Deep Freeze icon will be marked X, meaning it has been disabled.
6. Find installation file and uninstall it using installer.

Uninstall Deep Freeze without password

In the event of the password being forgotten or not knowing it, there is a solution. The trick is to use Windows Task Manager under debugging mode and kill the process associated with Deep freeze. After this one can restart and boot normally.

1. Restart your PC
2. Press DEL, F10 or F2 while the computer starts up to enter the CMOS setup
3. Change the date by 10 years, save, and then restart your PC
4. Before the Windows logo shows up, press F8
5. When prompted, choose Debug mode or Debugging Mode
6. In Debug mode, select the OS you use – (for example Windows XP Pro)
7. When Windows PC starts, wait for the welcome screen to appear and get ready to press CTRL+ALT+DEL as soon as the desktop appears
8. End “DFServ” program.
9. Find the file of Deep Freeze and delete.

Uninstalling for Mac

Uninstall Deep Freeze on Mac is easier than Windows PC. In order to solve your trouble as soon as possible, please accord to the following steps:

1. Open the Deep Freeze software, select uninstall tap(on the far right)
2. Remove Deep Freeze need to be Thawed state. You can see the current state of the software in the hit a fork at the bottom of the operation interface, and then click the “uninstall
3. You will see a prompt line to make sure uninstall. Click uninstall.
4. Enter your password and then restart your Mac.

Note: Different versions of Deep Freeze need different ways to uninstall. Fix this issue need professional knowledge of computers. If you haven’t sufficient expertise in dealing with program files, processes, .dll files and registry entries, it may lead to mistakes damaging your system. If you don’t want to waste time playing trial and error with every possible solution for it, welcome to contact Yoocare online Expert. Our professionals will help you quickly.

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