Hi, recently I wanted to uninstall this HTC driver from the C holder, but I can’t figure out which files are related to this HTC driver and remove this HTC driver completely, I also have installed some Installer programs, but they can’t help me completely remove it, as it always comes back. I guess the important leftover files of this HTC driver are still on system, so that this software can keep staying on my computer. Do you guys have any effective ways to get it uninstalled totally? I don’t need it any more.

What you should know about HTC Driver in C folder?

HTC driver is free software developed and promoted by HTC Corporation. HTC Driver program is usually installed into computer to help HTC users to perform tasks between your computer and HTC mobile device easily. HTC driver is very popular with users from United States, and most users install this HTC driver into Windows 7 computer. Once HTC driver is installed, its folder will usually locate in C driver of your Windows computer. For some reasons, users may want to uninstall unwanted programs and applications, as they don’t use the program in deed or they want to uninstall useless programs, files, cache files, extension or other software to free up hard disk and improve computer performance and speed up computer. Over time, computer’s disk will be filled with a bunch of files, application and documents and so on, especially in C driver folder. However, most users complained that it hard to uninstall this HTC driver even though they find its folder in C driver but it didn’t show in Control Panel. It seems a very stubborn program, as some uninstall tool specializing in uninstalling any programs even can’t uninstall HTC driver completely.

Why we can’t uninstall HTC Driver in a regular way?

There are various reasons why HTC driver can’t be uninstalled in a regular way. For example, improperly installing HTC driver program will be one of the reasons, as improper installation will mess up system files. Secondly, Windows system fails to locate the default uninstaller of the application, so you can’t see HTC driver show in Control Panel, or when you click on “Uninstall” button in Control panel, an uninstall error pops up to block you to uninstall it regularly. Some files and components of this HTC driver program or registry entries related to this program have been deleted or damaged and become invalid. Besides, dangerous and aggressive virus, spyware or rogue antispyware program invasion will badly affect other regular programs like HTC driver and windows system files.

Is it better to manually uninstall HTC Driver?

Therefore, to completely uninstall HTC Driver, it is better to choose manual uninstall, as manual uninstall will not only uninstall the program but also completely remove all leftover files and entries related to HTC Driver program in Registry. Uninstall tool can’t clean up all those stubborn installed files, folders, cache files and registry entries thoroughly. Thousand of these files and entries will create in registry during your installing or uninstalling HTC Driver. To manually clean up these useless leftover files, you first need to take a long time to check a number of folders and registry database to locate related files and entries. Therefore, manual uninstalling is a tough and daunting task especially for people who don’t know much about computer. However, Windows registry is a very crucial and sensitive place, and any wrong operation will cause severe problems with system. To check if your HTC driver can be uninstalled in regular way, you can follow the method below to have a try.

Open Control Panel from Start Menu, then open Programs, click on Uninstall a program. Find HTC driver and programs or tool-bars related to HTC Driver. Right click on it and select Uninstall.



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Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on September 25, 2016 12:36 pm

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