Hi, there, I have noticed that there are two security tools running on my computer, one is Windows Defender, and the other one is Norton. I have learnt that it is unnecessary to keep two anti-virus programs on one computer. I know Norton much than the one called Windows Defender. What is that? Is there a way for me to turn it off by my own? How do I do that? Please advise.

What is Windows Defender?

Many computer users maybe are not familiar to this Windows Defender. It is a free anti- virus program that created by Microsoft. It is a built-in program with systems. When people install Windows systems to their computers, this program can be installed in the mean time. This program helps people protect their systems from virus attacks. From Windows XP to Windows 7, this program contributes its great effort on preventing spyware and other potentially unwanted programs. In Windows 8 and Windows 10, Microsoft provides another program which is same to Defender- Microsoft Security Essentials. Those two programs are all developed by Microsoft which give free solution to protect computers from viruses, Trojans and other computer threats.

As a built-in program, this Windows Defender can be activated all the time on the background. Inexperienced computer users will hardly realize that they have this program running on their systems. However, if people install other anti-virus programs on their systems, the defender and the one installed by users will possibly conflict with each other. Some people may receive wrong virus warning from these tools. Also, the system resources can be wasted if there are two anti-virus programs running on the background. People will take longer time to boot up their systems or run other programs. We need to clarify that we don’t say that this Windows Defender is a bad program or something malicious. It helps a lot of PC users protecting their systems from malware.

This Windows Defender can give users a protection system on their machines when they install the new Windows systems. If people install other anti-virus software, they can disable this Defender to free more CPU usage for other programs. From some online research, Windows Defender gets lower scores than some other kinds of anti-virus programs on some hands-on tests. Some people claim about its ineffectiveness on virus removing. Nevertheless, different people have different view. In order to choose a good anti-virus software, you need to try some and find the most suitable one.


Windows Defender is an anti-virus program created by Microsoft. It is convenient for computer users as it doesn’t need to be installed by users themselves. When you get a new PC or laptop with Windows operating system, you will have it installed as it is a built in software. Even though it is not a tip-top anti-virus program in the world, it is still a good choice for protecting system from virus attacks as it is free. To some people who prefer to have another security program installed on their systems, they can disable this Windows Defender to get more precious CPU resources.

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