Hello, I am here for a solution to optimize and speed up my Windows computer, as it is very sluggish. Recently, it always takes several minutes to start up, and even sometimes it gets stuck at the Logo page for about 1 minute. Besides, when you browse the webpage, it takes a long time to load up the whole page but it worked fine and smoothly before it became slow. It will be frozen while I running several large programs and the CPU will be super high in percentage. I have no clue why. Before the computer worked bad, I can play some game online on computer while performing other tasks. So could you guys help me to get it back to normal?

What will Slow Down Windows Computer Performance?

There are many reasons leading to slow speed and poor performance of a Windows computer. For example, many unnecessary preinstalled software installed by PC makers takes up too much system capacity and resources and some of those extra useless software will occasionally and unwontedly pop up to occupy virtual memory, or the computer has been used for several years and hardware and software become degraded, or many junk files, temporary files, installer files and offline webpage fill in the system, or there are one or more viruses, malwares and spyware even worms eating up and damaging system. So it’s necessary to do an optimizing and tune up timely. However, optimizing a PC can be a complicated and daunting job especially if you are not familiar with operating system, software application, internal hardware and overall configuration of your Windows PC. By the way, you should know that it’s impossible to make an 8-10 years old computer run as fast as the one new released in market no matter how much optimization and tuning you do.

What We Can do to Optimize and Speed Up Windows Operating System?

For many Windows computer users, it will be very upsetting if they find computer becomes slow and can’t smoothly perform any tasks on computer and even are interrupted by those popup software windows occasionally. In this situation, computer users will think about doing some cleaning to free up computer system and hard disk occupancy to slim computer. However, the process of optimizing guides requires expertise and skill. Any improper and wrong operation will lead to unsatisfying result which may be just the opposite of what you expect. So the procedure of optimization will be a tough task for those people who don’t know much about Windows system. So what we can do to do a simple optimization for our slow computer?

First, we can try a Performance Troubleshooter which can automatically check and fix problems that might slow down your computer performance. Open Start Menu, click Control panel, type Troubleshooter in search box, then click Troubleshooting. Under System and Security, click Check for performance issues. Next you can run the built-in Windows Defender or your antivirus program to scan and check for viruses, malware and spyware. Any computer threats like viruses and spyware will be a big impact to cause poor computer performance. So it’s also important to have advanced antivirus software to prevent any risk threats. Beside, you should go to Control panel to uninstall those crapware namely preinstalled software installed by PC maker, as those useless and unwanted preinstalled softwares usually occupy system capacity and resources. After that, you may clean up the disk to free more capacity by deleting junks and temporary files. When you finish all steps here to optimize and speed up Windows Operating System, you will feel your computer work better and more smoothly.

If you still can’t speed up your Windows Operating System and afraid of any wrong operation to mess up system by doing by yourself, or if you need any further more effective, professional and advanced optimizing to speed up Your Windows Computer at a higher level, please contact optimization Expert of YooCare/YooSecurity PC professional online service for help:


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