I think my computer has a big problem now! My antivirus told me that there is a Trojan virus name Win32.Dofoil intruded in my system, I did not pay much attention at first. However, when I turn on my computer today, it acted very wired, I can feel that my system run a bit more slowly, what’s worse, I can’t launch few of the programs, I mean I just bought this laptop two weeks ago, now what happened to it makes me very upset. My antivirus program cannot help me fix this problem, I don’t know why. Anyone who knows this Trojan, could you please help me?

Brief Introduction to Win32/trojan.2ff

Win32.Dofoil is a risky and pesky Trojan spread on the internet recently, like many other Trojan horses, it’s aim to attack computer system with Win 7, Win 8, vista, XP etc. Once installed, Win32.Dofoil could automatically open every time you turn on your computer by modifying registry entires. The most intuitive way for a victim to know this virus is that, his computer will be running slower and slower as time goes by, for example, when he watching a network video, each picture will stall about a second, it feels like watching in slow motion reply, that’s because the frame skip is abnormal due to the CPU usage was greatly taken up by this Trojan horse, even though he didn’t run many programs. After that, many other problems come into being, system performance is getting poor,you will get forever loading when open a website, some programs can’t run in a proper way or may even be unable to launch. I might say, this is not the worse, some innocent users found their system already crashed down, or they couldn’t log in their account at all!  

Win32.Dofoil could make your recovery software out of run, so you cannot restore your operating system, that’s because it will create desktop_.ini in every file which mark the activation date, and delete all the expanded name with gho. Also, most file like *.exe、*.com、*.pif、*.src、*.html、*.asp will be infected, it’ll add virus url, so that when you try to open some website, it’ll redirect your to vicious one and many other malicious software may be downloaded and installed clandestinely without your permission, they could harm your computer system more or less. Well, this all happened after your computer was infected by Win32.Dofoil, the point is, why did people suffer from this virus in the first place? Actually, it is commonly bundled with free programs from third-party application which people barely know. Due to many different reasons, many victims are enticed to download freeware bundled with Win32.Dofoil. Such as, you’ll get a tip from pop-up window while you browsing some sites which say you need to upgrade your adobe player or other popular programs, some users may believe in that! And you may also become a victim by clicking some funny links from your emails, most of them are spams.

Anyway, it’s better for the victims to remove Win32.Dofoil right away, it’s base on how much value info and date in your computer, criminals always seek for vulnerabilities from victims’ computer, so they can control the systems at the greatest extent and take advantage from them. So, try to fix the problem as soon as possible if you unfortunaetely let your computer suffer from this virus!


The properties of Infected Computer

-Can escape from antivirus programs and slightly install on computers

-Can report a new infection to its inventor

-Can make your computer run slowly which properly lead your computer to blue screen

-Can download unnecessary files or malware automatically, which could harm your computer system

-Can receive orders from a remote cyber criminal

-Can be taken use by hackers with your private information and data for unlawful act

NOTE: If any of these properties show on your PC, your computer probably got infected with Win32.Dofoil. And believe or not, this will cause you more problem later and may ruin your system. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of computer, Please contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts to remove this virus for you.

At present, no perfect antivirus program  can detect this Trojan or delete it efficiently. The most effective way is to remove it manually. The following instructions need quite level of computer expertise, for manual removal is a complicated and difficult process. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of computer, please contact with YooSecurity online support now!

Step A: Open Windows Task Manager to end process related to this Trojan infection. To do that, press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time to pull up Window Task Manager; go to Processes tab on top and scroll down the list to find.


Step B: Open Control Panel from Start menu and search for Folder Options. Go to Folder Options window, under View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


Step C: Press Windows+R keys to pull up Run box and type in regedit to open Registry Editor.


Step D: Delete all these associated files and registry entries with Win32.Dofoil from Registry Editor. The registry files are listed randomly. Besides, you need to delete the infection files of the redirect virus from your system files to prevent it from coming back. Those files are named randomly also but may be different on different operating systems.

Video on How to Modify or Change Windows Registry Safely:


Win32.Dofoil may also threat computer users through flash driver and mobile hard disk drive, then the districts of your other driver will be infected as well, and autorun.inf and setup.exe will be generated. It will use the auto play function of windows system to run itself, search for *.exe files in drivers and make them infected. However, I think I don’t need to point out more downsides, this Trojan would create more troubles to computer, and I’ll also cut out the mood when a victim faces this situation. I want to tell all the victims, never consider Win32.Dofoil as a small problem, you should remove it soon before it leads you to a bigger problem later, let me put in this way, do you want to let cyber criminals get to know you by this virus? If the answer is not, then I suggest you make a move immediately, you need to get rid of this virus, don’t put yourself in dangerous situation. However, at present, manual removal still can be the most effective way to get rid of this kind of Trojan or other similar kind of virus from your PC. Manual removal will be the best way to get rid of the Win32.Dofoil from Computer.

Suggestion: To follow removal guide that mentioned above, a level of computer knowledge is needed. Still can’t get out of this virus? Contact online experts for help now!

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