Just picked up many viruses by my antivirus, one of the infections called TR/Sirefef.P.2606. How to remove it as Avira didn’t help? I don’t want my computer crash down or freeze down, how to fix this problem effectively?

How Do You Remove TR/Sirefef.P.2606?

TR/Sirefef.P.2606 is a stubborn backdoor infection that’s been picked up by Avira on many computers recently. This Trojan virus targets computer systems that are weak in protection. How big is the Trojan? It only can be detected by virus removal tool, but it can’t be deleted away. Many victim users found that they can’t get rid of TR/Sirefef.P.2606 virus or its associated viruses with their installed antivirus programs. When you tried to reboot the PC in safe mode with networking, then your computer went to loop and got the blue screen of death during the process of starting up in Safe Mode.

With TR/Sirefef.P.2606 nothing runs fine on the computer except for the warning from your Avira anti-virus personal. Once your computer was infected with this Trojan horse then you cannot run any things normally. Avira internet security remover just detect it but can’t remove such virus permanently. It is annoying and the nasty virus must be removed manually.

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How Dangerous The Trojan Horse Is?

1. This virus can associate with malware and bring them into the infected system to create more troubles.
2. It can hide deep down in the computer and become very active in backstage.
3. Security alerts including the real ones and fake pop ups may keep showing up on the screen to make you believe the PC is in bad situation.
4. Important and valuable data can be stolen by this Trojan virus to benefit computer hackers.
5. Third parties could be given access in the infected machines.
6. Infected computers will not act properly and certain functions may not respond until the virus is removed.

Manual Removal Step By Step

Step 1: Open Windows Task Manager to end processed related to [TR/Sirefef.P.2606]. To do that, press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time or right click on bottom Task Bar and select Start Task Manager.
Windows Task Manager

Step 2: Open Control Panel from Start menu. Go to Folder Options and under View tab, select Show hidden files and folders and non-select Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) then click OK.
Folder Options

Step 3: Go to Registry Editor. First press Windows+R keys and then type regedit in Run box to search. Delete registry entries associated with this Trojan infection:

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\[tmp]
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit”
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\{rnd}=disable

Video on How to Modify or Change Windows Registry


TR/Sirefef.P.2606 is the essential component of TR/Sirefef.P virus of which may offer users to buy it after the victim clicks on a banner or a pop-up while surfing the internet. If you don’t want to reformat your PC so that all data won’t gone, or you don’t want to mess up all your files and folders, the best efficient way to save your PC safety is completely get rid of TR/Sirefef.P Virus with expertise. If the virus cannot be removed in time, one may be facing the risks of losing important data and private info. So please take a quick action to delete this threat from your system.

Note: Cannot seem to remove TR/Sirefef.P.2606 virus successfully? Contact Online PC Expert to get some help in order to save your computer and personal data from being damaged and exposed.

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