How did i get the annoying trojan virus? It keeps coming back from time to time, that is really frustrated.

TR/Sirefef.BV.2 is a dangerous trojan virus which is picked up by Avira antivirus software. Don’t know why you got this backdoor infection for you didn’t visit any porn sites? When you switch on your computer a message show: TR/Sirefef.BV.2 infection! Avira firewall then keeps warning. Avira tells computer users about every 20 min that they have, every time in different dll-files. Although you blocked it, and put it in quarantine, it will come back after a reboot. TR/Sirefef.BV2 virus is terrible and hides deep in your system files both in normal mode or safe mode in Windows XP, Windows Vista or Win 7. Infected by TR/Sirefef.BV.2, all your settings and profit will be damaged at a quick time. TR Sirefef.BV 2 uses instant messaging software to steal our identity, spreads other Trojan horses. It might write messages on your screen, or cause your system to emit rude noises. It might also hijack your email program and use the program to send itself to all your friends and colleagues, thus replicating itself to a large number of PCs. How to get rid of the virus without coming back? Although antivirus didn’t delete this scan result, you can stop the TR/Sirefef.BV.2 malware completely by manual removal instructions.

How Can I Delete TR Sirefef.BV.2 Virus Completely?

The Avira Scanner detected the TR/Sirefef.BV.2, but cannot delete it. Any solution to get rid of the stupid virus? Yes. Chat with PC expert to fix it Now. This virus is nasty and is also coincided with svchosts.exe and ping.exe showing up on Commodo firewall consuming most of the bandwidth. Yet another weird observation, the cpu usage always clocking 100% since the first TR/Sirefef.BV.2 alert and on checking in task manager. One instance it was avgnt.exe that almost always used 90% and on another instance it was taskmgr.exe 90%. So when your computer runs weird and slow down, there is no doubt that you are in risk condition. It is infecting different windows system32 files and you put in quarantine as required by Avira, but since then the Trojan horse constantly appearing and Avira could not to deal with it completely. You must need help removing the TRSirefef.BV2 urgently. Fortunately, there is an effective way to fix the annoying problem. Manual removal of TR/Sirefef.BV.2 step by step guides as following. Before you take the action, you have better get in safe mode with networking.

Guide to get in safe mode with networking:

Restart your computer. As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, tap “F8” key constantly. Use the arrow keys to highlight the “Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then press ENTER.

Removal Video Guide On How to Change Registry Entry

Virus TR Sirefef.BV 2 Removal Step-by-Step Instructions

1.The associated files of TR/Sirefef.BV.2 to be deleted are listed below:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\ ping.exe
%systemroot%\*. /mp /s

2.The registry entries of TR/Sirefef.BV.2 that need to be removed are listed as follows:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings: “ProxyServer” = :0
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderName = C:\WINDOWS\Network Diagnostic\*.exe

A computer virus actually causes a lot more damage than does spyware— even though spyware is much more common. Although no individual machines might be damaged, this type of communications disruption can be quite costly.

If you have difficulty in getting rid of this virus, please contact PC experts to save your computer now.

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