What is the best way to get rid of this Trojan.Cryptdef!gen13 virus? I have been annoyed by this infection for a long time. Every time I boot up my computer, I can get a virus warning about it from my security tool. I thought my anti-virus program had already removed it for me, but it always keeps coming back. What should I do? Can someone help me out of this?

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Recently, a virus called Trojan.Cryptdef!gen13 has been released by cyber criminals on the Internet. Many computer users have been attacked by this infection and the number is still increasing rapidly. It is an evil stuff that designed by cyber hackers who want to utilize it to achieve illicit goals. However, even though many users install anti-virus programs on their computers to prevent virus attack, this type of Trojan is still able to corrupt the whole systems. How can this happen. In fact, cyber hackers have already notice that in order to escape from being removed by security programs, they edit this Trojan to be capable to damage the security system including the anti-virus programs installed on the target machines when it infiltrates. That can make this infection can have more chances to attack more computers all over the world.

This Trojan.Cryptdef!gen13 is a world-wide infection as it can use the Internet to spread from one continent to other continent. The network can bring a lot of benefits and convenience, but it also has its hidden dangers as cyber criminals can abuse it to store their evil products. That’s to say, cyber hackers can attack many websites and make them for their own use. Once they control the corrupted web pages, those sites can be the proxy servers which could help those bad crooks to spread all kinds of computer malwares to innocent computer users who come to visit those infected websites. What’s more, cyber hackers can even forge this Trojan as a software for people to download on the Internet.

When this Trojan.Cryptdef!gen13 comes to the target computers, it could bring a lot of problems in the meantime. Generally, the targets of this Trojan horse virus can be the computers that run Windows operating systems as most of computer users nowadays are using these kinds of systems on their machines. To make sure be activated from the start up, this infection can modify the system registry and add its vicious data into the registry. Many other system settings can be changed into wrong order which could lead the infected computers face all kinds of errors during the use which can provide a really bad experience for computer users.

Some Traits about This Trojan

-Can slow down the performance of the computer, or even blue screen.
-Can create many junk files which occupy a lot of space in hard drive
-Can download other malicious programs into computer, which make further damage.
-Your sensitive information can be stolen by hacker who can access to your computer with the help of this Trojan.
-Cay give you many redirects all the time no matter what you are doing.
-May pretend as an anti-virus program and cheat you that computer is in dangerous, and ask you to pay to remove the threats.

NOTE: If you find any of these symptoms on your computer, that proves your PC is under attack and seriously infected. If you are not a computer savvy, Please contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts to remove this Trojan.Cryptdef!gen13 for you.

Manual Removal Guide of Trojan (For Computer Literate)

There is a removal guide of Trojan provided here; however, expertise is required during the process of removal, please make sure you are capable to do it by yourself.

Step 1: Find Ctrl, Alt, and Delete these 3 keys and then press them together to open task manager to end the process related to this Trojan, the name of the process of it is random.

XP task manager

Step 2: Try to find Folder Options in Control Panel, select the View tab, and then tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


Step 3: Try to find the files which relate to this Trojan, and delete them all.

Step 4: Click on Start button at the right lower corner, then click on Control Panel


Then you will come to the Control Panel windows, click on Add and Remove Programs


Then try to find the program which relates to this Trojan, highlight it and choose Remove, the program’s name is random.


Step 5: Click on Start button or press Win+R, then type regedit in the box to open Registry Editor, after that, try to find
C:\Users\profile name here\AppData\

Similar video guide to modify Windows registry:


Cyber hackers who invent this Trojan.Cryptdef!gen13 can use it to fulfill different purposes from innocent computer users. When it sneaks into the target machines, computer users won’t notice that as its activities are performed on the background. It is an extremely dangerous Trojan horse virus as it never comes to target computers alone which means it can help many other computer infections to come and make further corruption. To keep your computer from more damages and losses, it is necessary for you to remove this infection as soon as possible if you notice that your computer has infected with it.

Suggestion: To follow removal guide that mentioned above, a level of computer knowledge is needed. Still can’t get out of Trojan.Cryptdef!gen13? Contact online experts for help now!

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