I need help to uninstall SSC Service Utility from my computer completely. I have already tried many uninstall software, but then I always get a window saying that some files cannot be removed! How come? How can I remove those files? Because it is rather frustrating each time I switch on the system. My computer is Windows 10. Please help me! Thanks in advance.

About SSC Service Utility

SSC Service Utility is a third party application that is used for printer and many people now may want to uninstall it completely from their computer. But during the process of uninstallation, they always find that there are some errors and they are unable to remove it totally. Sometimes, SSC Service Utility does not have the “uninstall” option which make it a little difficult to be uninstalled. And there are some stubborn files that can’t be deleted easily. Thus, it is a hard job for someone who is lack of enough computer knowledge. In addition, if this SSC Service Utility can’t be removed completely, the residue will slow down your computer and cause some unexpected problems. So it is important to uninstall this SSC Service Utility completely. If you don’t remove it completely, there will be other related components and files stay in your computer.

Manual way to uninstall SSC Service Utility completely

As this article mentioned before, uninstalling this program completely is a hard job if you are lack of computer skill. And if you are not good at it and remove it by yourself blindly, you may delete the wrong files then cause other problems. Please keep in mind that if you are not good at computer, you should contact a computer expert to help you remove it completely and securely.

Step 1. To remove SSC Service Utility, you need to get Control Panel first: click on “Start” which is on the lower left quarter >> click on “Control Panel” which is on the right side


Step 2. Then please click on “Programs and Features”, you will see all the programs you have in your computer there.


Step 3. Next please find SSC Service Utility then right click on it, you will see uninstall/change option. You are supposed to click on it then uninstall it.


Step 4. Uninstalling it from control panel is not enough, you need to delete other related files and programs. Click on “start” >> click on “computer” >> click on “Local Disk(C)” then you need to find the files and programs which are related to the SSC Service Utility to delete them. If you don’t know where the related files and programs are, you can contact our expert to help you.

Completely uninstalling SSC Service Utility needs a level of computer knowledge, so if you are not familiar to the computer and have less computer knowledge, it will be wise to you to contact an expert to help you. Finally, you should bear in mind that removing this program by yourself is not a good decision if you have less computer knowledge. Because if you are not good at computer , you may delete the important files or programs rather than the files and programs related to the SSC Service Utility. In this case, there will be other problems occur.

Please note: Can’t remove SSC Service Utility completely from your computer? Some errors pop up when you uninstall SSC Service Utility? Have spent much time on removing this program? Contact our experts now! Our experts are all ready to help you!

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