Have you been constnatly redirected while surfing online to unwanted sites including this Searcheh.com domain? Not only your favorite home page is changed to this specific domain, but your browser stops responding every once in a while. How does one fix this kind of redirecting problem? Is searcheh.com redirect hard to remove?

Searcheh.com Redirect Description

Searcheh.com is a common domain that becomes fishy when being hacked or used by PC hackers. It can be categorized as a browser redirect virus which has been quite a popular computer problem in these days. Many computer users have come across similar situations on their browsers. With the ability to spread over different networks, Searcheh.com redirect has no specific targets or certain areas. As long as a computer becomes weak and there’s a loophole, it could sneak inside and start bringing constant chaos on the infected computer. Just like what it’s called, a browser redirect virus mainly creates redirecting issues online. By giving one fishy sites or links, it will not only help more viruses get inside, but record online activities and collect valuable information. Hence, personal-related activities are not suggested to do when having this Searcheh.com problem.

Take a look at the screen shot of this Searcheh redirect as below:

Generally, a browser hijacker won’t appear very rich in content on its own domain. A simple search engine is usually included only on the site like this Searcheh.com redirect. When a browser is hacked by this kind of computer problem, its home page URL will always be changed to the fishy domain and you can’t change it back easily. Not being able to log on to other sites but need to go online, one will start online activities from this suspicious domain and search information from the given search engine. That’s usually when the redirect begins. It is believe that the given results from this fake search engine are actually sponsored by PC hackers. They have designed these sites and links and hidden many other viruses inside. You won’t be able to log on places like community sites. The web sites you are on will provide many pop ups especially ads and porn. If you sign in your online banking, Searcheh.com redirect will collect the information and send them to remote hackers. You may probably suffer from unauthorized losses later on!

To sum up consequences brought by this browser redirect:
1. At the beginning of the infection, Searcheh.com redirect will change several default settings for its own good and replace home pages on browsers making you hard to start online searching from a second site;
2. When you start surfing online, you will be redirected to more fishy sites with constant pop ups;
3. Malware and spyware could be brought in to cause more problems;
4. Your online activities will be recorded and valuable information will be collected out of them to benefit the hackers;
5. Internet connection can be affected because of this redirect virus.

Do not underestimate this Searcheh.com redirect. The longer it stays, the more damage it could create. For instance, other browsing applications on the same computer will be hacked as well. And you may be cut off from the internet frequently. Contact YooSecurity Online PC Expert now if you are not able to remove this unwanted Searcheh.com. Manual removal is suggested here as it guarantees a complete removal.

Step-by-step Manual Removal Guide

Step 1. Open Windows Task Manager to end processes related to Searcheh.com redirect. To do that, press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time to pull up Window Task Manager.
Windows Task Manager

Step 2. Open Control Panel from Start menu and search for Folder Options. Go to Folder Options window, under View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.
Folder Options

Step 3.Press Windows+R keys to pull up Run box and type in regedit to open Registry Editor.
Run+Registry Editor

Step 4.Delete all these associating files and registry entries in Registry Editor as below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = “”.e

Step 5. Remove unfamiliar extensions/ add-ons and change home page back.
Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer


Similar video on how to remove browser redirect problem:


Most browser redirect viruses appear as common sites, add-ons or extensions. They look no difference than other sites and tool-bars. That’s why it’s hard for PC users to tell whether their computers are hacked or not. Searcheh.com redirect shows up as a regular site with a simple search engine on it. It seems to provide convenience for online searching. But it’s rather stubborn. There are many evidences that one can judge if it’s a redirect virus or not. For example, a regular site won’t forcibly change the home page but a redirect virus does; an ordinary search engine won’t redirect you online to unwanted places while a fake search engine gives you fishy sites and pop ups. If you often stick to authorized sites and search engines, you will be able to tell that Searcheh.com is fishy. Usually, a browser redirect virus is used by hackers to record and collect information to benefit. So you are not suggested to do personal activities still while having this problem alongside. If you happen to be redirected to hacked sites where malware or ransomware hide, you may possibly get them sooner. No computers, neither personal nor work-reated ones, can take risks. Thus, Searcheh.com redirect is better to be gone ASAP!

Notice: A browser redirect is not like a program which can be uninstalled from Control Panel; it’s not like a Trojan that can be detected by antivirus. Usually, online instability is caused by this kind of virus. Contact YooSecurity Online Expert if you can’t seem to remove this Searcheh.com redirect. The sooner the virus is gone, the less damage it can bring on your computer.

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